Back row (L to R): Bramley, Wright, Dallman, Bennett, Chadbourn

4th row (L to R): Clough (Trainer), Jones, Brown, Allcock, Cochrane, Smith, Carter(Asst Trainer)

3rd row (L to R): Edwards, Searson, Coole, Croft, Hill, Warner (Asst. secretary)

2nd row (L to R): Stevens (Groundsman), Chessell, Grogan, Fox, Devey (Capt), Cooling, Oscroft, Banks, Goodall (Secretary-Manager)

Front Row: Shillington (Director), Mein (Director), Smith (Vice-Chairman), Hornby (Chairman), Mee (Directory/ Hon. Secretary), Ripley (Director), Ward (Directory), Taylor (Directory).