The scoreboards of Field Mill (now known as One Call Stadium)

by Martin Shaw


1970s and 1980s - Quarry Lane End

The score and latest scorer were on the far left of the scoreboard (2-0 and latest scorer no.4 in this case). Then A to W corresponded to half time scores from other games around the country, with the key for A to W being in the matchday programme. Photo from 1977


1990s - corner of Quarry Lane End and Bishop Street side, next to the floodlight

Installed in August 1990, and worked until August 1994. A break-in at the ground then saw vital operating equipment stolen and it was rendered unusable, but it stayed up until 2000. Photo below from 2000 just before the ground was redeveloped. And photo of the scoreboard working vs Preston in October 1992. Also below: a piece from the CHAD newspaper about its installation in August 1990.



Scoreboard purchased from the old Leicester City, Filbert Street ground in June 2002. Was never installed (no photo available)


early 2010s - Bishop Street side, towards the end with Quarry Lane Stand. Ground now known as One Call Stadium. 

Used for the first time in October 2009 vs Altrincham. Last worked in about 2014. Photo vs Barrow, March 2012. It is still up as at 2021, though no longer working.


2016-2019 - Bishop Street side, towards the North Stand end

Scoreboard previously installed at the old Wembley stadium. Used for the first time in December 2016 vs Colchester. Last worked in 2019. Photos vs Notts County, September 2017, and vs Cheltenham, January 2018


2021 - Bishop Street side, towards the North Stand end

New scoreboard, installed within the frame of the old Wembley scoreboard. Installed November 2021. Photo from the first game, vs Scunthorpe, November 2021


The scoreboards have been operated since October 2009 by Stuart Eggleshaw.

Thanks to Phil Smiggy Smith, Dave Morris, Dan Westwell, Chris Holloway for use of the photos.