Mansfield Town 1 Watford 2

Division III, Saturday 9th March 1968

Requested by Steve Gilbert, whose story is pasted below.


Steve Gilbert's story:

Season 1967-68 was an amazing one for the Stags. Bottom at Xmas, we only escaped relegation because Peterborough were relegated as a punishment, and then we only survived by 0.007 of a goal; if a disallowed Bournemouth goal had stood on the last day, we would have been relegated. There was a schoolboys international at Field Mill that day (May 11) and as we learned the result most of us went home dejected, until someone did the intricate maths and announced at the bus stop on Queen Street that we were saved!

That season also saw my first Stags game at home to Watford on March 9. I seem to think it was Dick Edwards last game in his first spell, we lost 2-1, but I was so excited I couldn't wait for the next one, which just happened to be 2 days later. Thus began a lifelong love.

I doubt if I got a mention making my debut that day on the Popular Side, but I would love to see a report on that Watford game.

Cheers and thanks

Steve Gilbert