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Managerial Records of Stags Managers

by Martin Shaw

21st November 2014 (updated October 2020)

Paul Cox leaves Mansfield Town with the second best managerial record in the club's history, as measured by win-ratio in league games.

Paul Cox managerial record at Mansfield:

Conference: Played 92 Won 55 %won 59.8%
League Two: Played 63 Won 20 %won 31.7%
League games (total): Played 155 Won 75 %won 48.4%

Where he stands compared to other managers in the club's history:

Manager Win-ratio

Freddie Steele 50.9%
Paul Cox 48.4%
Harry Martin 48.0%
Dave Smith 46.8%
Steve Evans 45.3%
Peter Morris 45.2%
Tommy Cummings 43.4%
Raich Carter 43.2%
Charlie Mitten 43.1%
Jack Hickling 42.6%
David Holdsworth 41.7%
Keith Curle 40.5%
George Jobey 40.0%
Harry Parkes 39.7%
Harry Wightman 38.9%
David Flitcroft 37.9%
Steve Parkin 37.8%
Stan Mercer 36.2%
Stuart Watkiss 35.7%
Tommy Eggleston 35.5%
Danny Williams 34.9%
Billy Dearden 34.2%
Duncan Russell 33.3%
Ian Greaves 33.2%
George Foster 32.8%
Mick Jones 32.6%
Andy King 32.2%
Stuart Boam 31.9%
Adam Murray 31.9%
Billy McEwan 31.8%
Roy Goodall 31.8%
Jack Poole 31.7%
Carlton Palmer 31.0%
Paul Holland 30.8%
Peter Shirtliff 30.5%
Jock Basford 27.5%
Sam Weaver 27.4%
Billy Bingham 26.7%
Charles Bell 25.0%
John Dempster 23.8%
Graham Coughlan 16.7%

minimum 10 games in charge. Managers since Mansfield Town first joined the Football League in 1931

Of course, the above is purely based on win-ratio in league games (where "league" includes Football League and Football Conference). It takes no account of which leagues the games were played in, or the budget the manager was given, etc.

An alternative method of categorising the best managers in the club's history would be to simply consider those managers who have won honours, ie winning a league or a cup. These managers are:

Dave Smith, Division 4, 1974/75
Peter Morris, Division 3, 1976/77
Ian Greaves, Freight Rover Trophy, 1987
Paul Cox, Football Conference, 2012/13

Other than that, it has to be a subjective assessment, taking into the account the league you are in, the budget given, the quality of squad inherited, etc. As it is subjective, everyone will have their own opinion. My opinion is that Dave Smith was our best ever manager. 

Martin Shaw, 21 Nov 2014 (updated Oct 2020)