Name – Steve Hartshorn

Birthday – 30th May 1968

Place of birth – Kings Mill, Sutton in Ashfield

Position normally played – Manager and some years ago, the odd left back appearance.

How many years have you supported The Stags – 35 years.

When did you make your FTYBR FC debut – The 2nd game away at West Bromwich Albion. We lost 4-2, but it was 4-0 before I came on. Inspirational.

What if anything can you remember about it – Taking a full coach of players and supporters for a Sunday morning FTYBR game and in the afternoon, Alan Walker.. The best header of a ball he had ever seen, according to George Foster playing awful against WBA.

What is the most memorable FTYBR FC performance you have played in – Winning the Peterborough Effect trophy in 97/98 when we were short of players, Bono went in the net and I had to play the whole day but we still ended up winning it.

What is the best goal you have seen scored by FTYBR FC – Ian Hoult’s header at home to Wigan Athletic, the 2nd goal in a brilliant 3-0 win. Maltby-Smith flicked it on, bono crossed it in and Bob headed it into the top corner of the net from the edge of the area.

How many goals have you scored and if any what was the best – Hit the crossbar with a header from a corner in a game against Newmarket on our way to Cambridge. Too fat to get further than the halfway line normally.

Who do you think is the all time best player to have ever played for FTYBR – Everyone has always been great. If I am shown commitment and a 100% then I am happy.

Out of all the away games, which one did you enjoy the most – Easy Forest away this season. Gawd I hate Forest.

And what about the worst – QPR away, 10 men and a 10-0 defeat. Hurt.

Who is the most unusual player you have played with and why – Mark Aldred. Ess was a classic centre forward. The day we walked up and down the touchline telling jokes during the game away at Torquay was a classic. He also said once during a game to one player, “Don’t just hammer the ball, treat it like a woman, love it and caress it.”

What about the worst dresser in the team – Ever, has to be Statto. Keith Gilbert tends to be dressed in everyone else’s clothes though.

Who do you think eats the most – Not me, it wasn’t the whiskey it was the Mars bar!

And what about drinks the most – Certainly not Dave Baxter, or Danny Westwell. I’ll go with everyone else and say James Brown.

If you won some major money on the lottery what would you buy FTYBR FC – Their own small ground with terracing and a small seated stand with a clubhouse.


Now for slightly the sillier side of things…….


Favourite film and why – Hot rackets. First dirty film I saw and there was a busty blonde woman in one part of it that looked like my mates Mum!!

What was the last DVD you purchased – Legally? Charlton Athletic end of season DVD 2004/05.

Last time you went to the pictures and what did you go to see - The new Raiders film.

Favourite kind of music – Punk/Rock indie and Dean Martin.

Last CD you purchased – Foo Fighters – In your honor.

Ugliest girl you have ever dated and why – A lass called Donna. Agreed to meet her on a blind date on the 345 bus. Agreed to meet her on the top deck and when I got up there, there was this ugly blonde thing that smiled and said, “Steve?” I turned to run off the bus but it had already pulled off leaving me stranded and having to spend the night with her. Strange but I kept on seeing her afterwards, but would only see her under the railway bridge on Southwell Lane in Kirkby, so no one would know. Yes she was like a troll. But I was young.

Was her Mother even uglier – Ever seen the Evil Dead?

Favourite flavour of crisps – All.

Favourite food/drink  - Whiskey & Lemonade and a steak salad (with fried mushrooms, chips lol ).

If you were taken away by aliens, what part of your body would you least like probed – My mouth. I hate dentists. Anyway isn’t there a G spot near your bum?

If no one would ever know, bar yourself, what woman would you most like to take to bed – Sabrina the teenage witch.

What is the worst ever item of clothing you have purchased – White leg warmers to go on the top of some furry top boots back in 1983. (gawd!)

Right then, what player in the world, past or present would you most compare yourself to – Willie Fatty Foulkes with a left back's shirt on instead of a goalkeepers.

If you could sign a premiership player to play along side you who would you sign – Warren Barton. Be fun on a night out.

Tell us at least one funny story about yourself – A clean one? Struggling. Here goes. A tournament away at West Brom. Had been drinking all day, got sent off from the touchline for swearing, even though it wasn’t me. Drank a full bottle of whiskey then threw up in my bag in the back of the car and blamed it all on a Mars bar.


And Stags…..


Best ever game you have seen – Wembley 87 – Cried like a baby.

Favourite player – Dave Caldwell.

Best ground visited – For free food in the press box, Leicester City. Stalybridge Celtic.

And the worst – Barnet. Keep saying that I will never go again, but still go.

What do you think Stags can achieve in five years – Premiership. FA premiership or Blue Square, I’m not too sure.

What is your favourite ever Stags shirt – 77/78 2nd Division shirt.

Best ever manager and why – Ian Greaves. Used to sit and talk football to him in the old West Stand kit room. He’d be in there about 10 times a day and still grew a decent side.

A difficult one for you…. Name your best ever Stags side – Kevin Hitchcock, Sandy Pate, Steve Whitworth, George Foster, Kevin Bird, Wayne Corden, Liam Lawrence, Paul Holland, Noel Luke, Dave Caldwell, Keith Cassells. 

How about worst – Barry Daines, Mike Graham, Steve Prinderville, Alan Walker, Moore/Lever, Steve Slawson, Matt Hamshaw (County so and so), Paul McLoughlin, David Kerr, John McTall McAliskey,, Shayne Bradley.  

Profile Completed in November 2008