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Ricky Okon Ady Coupe Jamie Wheatman Drew Stokes Nick Sankey
Andrew Holmes James Brunt Gary Bird James Bird Jonathan Rowe
James Brown Dave Baxter Darren Plume Michael Scothron Martin Clark
Rob Allsop Craig Ploughman Conor Tyldsley Phill Waddington Dave Cross
Keith Gilbert Carl Gilbert Jimmy Purseglove Stephen Fidler Daz Chidlow
Tony Martin Dan Westwell Mark Aldred Kevin Ellicott Shaun Witham
Steve Hartshorn Wayne Sharpe Scott Latkowski Brent Stevenson Chris Bradshaw
Darren Wragg Imports Loan Players Mark Thorpe Carl Dunning
Stuart Eggleshaw Craig Kerry Keith Parnill Gary Tyldsley Rob Wheldon
Andy Graham Nigel Pinnick Matt Genever Richard Maltby Smith Richard Parkes
Callum Pinnick        

These pages are dedicated to each and every player that has done the name of Mansfield Town Football Club proud by wearing the colours of Follow The Yellow Brick Road Football Club.

FTYBR FC were formed way back in 1991/92 when the editor of the Fanzine, Steve Hartshorn was asked to put a side in the first ever, 'Nottinghamshire Fanzines 5-a-side tournament.'

Chris Bradshaw then entered a competition in the Daily Sport and surprised us all by winning a full Umbro kit. From then on in the 11-a-side team was born.

All the players on these pages will have stories to tell about their time in the colours of FTYBR, that is why the profiles are slightly different to those you would normally find. Well getting up at silly o'clock on a Saturday to travel to Plymouth Argyle for an early morning kick off is not normal is it?

Each and every player plays for the pride and passion of being supporters of Mansfield Town. Over the years the team has surprised many by picking up the odd bit of silverware along the way. As such it is not only the current squad of players that have their profiles on this site, but also those of the past. Please check out the history pages that will contain the good the bad and the ugly times about a bunch of football mad lads who love the fact that they get to represent the Club they support - The Super Stags.