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Morecambe League Cup scorefred sponsored by 2nd time round!

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Re: Morecambe League Cup scorefred sponsored by 2nd time rou

Postby georgefostersbeard » Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:33 pm

arsene wengers coat wrote:
georgefostersbeard wrote:
MTFCMusings wrote:
georgefostersbeard wrote:
SidneyOttewell wrote:I think we all need to calm down. Three games in and whilst there are obvious weaknesses, we all have to give JD and LG more time. If we'd lost the first two matches, then I'd be more concerned. Let's see what happens over the next few games. Not a fan of Logan but would never jeer and boo him like some so-called fans did on Saturday and tonight. Mindless behaviour.

Tonight's jeering and some of the comments on here are baffling. Did people really expect a new manager coming in to lead a team which had capitulated twice in two seasons to have a glorious unbeaten run?
There were issues last year and whilst there are some re positives our defence is clearly over the place.
Trying to change the team's has caused us issues and we have come up against two very well drilled teams and have not been able to beat them.

Some of the nonsense shouted tonight and posted on here including suggesting sacking the new manager and buying Darrell Clarke out of his League One contract defy belief.
We have to be patient with a new manager. One who remains unbeaten but who has to start sorting his defence

Clarke is in League Two.

My grammar is shocking in that post as well!
Point holds that it is unrealistic that we would sack Dempster and woo Clark from a new club and contract

It is not out the realms of possibility at all IMO.

As Gazza said it would be absolute nonsense. How the hell do you woo Clark after 2 league games? Which manager would ever trust a chairman who has sacked 2 managers in the space of a closed season and 2 league games?

The cost to the club financially and reputation wise would be horrendous and i cannot believe for one second that Clark would ever consider it as it would massively damage his trustrworthiness when signing a contract
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