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Oldham away preview

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Oldham away preview

Postby Sweden Stag » Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:11 pm

After the emphatic long overdue and well-deserved 3-0 rout of playoff hopefuls Bradford City last Saturday, the Stags will be on the road in midweek. On Tuesday night, they will face Oldham Athletic at Boundary Park, a venue where the Stags have only won twice in all competitions.

And the Latics haven’t impressed so far this term, just three home wins in League Two this season, two of those before they were routed 6-1 at One Call in early October, and these results meant an upheaval in the Oldham hot seat as Laurent Banide was axed just three weeks before the Latics crashed at One Call, albeit with two red cards in succession late in the first half. He was replaced by Dino Maamria, who himself was sacked by Stevenage a little earlier this term. As Maamria travelled to One Call as Stevenage boss nearly two months earlier during this season, he might have become the first manager to travel twice for two different clubs to One Call within the space of less than two months during the entire preview history dating back to February 2002.

Last season, the Stags could with luck have had three more points against Oldham than they eventually did gain. At home, it was the first-ever goal-less league draw between the sides in League history in a game which the Stags should have won, and at Oldham, a perfectly good equalizer deep into injury-time was wrongfully ruled out. But that equalizer could have gained the Stags a lucky point at Boundary Park.

In the League, the Stags and Oldham have only faced each other in four seasons during the last half-century after having played against each other very frequently from the second post-war season up to the Stags’ FA Cup quarterfinals campaign in which Oldham were relegated to basement for the first time, albeit the Latics did not qualify for the new third a decade earlier.

Following relegation in 1968-69, it took Oldham two seasons to climb out of the basement. In the 1970-71 season, Oldham scored left right and centre a total of 88 League goals, and their final basement game to be for 47 years was a 1-1 home draw against Stockport County.

That was at a time when the Stags faced Oldham quite frequently in League fixtures, as the sides were promoted together in the Stags’ first-ever promotion season in 1962-63, the Stags in fourth position and the Latics in second as both sides were in the promotion reckoning all that campaign with the sides winning one home game each. The game at Oldham in October 1962 was watched by nearly 24000 who saw Oldham win 3-2 at Boundary Park. The game at Mansfield on March 9, 1963, was the Stags’ first FL game at all for over three months due to the severe winter conditions then. The Stags went on to win 4-2 thanks to three goals from Wagstaff and one strike from Hall.

Oldham later went on to play seventeen straight seasons at second level and therefore faced the Stags in their one season there in 1977-78. Then, the sides won the away games, Oldham 2-0 at Mansfield and the Stags by the only goal at Oldham late that season.

Oldham, who were one of the 24 founder members of the fourth tier, were also to be one of the 20 PL founder members but were ever-present at third level from the 1997-98 up to the final twenty minutes of the 2017-18 season and played the Stags in the 2002-03 season. The Stags’ trip to Boundary Park on September 14, 2002, was one to be quickly forgotten. A 6-1 rout after one of the Stags' worst performances that season. The home game at Field Mill on March 1, 2003, was one of poor refereeing. Just read through the Stagsnet report of that fixture to understand why. Three red cards, referee rating 0 and a late converted Oldham penalty were things that very well summed up the Stags' most recent season above the basement division.

The 6-1 rout with a Maynard hat-trick was the Stags’ first home victory against Oldham in League fixtures since February 5, 1972 in the third tier, when the Stags won to a 2-1 scoreline with Wignall and Fairbrother as Stags scorers.

In the FL, the Stags and Oldham have previously been playing together during 25 seasons, starting in 1935 with a 1-0 Stags home win on August 31, 1935. The sides were promoted together from the basement division way back in 1962-63, Oldham in 2nd position and the Stags in 4th, and also clashed in the Stags' so far solitary season at second level in 1977-78 with the sides winning their away games then. Oldham did play 21 consecutive seasons at League One level, a record for consecutive campaigns at that level. During that time, the Latics did change bosses almost every season. And none have lasted three full years since the reign of Joe Royle between 1982 and 1994. His predecessor, Jimmy Frizzell, also lasted twelve years, from 1970 to 1982 and was Latics boss when the Stags beat Oldham in February 1972. Last season was also one of Oldham management instability, despite beating Fulham at their place to a 2-1 scoreline in the FA Cup third round. Their manager then, Pete Wild, left one month later to be replaced by Paul Scholes, once recent Manchester United great. But Scholes lasted only one month at Boundary Park, and Pete Wild returned into the Oldham hot seat, which have seen over twenty different names since September 2002. It was quite different when the sides played at second level in 1977-78. The Oldham boss then, Jimmy Frizzell, lasted twelve years from 1970 to 1982 as did his successor, Joe Royle, who also managed the Latics for a short time a decade ago. The last Oldham manager to see out a full EFL campaign was Lee Johnson in 2013-14. Since then, Oldham have had almost a dozen bosses in the Boundary Park hot seat. Not exactly the recipe for success…

At Oldham, just one game has finished without goals, and that was early on in the 1966-67 Division Three campaign. And after the 1-1 draw at Field Mill on September 2, 1967, Oldham played 29 consecutive league fixtures without a single draw.

In the 1960's, Oldham dumped the Stags out of the FA Cup twice in three seasons. Oldham player at that time: Billy Dearden, later to boss the Stags and was manager when the sides clashed in the League Cup a decade ago. John Thompson, later to play for the Stags, starred for Oldham then and played in that game which ended in a 4-1 defeat for the Stags.

During the last half-century, the sides have faced each other in more cup games than League ones. And last season’s games at Boundary Park saw 75 goals in total, 42 from Oldham players. This season, the Latics have yet to win in 2020, and following their 2-1 win at Morecambe on Boxing Day 2019 they lost three games heavily in quick succession before drawing their last four fixtures, most recently 1-1 at near-neighbours Salford. Oldham’s latest home fixture saw a 1-1 against fellow strugglers Carlisle a little more than a week ago.

This season so far, Oldham have called upon over 30 players, among them ex-Stags as Emmanuel Dieseruvwe and Alex Iacovitti. Latter played in the 6-1 rout a few months ago.

Played for both sides: Oladapo Afolayan, Eric Betts, John Bingham, Paul Black, Alfred Brown, Joel Byrom, Giles Coke, Craig Davies, Zander Diamond, Emmanuel Dieseruvwe, John Dungworth, Ben Futcher, Alex Iacovitti, Jake Kean, Ged Keegan, Brian Kilcline, Bob Ledger, Adrian Littlejohn, Scott McNiven, Jacob Mellis, Neil Moore, Kenneth Murray, Christopher Ogden, Keigan Parker, Martin Pemberton, John Ryan, Arthur Sharp, Chris Staniforth, Steve Taylor, Stuart Thom, John Thompson, Matthew Tipton, Paul Warne, Steve Whitehall, Jonathan Worthington.

Stats on league games:

Home stats: P 26, W 13, D 5, L 8, GF 51, GA 37.
Away stats: P 25, W 2, D 9, L 14, GF 25, GA 49.

Season Home Date Away Date

1935-36 1-0 1935-08-31 1-4 1935-12-28 Div 3 (N)
1936-37 1-2 1936-11-14 1-1 1937-03-20 Div 3 (N)
1947-48 1-1 1948-01-03 1-1 1947-08-30 Div 3 (N)
1948-49 3-2 1948-09-18 0-4 1949-02-05 Div 3 (N)
1949-50 3-1 1949-12-26 0-1 1949-12-27 Div 3 (N)
1950-51 3-1 1950-12-26 0-2 1950-12-25 Div 3 (N)
1951-52 2-1 1952-02-23 3-5 1952-05-03 Div 3 (N)
1952-53 0-2 1952-12-27 0-1 1952-12-26 Div 3 (N)
1954-55 1-3 1955-01-29 1-1 1955-01-08 Div 3 (N)
1955-56 2-0 1955-09-05 1-1 1955-09-12 Div 3 (N)
1956-57 2-4 1956-09-22 1-1 1957-02-02 Div 3 (N)
1957-58 4-4 1957-11-02 1-1 1958-03-15 Div 3 (N)
1960-61 1-2 1961-04-03 1-3 1961-03-31 Div 4 (old)
1961-62 2-0 1962-03-26 3-2 1961-11-15 Div 4 (old)
1962-63 4-2 1963-03-09 2-3 1962-10-20 Div 4 (old)
1963-64 1-1 1963-11-23 0-1 1964-04-04 Div 3 (old)
1964-65 4-1 1964-08-29 1-2 1964-12-19 Div 3 (old)
1965-66 1-0 1966-02-21 1-1 1966-03-05 Div 3 (old)
1966-67 2-4 1966-09-04 0-0 1966-09-27 Div 3 (old)
1967-68 1-1 1967-09-02 0-1 1967-11-14 Div 3 (old)
1968-69 4-0 1968-09-07 2-2 1969-03-28 Div 3 (old)
1971-72 2-1 1972-02-05 1-2 1972-04-08 Div 3 (old)
1977-78 0-2 1977-11-26 1-0 1978-04-08 Div 2 (old)
2002-03 0-1 2003-03-01 1-6 2002-09-14 Div 2 (Current League One)
2018-19 0-0 2018-10-02 2-3 2019-04-22 League Two
2019-20 6-1 2019-10-12 (at One Call) League Two

Cup games:

FA Cup:

1947-48 1-0 1947-12-13 2nd round at Boundary Park
1963-64 2-3 1963-11-20 1st round at Boundary Park
1965-66 1-3 1965-11-13 1st round at Field Mill
1997-98 1-1 1997-11-15 1st round at Boundary Park
1997-98 0-1 1997-11-25 1st round replay at Field Mill
2013-14 1-1 2013-12-07 2nd round at Boundary Park
2013-14 1-4 2013-12-17 2nd round replay at One Call Stadium
2015-16 0-0 2015-11-07 1st round at One Call Stadium
2015-16 0-2 2015-11-17 1st round replay at Boundary Park

League Cup:

2007-08 1-4 2007-08-14 1st round at Boundary Park


2016-17 2-0 2017-01-10 EFL Trophy 3rd round at One Call Stadium

Time to build on the very good display against Bradford City now. Come on Mansfield!
Stockholm, July 4, 2008, 15.00 GMT. Good news came, K.H. gone. March 1, 2012. Ground purchased.
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