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The Season Finale

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The Season Finale

Postby DogsDoDahs » Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:01 pm

The Season Finale is upon us again and how do we think it will pan out???
At the start we were the bookies number one for auto promotion. The unthinkable happened at the worse possible time and its looking doubtful if we can make the playoffs such as been our demise of late. But hey nothing like as bad as the other side of the M1 LOL.
Its now looking like the gimps with our so called reserve side and the clowns will achieve what we are finding very difficult, even though we beat them both this season. JR has demanded that flopflop gets six points from our final two games to put pressure on the now very shaky Coventry knees who really need a win and a draw to make seventh and end of dreams of the playoff final spot.
Firstly can flipflop achieve what he has failed to do all season and manage back to back wins anyway??
If he does not surely JR will call time or will he hand him the reins for another league two promotion attempt?
I for one am not a flipflop fan but if we do get six points I would give him twelve games next season to see if we are in the top three in the league. No win again Yeovil or Crawley will see Coventry doing battle with Lincoln again a battle they cannot win.
For me we will still be in league two next year even if we are lucky enough to get seventh spot and it should have been so so different with twelve games to play. What is your opinion??

League one or league two? Flipflop gone or given a chance depending on these two games??

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Reserve Team
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