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2. Forum Posting Rules

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 6:41 am
by Martin Shaw
Forum Posting Rules

All Users should make sure that they are familiar with the below rules prior to posting; the rules apply both to content posted on the forums, and to off-site links to other material.

Key Rules
The moderators of this forum have a duty to ensure that comments made on the facility do not bring harm to any other member of the forum, the owners of this website, or to any 3rd party.  As such, the following Key Rules apply:

1. Libel
Please refrain from posting libellous statements or comments - you are entitled to express your opinion, but not to phrase contentious opinions as facts.
A libellous statement is one which is untrue and causes damage.

2. Abuse / Harassment / Threats
Abuse of, harassing, or making threats towards other users of this facility is not acceptable behaviour on the forums.

3. Discrimination
Expressions of hatred, prejudice or intolerance towards members of any group or category, will not be tolerated. Examples are Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and Religious Intolerance.  This does not prohibit discussion on such matters as immigration (in the non-football area), but there is no place for these kinds of remarks.

4.  Hooliganism / Violence
Glorification of hooliganism or violence is not tolerated on this website.

5. Sexual Content
Posting any content of an overt sexual nature is not acceptable on the messageboards.

Users posting in breach of these Key Rules may receive an immediate ban from using the messageboards.  At the very least a warning should be expected.

Secondary Rules

1. Swearing
Foul language is not acceptable on the Stagsnet forums.
  • This includes masking of letters with other letters and/or ASCII characters
  • This also includes pasting quotes and media (images, video, audio) from other sources

2. Spamming and Trolling
The following are not acceptable behaviours on the forums:
  • Spamming (repeatedly and purposefully taking threads off topic)
  • Trolling (posting only to provoke a reaction or to wind people up)
  • Flame-baiting (goading, attempting to cause argument)

3. Agendas
Using the forums to pursue any kind of personal agenda represents abuse of the facility.
For example, continually creating new threads to endlessly promote the same point of view, may be considered to be promoting an agenda.

4. Commercial Activity
Stagsnet is primarily a community space for football supporters to discuss football-related matters. Commercial activity therefore, whilst allowed in some scenarios, is restricted in the following ways:
  • Advertising: Advertising, by any method, is not allowed to be placed on the messageboard without the express permission of the site owner (whereby suitability will be assessed and a fee will usually need to be paid, which will go towards to site-running costs)
  • Selling Products / Services: Selling of football items is generally accepted, but we ask that the seller make a donation to either: MTFC or a supporters' body, a charitable cause, or to the running of Stagsnet itself. For selling of other items, please contact the site owner.
  • Buying & Selling Match Tickets: Tickets will only be allowed for exchange via Stagsnet at face value. This is in keeping with our community principles. Ticket touting is illegal. Please bear this in mind before you offer to buy or sell a ticket on the forums. If a buyer wishes to give a little extra for the convenience of someone else fetching a ticket that could be acceptable.

Failure to observe these Secondary Rules will result in a warning being issued.
If a previous warning(s) is in place, a ban (temporary or permanent) may ensue.

Complaints / Discussion of Moderator Decisions
Any query or complaint with respect to a decision made by Site Staff should be made in Private Message to the Moderator or Site Owner - however, all Moderator decisions requiring a Warning or a Ban are made collectively, and are final.

Any attempt to discuss a Moderator decision on a messageboard thread may be removed, and further action may be taken if continued.  Moderator decisions against individual board users are a private matter and generally not for public discussion.