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3. Guidelines & Netiquette

Please read the rules enclosed. These have been devised for the benefit of all users and visitors. Familiarise yourself with them and please abide by them.

3. Guidelines & Netiquette

Postby Martin Shaw » Sat Oct 13, 2012 6:40 am

Posting Guidelines

Please observe the following guidelines to posting on the forums. The moderators of the forums may edit, lock, move, or delete posts and threads which do not comply with these norms.

Please try to keep your posts informative, on topic and relevant.

  • Stagsnet Main Discussion Forum
    Please only create posts relevant to MTFC or League Two in this forum
  • Tap Room
    Post any other football threads in this forum, threads relating to any other sport or any other topic, except for the below
  • News & Politics Talk
    Post any topic relating to current affairs or political matters in this forum

Duplicate Threads
Please check other recent threads before you start a new one with the same theme.

Similar Threads
Posts of a similar kind are to be kept in a single thread.
e.g. jokes, music listened to in the Tap Room Forum, or similar news articles

Score Threads & In-Game Chat
On matchdays, there are two ways you can join in the discussion and get updates as the match progresses:

  • Score Thread: There will be one forum thread designated for this purpose. Make sure you use this thread for latest scores, sending offs etc.
  • Match Chat: Alternatively you can read & post match updates, get live scores from around the division, and engage in conversation with other forum users in the 'Match Chat' chat room

Posting Embedded / Linked Media
When posting images and videos, please try to use the appropriate BBCodes so that the media is rendered (i.e. viewable / playable) within the post, instead of just posting a link.

  • Images & videos can be embedded in posts using the relevant BBCodes; you can provide links to other types of media
  • Please keep images to a maximum of 600 pixels wide; this prevents other posts being shrunk in relation to the post with the embedded image
  • Any media content posted in the forums must comply with the Posting Rules of the forums
  • Avatars (small images associated with your user profile) are allowed, but again must comply with the Posting Rules
  • Images and other media are not allowed in signatures

Posting Articles
If you copy & paste news articles from other websites or message boards etc. then please adhere to the following guidelines:
  • For articles less than 4 days old, only paste the title and first paragraph of the newspaper story
  • Cite your source
  • Post the hyperlink to the original story
(This brings the rules of the messageboard in line with the Latest News page)

Personal Chat
Please keep personal chat with other users to the Private Message facility.

Private Messages
Please do not post the content of Private Messages received from other users onto the forums without the consent of the sender.

'Netiquette' describes a set of basic courtesies to keep in mind when using internet-based forums. These help to ensure that all users receive a pleasant experience of using the message board.

A post or thread title which is completely made up of capital letters is the text equivalent of shouting. Please use the correct case in your posts.

Text Speak
Stagsnet's forums provide plenty of space to express yourself. Please be considerate of others in your writing - shorthand is not easy to read.

Use of Emoticons
A simple smilie here and there is enough to convey emotion within a post.
Please do not construct posts entirely from emoticons.

Quoting Others
There is no need to quote all the replies in the thread in order to make your point. It is preferable to quote just the relevant section (usually only the post you are replying to).

When posting links to other sites, if appropriate, please include a warning (e.g. for non 'work-safe' content).

Please observe the same courtesies in all the forums.
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