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23rd December 2020 23:09

26 Nov 2020

comment by Martin:

so, this is not including the match passes for home league game for season ticket holders.

For home league games, the club gets all the money (see *) (plus up to the first 500 sales from the opposition).

For away league games, the club gets the money (*) after the first 500 sales (the first 500 sales go to the home club). For each away league game, the Stags have sold more than 500, so have made a bit of profit on each of the games.

(*) Remember that from each £10 match pass, the total amount of profit a club makes per pass is approximately £8.34 (according to https://www.bradfordcityfc.co.uk/news/2020/september/ifollow-financial-benefits--outlined/).

For all cup games, the revenue is split 50/50 between the home and away clubs. So for the FA Cup game, Sunderland sold 3,300 match passes, you can add that to the number the Stags sold, divide by two, and multiply by £8.34 to get the profit (the figure comes to just over £18,000 for each club).

Note, from my report of the Dagenham FA Cup game:

The game was broadcast live on the BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport website, for which the Stags received £12,500. This is incidentally less money than the Stags received from showing the Round One game at Sunderland on iFollow Stags by my back-of-an-envelope calculation: the number of match passes sold for that Sunderland game was 3300 by Sunderland and 1035 by Mansfield. With the profits shared between the clubs, both sides effectively sold 2167 match passes. From each £10 match pass, the total amount of profit a club makes per pass is approximately £8.34 (according to https://www.bradfordcityfc.co.uk/news/2020/september/ifollow-financial-benefits--outlined/), so Mansfield made just over £18,000 from the Sunderland game. Of course, the number of match passes for the Dagenham game, if it had been shown on iFollow instead of BBC iPlayer, would have been nowhere near the number for the Sunderland game, so the Stags were better off with the £12,500 in this case.




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