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11th September 2020 19:05

Midfielder leaves Mansfield Town
mansfieldtown.net, Monday 7 Sep 2020

Midfielder Willem Tomlinson has today left Mansfield Town Football Club after the 22-year-old’s contract was terminated by mutual accord.

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Willem made 33 appearances for the club following his signing in February 2019 from Blackburn Rovers.


Coughlan told Jake Brigstock of Notts TV (video available on iFollow Stags), Thursday 10th September 2020:

"Willem let himself down on a number of occasions, only once, I might add, with myself.

"He's obviously a player I liked and it did hurt me. I put my arm around him when I came through the door.

"That doesn't mean he's a bad player, because we let him go. He's a good player, he just needs to sort himself out.

"I felt he broke my trust. I felt he let himself, the changing room, and the football club down."

"I can't mess about with shenanigans and stupidity like that. The players are role models, they have a duty of care, they have roles and responsibilities.

"I just didn't feel it was harmonious for the changing room to bring Willem back in.

"It's not nice when you have to sit down with a 21 year old kid and go through his misdemeanours and try to get him on the straight and narrow.

"I failed. I didn't get him on the straight and narrow and that hurt me.

"His actions were well beyond what's expected of a Mansfield Town footballer.

"We wish him all the best and thank him for his efforts. We hope he's learned and goes on and re-patches his career.

"It's an unfortunate incident but I hope young footballers should learn from it."



Coughlan told Jake Garner on BBC Radio Nottingham, Thursday, 27th August 2020:
"Willem (Tomlinson) is still under investigation. It's very very difficult, I wasn't there myself that evening so I don't know what's gone on.
Willem has put his side across to the football club. We've then got to go out and have a look and to the outside world and see where we are.
Willem is still suspended pending the investigation.
He has the opportunity to go if he wishes to find himself another club.
He phoned us last week and asked us could if he play in a game for Accrington Stanley and we gave him that permission.
So what it turns out like I don't know. It's very very difficult to do what you would like to do because there's all sorts of restrictions on employee rules.
Will is still under contract at this football club, he's still an employee at this football club. But if he wants to find a new football club I'm quite happy for him to go to pastures new."


Coughlan told iFollow Stags, 11 Aug 2020:
"Will (Tomlinson) has been daft. He was acting the clown down the town and you don't do that. You're a professional footballer.
He was fined 2 weeks wages and he was suspended. The suspension is pending further investigation.
But I won't tolerate any of that nonsense, that messing.
Professional footballers, particularly this day and age, with what the rest of the country are going through, to have people cross a line, misplace my trust, let the rest of the changing room down, let the badge down, that's not my cup of tea at all.
The maximum I could fine him is 2 weeks and the best I could do is suspend him. So let's see what happens where Willem is concerned.