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19th March 2003 11:13

Audio interview with John Gannon from Radio Nottingham (RealPlayer needed)

Point gained.
Disappointing how we conceded the goal.
But we were positive after their goal and got ourselves a point.
We were very attacking in the second half and tried to win the match. We were brave and gambled with 3 at the back.
The central defenders Day and Eaton were very good.
Mendes's work rate inspired others around him tonight.
Nothing Keith Curle or I can say to make Keith Welch feel any better.
Long may it continue that we're consistently putting the ball in the net from penalties. Well done to Wayne Corden.

Transcribed by Martin Shaw (just briefly - sorry, short of time tonight - Martin)
Town slumped to the bottom of Division Two yesterday evening after the 1-1 draw with Colchester United. Town boss Mick Wadsworth gave us his thoughts directly after the game.
“I'm disappointed that we haven't won and disappointed with their goal, for obvious reasons,” revealed a dismayed Town boss. “I didn't think it was a foul. It was pretty poor from the flick and the way that we defended it, because we defended the box very well all night.”
“He's a very good player Christie, he's a handful. They haven't got too many goals Mansfield and he's got 19, which is an outstanding record for a team in the bottom part of the table like us.
Wadsworth conceded that Mansfield had come to get at least a point saying that he thought “they started the second half brighter”, but once Town had got the goal they “had to make sure we didn't lose the game and kept a clean sheet, which they didn't do.”
Despite the result, the boss refused to harangue the lads after the game, explaining that it was impossible to do so under the circumstances. Obviously alluding to Town's dire wage situation Wadsworth made the critical analogy that, “You would not get a house built if you weren't playing the brick-layers.”
“They have worked their socks off, so I am not going to criticize my players,” continued a frustrated Wadsworth. “I'm glad that they turn into work everyday, which they do and some travel a long way, which costs them money. They come and they work their socks off. I can say I am disappointed with the goal, but I'm not disappointed with effort.”


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