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20th August 2020 23:28

Trip to the Lake District, Aug 12-14, 2020

Graham Coughlan told iFollow Stags (on 18 August 2020) about the recent trip to the Lake District, as part of a team bonding exercise ahead of the new campaign.

“We went up for a couple of days of team bonding. We got on the water and some players conquered their fears as we went to summits and peaks.

“New friendships were made and there was a good team spirit. The lads didn’t end up thanking me for it as they were sleeping in tents and waking up at half six in the morning!

“It wasn’t so much as a training camp, it was a survival camp. We’ve come back fit and healthy, and it was very enjoyable.

“We’re privileged that the owners, John and Carolyn [Radford], looked after us and allowed us to have a couple of days away.

“It’s always something that you want to do with the players. You see each other on the training ground, but you don’t often see each other away from the club.

“You see different types of characters in different scenarios. To take them away was a privilege and they behaved themselves!

“It wasn’t easy - it was tough, hard work - but I felt it was great for team spirit and team bonding.”




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