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30th April 2020 13:26

Friday 24 April 2020

Graham Coughlan fans Q&A for the club’s official youtube page



Boss Graham Coughlan knows Mansfield Town need squad revamp to challenge for promotion
By Stephen Thirkill

Stags boss Graham Coughlan admits his squad needs freshening up if they are to challenge for promotion next season.

Mansfield are currently 21st in the suspended League Two table following a season to forget.

And Coughlan, who replaced John Dempster as manager in mid-December, knows things need to change.

Speaking during a fans Q&A for the club’s official website, he said: “The squad needs a revamp to challenge next season.


“Where we sit in the league, the clean sheets we have and the points we have would suggest that.

“Everything points to a revamp, everything points to new signings.

“It has been a very disappointing season for the club, the players and the fans.

“We need freshness, we need new blood and we need lads who haven’t had scars from the pasts and hangovers from the past.”

“We need freshness, we need new blood and we need lads who haven’t had scars from the pasts and hangovers from the past.”

And Coughlan feels pre-season and a positive mindset will be crucial to any hopes of success during the new campaign - an area he felt cost Stags dearly this season.

“I generally believe hard work is the key and the recipe for success and pre-season will be a key part of any success we will achieve,” he said.

“I think pre-season was an issue at the club last season and it needs correcting this season.

“I think it is a major part of any success that you want to have.

“We have tried to make the players fitter and change the mentality so they believe in themselves more.

“We have tried to make the players fitter and change the mentality so they believe in themselves more.

“There was a little bit of negativity in their own mindset and their own play and work ethics because of what has happened previously.

“That can only be changed on the training ground, as soon as they got fitter and shed a few pounds, mentally they started to believe and play like professional footballers.”

The Mansfield squad are currently carrying out individual training plans with Coughlan declaring he was happy with progress so far.

He added: “We just don’t know what is going to happen with regards to the end of the season, so the players have naturally got to stay on top of their fitness levels.

“The fitness programme that we have sent to the players has an app that they have all downloaded.

“We keep tracking weekly and daily the work they are doing, I’m pleased with some of the results and times that the players are sending back to us.

“You can do very little without trust and I do trust the players to look after themselves.”

Coughlan also revealed he does not see continuing with the season as a feasible option, but Mansfield would be ready to go if needed.

“It is very hard to think about football and what is going to happen, given the amount of people we are losing daily,” he added.

“It is a tough one, everyone will have their own views. Whatever is chucked at us, we will adapt to and deal with.

“In my own personal opinion, I don’t see how we can finish the season. It is what it is and we will adjust to whatever circumstances are chucked our way.

“First and foremost we must be thinking of the people we are losing, which is very very sad.”


Mansfield Town fans and manager check in on welfare of supporters
By Stephen Thirkill

Mansfield Town’s players and manager have phoned supporters this week to check on their welfare

The calls were made to a number of season-ticket holders and is the latest initiative by Stags to give something back to the community struggling with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

A club spokesman said: “We pride ourselves as being a family-friendly club at the heart of our local community.


“All of our staff, players, board and management care about the well-being of our supporters and we therefore felt it was appropriate to contact as many senior season ticket holders as possible to check on their welfare.

“The players and manager have so far contacted scores of Stags’ supporters. The calls have been greatly welcomed by fans, with many heartened by the gesture.

“As a club, we’ve seen a real rallying effort by our players and management to do what they can for our community during this time.

“Hayden White and Krystian Pearce recently bought £580 worth of food, drink and toiletries for the St. Mary’s Food Bank in Sutton, and are donating another £420 to charity

“Willem Tomlinson has offered to collect and deliver food to supporters within Mansfield.

“Director Paul Broughton and operations executive Tina Broughton, recently delivered over 20 cases of cold drinks to respiratory nurses at King’s Mill Hospital.

“We’ve come together as a club to do as much as we can during a challenging time for our community and will continue to extend a helping hand to the people of Mansfield and surrounding areas throughout this period.”



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