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Archived News from March 2003

15th March 2003 18:05

It was a massive relief to score my first goal - you saw what I was like when I took off my top and was running around like a headless chicken. I've gone a few games now without scoring and it was very welcome.

In my first game against Plymouth, I actually rounded the keeper and had an open goal and shot and a defender came on the line and it came off the back of his heel - he didn't know much about it. That would have been a good start and ever since then, I haven't had the luck but I've had the luck today and I just need a bit of that.

I should have had a second, I was just trying to hit it low under the goalkeeper. I've always been taught to do that but I just hit it a little bit too much in front of him and it bounced up and into his hands. I should have taken it round him, and next time I will do.

We defended like lions today in the second half after we created lots of chances in the first half. No team's ever going to dominate a whole game. It was a great defensive performance in the second half. It's a brilliant result for the boys - we've just got to work hard and take it on from there at Huddersfield.

Transcribed by Martin Shaw


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