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8th November 2019 20:23

Friday 8 November 2019
My rough notes from the phone-in on Mansfield 103.2 on Friday night with Jason Harrison and Stags manager John Dempster:

John Dempster: We’re only a third of the way into the season. I think it would be fair to judge me at the end of the season.

caller Scott Simpson: stark contrast to how performed last season defensively. Pearce has been half the man he was last year.

John Dempster: a real frustration for me as an ex-defender. I think KP would agree with you that he hasn’t been at the standards of last season. A lot of goals have come from basic errors. Because they are basic errors, they are fixable and it’s frustrating that we haven’t so far.

caller Scott Simpson: are the defensive errors a mental thing?

John Dempster: Drewe Broughton has had a positive effect on performances and results.

caller Michael Hemford: was pleased you were appointed, you deserved the chance. Our disciplinary record is atrocious.

John Dempster: I appreciate that. You’re spot on. I carry the can for results. I’m determined to be successful. I feel I’ve earned the opportunity, and it’s for supporters like you that I want to do well.

caller Michael Hemford: question about the two players out on the town.

John Dempster: The case is ongoing so I can’t say too much. It was a situation that I was very angry about and just talking about it it gets my blood boiling.

caller Paul Beastall: how do you feel after the defeat on Saturday?

John Dempster: After every defeat it’s like a dagger to my heart. My lowest point in football ever was after the Leyton Orient game.

caller Paul Beastall: question about Matt Preston and defence.

John Dempster: Matt Preston has underperformed at times this season. And as a collective we haven’t been good enough this season.

caller Ryan Jordon: has the step-up from academy manager to first team manager been what you expected:

John Dempster: Bigger. Some of the things in the academy are transferable, other things are completely new. It’s been a really test.

caller Alan from Mansfield: if John and Carolyn support you in January transfer window, what will you target?

John Dempster: central midfield, only one recognised left back, and attacking wide area.

caller Hayden Liverland: the midfield is not good enough, apart from Mellis when on song. Don’t know what’s happened to Tomlinson. Shaughnessy is ok.

John Dempster: had a few open conversations with Jacob and about being better off the ball. Bish brings a wealth of experience. He would say he could do better and he’s not alone, others could say the same.

caller John Sankey: Shaughnessy is our answer to Franz Beckenbauer.

John Dempster: Conor’s wages are a lot higher than what we are paying. The squad is settled but it is frustrated as well. They feel the pain. I believe the players have got the quality in them to get up the table. I think we can get into the play-offs without a doubt. We can be successful.

caller Rob Jones: I’m starting to think this season is maybe not our season. It would be nice to see Bobby between the sticks. I don’t have any confidence in Conrad. Would Craig Davies be better retiring.

John Dempster: I disagree with you on Conrad. He’s one of the players who’s been in better form in recent weeks. That said, we’re very lucky to have Bobby. It’s healthy competition and I’m hoping that’s why Conrad’s doing so well. Craig is very focused and competitive.

caller Mel Piasecki: we need a midfield general.

John Dempster: I’ll speak to the chairman in more detail before January, if the chairman agrees it’s something we’ll look into.


my comment: overall impression: I thought the phone-in was well-organised, giving plenty of callers time to make their point, and Dempster pretty much answered everything I think.


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