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3rd September 2019 15:27


mansfieldtown.net, Tuesday 03 September 2019


One piece of team news that could be confirmed as early as Tuesday afternoon is the availability of defender Ryan Sweeney, who was harshly sent off in Saturday’s defeat to Exeter.

The manager spoke of the club’s decision to appeal the red card.

“We’ll get the result of the [Ryan Sweeney red card] appeal today at some point. The officials on Saturday will feel conned looking back at the footage.

“The player involved [Ryan Bowman] will look back at that footage and feel embarrassed. It’s something that you don’t want young players looking at or copying.

“It’s not for me really. Faking injury like that and rolling around on the floor, for me is embarrassing.

“You look at Sweeney’s reaction and he couldn’t believe to see the player rolling around on the floor.”

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Mansfield Town boss John Dempster accuses Exeter City’s Ryan Bowman of conning the referee and play-acting for Ryan Sweeney red card
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Tuesday 03 September 2019

Mansfield Town boss John Dempster said he was confident of getting Ryan Sweeney’s red card overturned on appeal.

He accused Exeter’s Ryan Bowman of faking injury in the clash, which happened off the ball late in Saturday’s 1-0 defeat at Exeter and said the player should embarrassed by his rolling around.

“We should get the result of the appeal today at some point,” said Dempster.


“I am confident. We would not have appeal it unless we were confident it would be overturned.

“Looking back at the footage, the officials on Saturday will feel disappointed and conned and the player involved - I don’t know him personally - will look back at that and feel embarrassed.

“Exeter are a club that are run efficiently, but I think the manager will be hoping there were not many academy players watching the game because that’s something you don’t want to see young players looking at and copying.

“It’s not for me - faking injury like that and rolling around on the floor. For me it’s embarrassing.”

He added: “In my opinion it should be overturned looking at the footage and Sween’s reaction after the game.

“He is an honest lad and he couldn’t believe seeing the player rolling around on the floor.

“Other people may look at it and say it was clever - play-acting - and we got a man sent off. But that’s not for me.”

Sweeney faces a three game ban if the appeal is unsuccessful which the FA could even extend to four games if they felt the appeal was frivolous.

It was Mansfield’s third red card in the opening month of the season.



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