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8th May 2019 11:55

Boss previews ‘massive’ fixture
mansfieldtown.net, Thursday 02 May 2019

Stags’ boss David Flitcroft has looked ahead to what he describes as a ‘huge game that has huge significance,’ away to MK Dons on Saturday.

Promotion is achievable for both sides heading into the Sky Bet League Two campaign’s final fixture, with the two teams currently sitting level on points.

The manager says that it is important for his side to display ‘high quality’ in the ‘big moments’ of the colossal encounter.

“Monday was a day of flushing the Stevenage result out,” he said, speaking in a news conference on Thursday morning. “I took full responsibility for that. I felt at 1-1, that the second goal was coming, but it never did and it left us exposed.


“It’s important now that we plan for a massive football game. You can’t hide from it. It’s a huge game that has huge significance.

“It’s up to us now to go there with a game plan and make sure that game plan is successful.

“We’ve been making sure that even though we’ve moved to a different training site [St. George’s Park], our stats are consistent to what we’ve done all season. It’s been a phenomenal season for this group of players.

“Goals do change games. It’s about what happens in the big moments [on Saturday]. The real significance is in the two boxes, defending at the highest level and then executing in that area if you’re a striker.

“It’s really important that in those moments we have high quality. I have players that will thrive in that environment.

“I was brought up to win. It’s the way we were brought up and that’s my character. You can’t change who you are, and you want your team to reflect that.

“Hard work, sincerity and honesty on a football field, making tackles, making blocks - it’s still all as relevant as all of the beautiful football that’s played. It will certainly be a front foot performance.”

Throughout this week, the Stags have been training at St. George’s Park - the FA’s national football centre - and the Mansfield boss described the reasons for doing so.

“The biggest reason [for training at St. George’s Park] was the pitch size,” he explained. “MK Dons have a big pitch and I wanted the players to get used to that this week.

“It was a case of coming here to acclimatise to that and get the coaching work in. The other factor is the inspiration and the motivation [it gives you].

“It’s a place that I have brought my kids to, to show them, and as England become more successful, it will become a place that England teams will prepare to win.

“The biggest problem on Tuesday [in training] was getting them off the pitch. They just wanted to stay on it. We’ve been looked after really well.

“I’ve had that support from the chairman and Carolyn to prepare the team in the best possible way. That was a big factor.”

The manager says that his experience in ‘high pressure’ situations in seasons gone by has put him in ‘good stead’ to prepare his charges for Saturday’s clash.

“The Barnsley experience, and the rollercoaster that it was [staying up on the final day in the Championship, 2012-13 season], was quite phenomenal. Us and Huddersfield could have gone down that day, and we both survived.

“That was as high of a pressure that you’re going to get. You come through it and build that into you and your CV. It was probably the toughest day I’ve had on a football pitch.

“Again, with the Bury experience [promotion from League Two, 2014-15 season], that was phenomenal. It’s the experience that you get which is the crucial thing for me.

“In my career, I’ve had two of those experiences, and this is the third. So that will stand me in good stead and has helped me prepare the team.”

The Stags have sold over 4,500 tickets for the match at Stadium MK, and the boss compared the support to having an ‘army’ travelling to Buckinghamshire.

“I’ve told the players that I’m stood with them and they know that. Add that to the travelling fans, who have been amazing away from home all season, we have that army behind us.

“They [supporters] have been phenomenal at home for us and have given us that support that we’ve craved.

“Also in that group, I have had our owners, who have supported everything we have done. There is a unity, which I talk about all the time. As soon as you get division in anything, you get defeat.

“We have a brilliant football club to be proud of, and the fans backing us tells you that we’re doing something right.”

David Flitcroft also confirmed that, aside from long term absentees of goalkeeper Bobby Olejnik, defender Hayden White and forwards Craig Davies and Jordan Graham, the Stags have a fully fit squad heading into the encounter.

“We’re good [squad-wise]. We have a fully fit squad apart from the long term ones that we know about. The long term injured players will be in and around what we’re doing.

“They’ll be down with us supporting us at MK Dons. We have big characters out of the team - Bobby [Olejnik], Craig Davies, Hayden White. They’re all desperate to come down and be around what we’re doing.

“They’ll all do a session on Saturday morning and meet us down there for pre-match. It’s important that I get the whole group down there.”

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Blame me for Stevenage setback says Mansfield Town boss David Flitcroft
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Thursday 02 May 2019

David Flitcroft has taken full responsibility for the home defeat by Stevenage last Saturday that has left the club needing one more point still for promotion at rivals MK Dons this weekend.

The Stags boss threw everyone forward in search of a winner, but they were stung on the counter by Ilias Chair’s stoppage time goal that gave Stevenage a 2-1 victory.

Flitcroft said: “Monday was a day of flushing the Stevenage result out. I took full responsibility for that and I told the players.

“We were chasing the game and I absolutely felt at 1-1 that, with the stadium and our bench getting behind us, I could feel that second goal coming.


“We chased it down but it never came and left us exposed, so we got done on the sucker punch.

“I absorbed all responsibility for that which has allowed the players to move on to this week, think forward, and plan for a massive football game.”


Perfect preparation for MK Dons as Mansfield Town train at England’s HQ
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Thursday 02 May 2019

Mansfield Town have prepared in the best way possible for the big MK Dons showdown on Saturday by training at England’s national headquarters at St George’s Park, Burton.

Boss David Flitcroft wanted to inspire his squad for the big game in which they need just a point to go up and also acclimatise them to huge pitches the size of the one they will be performing on this Saturday.

A quick conversation with chairman John Radford and CEO Carolyn Radford after the 2-1 home defeat to Stevenage last weekend saw Flitcroft given the green light to use St George’s.

“The biggest factor in training here was the pitch size,” said Flitcroft.

“MK Dons have a big pitch and I wanted to players to get used to that this week and understand it.

“It is a phenomenal pitch and a phenomenal stadium.

“We’ve come here to acclimatise to that, get the coaching work in and get the geography right on the pitch.

Read more at https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/perfect-preparation-for-mk-dons-as-mansfield-town-train-at-england-s-hq-1-9745609

“Also, coming to St George’s is inspirational and motivational. I have come here a lot on courses, working with certain professionals and watching England teams prepare for big games and it’s always inspired me.”

He added: “It’s a place I’ve brought my kids to and shown them.

“As England get more successful it will become a place for work and preparation and the hub for England teams to achieve World Cup glory.

“It certainly inspired the players on Tuesday and the biggest problem was getting them off the pitch. We have been well looked after.

“I felt this was the best preparation. I spoke to the chairman and Carolyn about it after the weekend and again I have had that support to prepare the team in the best possible way.”


Mansfield Town boss David Flitcroft delighted to see former club Bury go up and boost Stags’ chances
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Thursday 02 May 2019

Former Bury manager David Flitcroft was delighted to become a Shakers fan for one more night on Tuesday as he watched their 1-1 draw at Tranmere boost Mansfield Town’s promotion chances.

The result secured Bury’s promotion and left Stags only needing one point at MK Dons this Saturday to join them and the Mansfield manager smiled: “We all became Bury fans on Tuesday night. I put my Bury head back on and wanted them to do well.

“Every credit to Ryan Lowe and his squad for getting over the line at the end of a season in difficult circumstances off the field.


“I am delighted for Danny Mayor to get the goal that took them up in the end. He has been a stand-out player this season.

“Also, Nicky Adams - a serial promotion winner - Neil Danns and some of the other staff that are still there.

“It’s now down to us and about us having to go to MK with a game plan and making it successful.

“You can’t hide from it - it’s impossible. It’s a huge game with huge significance.”


Mansfield Town must make the major moments count at MK says boss David Flitcroft
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Thursday 02 May 2019

Mansfield Town will need to make the major moments count in both boxes if they are to achieve promotion at rivals MK Dons on Saturday says boss David Flitcroft.

Stags need only a point and MK all three to reach League One, and Flitcroft said Liverpool’s 3-0 European Champions League defeat in Barcelona highlighted how you could play well but miss out due to not making the most of the big moments in a game.

“It’s a bit like Barcelona v Liverpool,” he said. “Liverpool played well, but in crucial moments they just didn’t take their opportunities.

“Goals change games. They obviously change outcomes and they change mindsets.

“A goal against can drain you and a goal for you can give you that lift and stimulus you require.

“It’s all about what happens in those big moments.

“What happens between the two 18-yard boxes will play a significant part. But the really significancies will be in the two boxes - defending at the highest level and then executing at the other end.”

He added: “You saw that Barcelona ended up with a convincing win, but if Liverpool had scored it would have changed the whole complex of the game.

“Goals change attitude, mental performances and physical performances.

“It will be really important that in our high quality moments.

“Also, we are on a fantastic pitch in a brilliant stadium on Saturday.

“We could have ended up on any other League Two club that don’t have those surroundings or big game mentality.

“But it’s fallen we are playing MK Dons, who have that type of infrastructure and that type of pitch, and I have players that will thrive in that environment.”


Mansfield Town army marches on Stadium MK
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Thursday 02 May 2019

With up to 5,300 Mansfield Town away supporters roaring them on, boss David Flitcroft admitted he feels like is leading an army down to MK Dons for Saturday’s promotion decider.

But Flitcroft admitted he would want to be the first one over the top when battle starts.

“I am not someone who would stand on the top of a hill and send my troops into battle,” he said.

“I would be the first one there leading it on the front foot. “It’s the way I have been brought up. Its the way I am. I have had to earn everything I have got and fight for everything I have achieved.


“The players know I am stood firmly with them. I have my general stood alongside me in Ben Futcher and I have a group of men behind me. Add that to the 5,000 fans.”

Flicroft had nothing but praise for the part the Stags fans have played this season.

“They have been amazing away from home all season and that’s probably why we have only lost five away from home this season,” he said.

“We do have that army behind us. I do believe they will probably be more raucous than the MK Dons fans. I believe it because I have seen it at places like Notts County and Port Vale - wherever we’ve marched to.

“They have given us that support we’ve craved home and away all season.

“Also, our owners have also supported everything I have done. There is a unity. As soon as you get division in anything you get defeat. Defeat follows division.

“We have a brilliant football club to be proud of and over 5,000 backing us tells you we are doing something right.”


Mansfield Town will not play for a draw in MK Dons promotion showdown
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Thursday 02 May 2019

Mansfield Town may only need a point at MK Dons to win promotion on Saturday, but boss David Flitcroft said there was no question of going there for anything other than a win.

“It will certainly be a front foot performance,” he said.

“In the house I lived in and the support I had off my mum and dad - we were just brought up to win. That’s all my dad ever taught us. That’s all we ever understood.


“When you didn’t win you sat in the back seat. If you won you sat in the front seat and got a little cuddle. You lose and you are in the back seat and he’s not looking at that wing mirror.

“That’s the way it was - we were brought up on winning, winning, winning.

“He taught me how to play chess but I never beat him. He had to win.

“That’s my character - to want to win. To want to take a forward step. To want to get up close and personal.

“You can’t change who you are and you want your team to reflect that.”


Last day showdown at MK Dons was destiny says Mansfield Town manager David Flitcroft
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Thursday 02 May 2019

David Flitcroft believes it was always destiny that the final game of the season would turn into a winner-takes-all affair at rivals MK Dons.

Both sides have blown more than one chance to secure promotion before Saturday’s looming showdown and the Stags manager said: “I truly believe now, looking at what has happened over the last two or three weeks, it was destined for us to be in this situation with this game. It now comes down to Saturday.

“I am proud the players have got to this point. This is not about me. I have a group of players I love working with and trying to improve.

“The best night of my life this season was being at the League awards night and seeing our players being recognised. That was reward for me. I know my role here and I have had my successes this season with doing what we’ve done with this group.


“But, with the money our owners have spent and the support they have given me, it would make me proud to go up on Saturday. That would be my payback to them.”

Mansfield have only lost five away games all season but, with both sides having recent wobbles and promotion nerves, he said it was impossible to read anything into what the form book may say.

“You can look at form and different scenarios but it’s such a one-off game,” he said.

“It will come down to that mental edge and resilience.

“The game will ebb and flow. There will be different spells of momentum. We need to be focused on game management and pitch management.

“Someone will be promoted and the others fall back into the play-offs. The players have all that to contend with during the game.”

He said this would be his third ‘insane’ final day of the season in his short managerial career after promotion at Bury and keeping Barnsley up against the odds.

“I don’t put too much significance on the actual day at Bury - it’s more about the journey we all took and I can almost remember every single week leading up to it, every loss we had and how we responded to that loss and how we got ourselves back into that fixed position,” he said.

“But avoiding relegation at Barnsley at the last day was the highest pressure you’re going to get with so much money and other people’s jobs at stake.

“You deal with it, you come through it and build it into your CV and mental resolve. It was the toughest day I’ve had on a football pitch.

“So I have had two outstanding experiences in my short career as a manager. They were two almost insane experiences and this is a third.

“So that will stand me in good stead. It has helped with with the build-up this week.”

Mansfield might have been home and dry by now had they not suffered some significant long term injuries. But all those players will join an otherwise fully fit squad to offer their backing for the big day.

“The long term injuries will be in and around what we are doing, supporting us at MK Dons,” said Flitcroft.

“We have big characters out of the team - Bobby Olejnik, Craig Davies, Hayden White. They are desperate to come down and be a part of what we are doing.

“They will do a session on Saturday morning and then come down to meet us for a pre-match meeting. They are a tight group and very together.”


We’re ‘excited’ for ‘cup final’ - Mellis
mansfieldtown.net, Thursday 02 May 2019

Midfielder Jacob Mellis has described the feeling of ‘excitement’ in the Stags’ camp, as we approach Saturday’s huge game away to MK Dons.

The two sides sit level on points heading into the clash, with both teams able to achieve promotion to Sky Bet League One on Saturday.

Mansfield need a point to be promoted, as they have the superior goal difference, and MK Dons are required to win the game on home turf to finish inside the top three.

Mellis, speaking in a news conference on Thursday morning, says that ‘it would mean everything’ to gain promotion with the Stags.

“It would mean everything [to gain promotion]. We’ve been driving it since the first day of pre-season. Now, it’s come down to the last game, and it’s exciting.


“They [MK Dons] have a big pitch so we’ve been training here [St. George’s Park] to get used to the size of the pitch. It’s a good surface, so we’re getting our preparation in well.

“[The feeling in the dressing room] is excitement. The missus said to me that she’s more nervous as she can’t do anything about it!

“That’s the good thing, as we can affect it on the pitch. For the fans, they’ll probably be a bit more nervous than us, but we’re excited.

“We have a good squad of players here now and this has to be the season. With the gaffer [David Flitcroft], we stayed up on the last day of the season [at Barnsley in 2013] and that was a celebration.

“I can only imagine what getting promotion is like, and I want to taste that.

“We can’t hide away from the fact that it’s a massive game. We’re just embracing it and taking it in our stride.”

The 28-year-old described the fixture as having the feel of a ‘cup final.’

“It [Stadium MK] is a great stadium. I’ve played there twice and won so, I have good memories there.

“I think whoever holds their nerve the best [will achieve promotion]. We’ve played 45 games now and we just want to continue doing what we have been for the majority of the season.

“It’s a one-off game. The way the fixture list has panned out, it’s one of those where we’re on the same points and it feels like a cup final.

“They [MK Dons] are one of the best teams we’ve played [this season]. They’ll looking at us thinking we have a great squad, and we know they have a great squad, so may the best team win.”

The midfielder also spoke of the Mansfield faithful, with over 4,800 fans expected to travel to Stadium MK on Saturday. Mellis says that the Stags want to be celebrating in front of the fans after the final whistle.

“It’s fantastic support [Stags’ fans travelling to MK Dons]. We want to do well for them and we want to be celebrating in front of them.

“On and off the pitch, you can see where the club is going. It’s so professional. I’ve seen other clubs in higher leagues, and they’re not as professional as this club.

“It’s all set up and going in the right direction. We just have to do our job on Saturday and everyone will be happy.

“We all got recruited to get promoted. The manager has worked with the squad and made some great signings, and it all comes down to this.”

The former Bury man also spoke of on-loan striker Tyler Walker, who currently tops the Stags’ scoring charts with 26 goals in all competitions.

Mellis says that Walker has had an ‘unbelievable’ season.

“He’s [Walker] been amazing. I can’t tell you how much I’m proud of him. Sometimes you get loan players who just want to go back to their parent club, but he’s really bought into it from day one.

“He’s been unbelievable and scored vital goals for us. We all love him.

“I spoke to him in Portugal, and I could feel then that he could fire us to promotion with 20 plus goals.

“There’s one thing saying it, but he’s gone and backed that up. We’re delighted.”

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Mansfield Town ace Jacob Mellis desperate for a first ever taste of promotion
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Thursday 02 May 2019

Talented midfielder Jacob Mellis is hoping to end his career-long wait for a promotion when Mansfield Town travel to MK Dons for Saturday’s last game showdown.

Stags need just a point and Mellis, who has played at all four levels, is desperate to achieve.

“I have been relegated from the Championship a couple of times and that’s not nice. So to get promoted would be a dream,” he said.

“It will definitely be the biggest game of my career. You think you might get promoted all the time or be in and around it. But I have never come anywhere near one.


“We have a good squad of players here now and this has to be the season.

“With the gaffer in the past we stayed up on the last day of the season and that was a celebration. It was like we’d won the league. So I can only imagine what getting promoted is like. I want to taste it.

“Promotion would mean everything. We have been striving since the first day of pre-season in Portugal. We have been driving it and now it’s come down to the last game. It’s exciting.”

Mellis and the squad have been training on the huge pitches at England’s St George’s park HQ this week to get used to the Stadium MK surface.

“They have a big pitch here too so we are training on that to get used to the size. It’s a good surface and we are preparing well,” said Mellis.

“It’s a great stadium at MK. I think I have played there twice and won twice so I have good memories from there.

“They are one of the best teams we’ve played. We’ve both got great squads so may the best team win.”

Mellis said the players were less nervous than most as they were the ones that could actually go out there and do what is needed.

He smiled: “Everyone is excited. My missus is more nervous than me as she can’t do anything about it. That’s the good thing - we can affect it as we are the people on the pitch.

“The fans and everyone else will be more nervous than us as we can do something about it out there.”

Stags will take an army of 5,300 fans down there including many from Mellis’ family.

“My brother, sister, dad and my wife’s family will all be there so we have been sorting quite a lot of tickets,” he said.

“We’ll have over 5,000 there and it’s fantastic support and we just want to do well for them. We want repay them and be celebrating in front of them.

“It will be down to whoever holds their nerve the best. But we have played 45 games now and we just want to continue what we’ve doing for pretty much all of those games.

“It’s a one-off game and it feels like a cup final.

“We can’t hide away from the fact it’s a massive game so we are embracing it and taking it in our stride.”

Mellis said the players wanted to repay the club for the faith placed in them to achieve promotion.

“You can see what this club is doing on and off the pitch. It’s so professional,” he said.

“I have been at other clubs in higher leagues and they have not been as professional as this club. It’s all set up and going in the right direction.

“We’ve just got to do our job on Saturday now and we’ll be happy.

“We all got recruited to get promoted. It didn’t happen last year for some of us.

“But the manager has worked with the squad again, made some great signings, we’ve gone again and now it all comes down to this.”


League Two promotion showdown at MK Dons is biggest game of Mansfield Town defender Ryan Sweeney’s career
chad.co.uk, Monday 29 April 2019

Defender Ryan Sweeney says his first full season at Mansfield Town could be his best in the game - if the Stags clinch promotion from League Two in their ‘winner-takes-all’ showdown at MK Dons on Saturday.

The former Stoke City centre back, who signed a permanent deal in January after a successful loan spell, was an unused substitute when AFC Wimbledon won the 2016 League Two Play-Off final at Wembley, beating Plymouth Argyle.

But he says Saturday’s crucial match at promotion rivals MK Dons will be the biggest of his career.

“If we get the promotion we so badly want it will have been an unbelievable season and my best one in football,” he said.

Read more at https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/league-two-promotion-showdown-at-mk-dons-is-biggest-game-of-mansfield-town-defender-ryan-sweeney-s-career-1-9739018?fbclid=IwAR2IM5dmURaZeg_2dXtBPFGLckJytbz-TQrrAZePhO8cM72fE9twgOm4l9s

“If picked, it will be the biggest game I have played in - a winner takes all.”

Sweeney, 24, who has played more league matches this campaign than at any time in his career, said the end to the season was not like any other game, but the Stags just had to play the football that has seen them contest the automatic promotion race all season.

He added: “If we win we are promoted and it is the same for them (MK Dons). We will prepare to go down there to win a game of football, to implement the things we have done this season to get us into this position.“

Sweeney was full of praise for his team’s defensive work all season, including back three colleagues Matt Preston and captain Krystian Pearce.

“The way we play, pushing the wingbacks on, leaves us pretty exposed, but his (Preston’s) pace and power and one-v-one defending is top class,” said Sweeney.

“Pearcey in the middle of us two, he protects that position. If we have to come out of our slots he is always there backing us up. He has been brilliant and is the glue in there, talking and organising. Quite rightly he has picked up the accolades of getting in the PFA team. He has been top class.”

But he stressed that the defensive efforts involved the whole team, not just the defenders.

“We have had a solid base to work from. It has not just come from the back three, the way we press teams high up the pitch and the way the front lads and midfield have put in an amazing shift for us… the way they protect the back three is a collective thing.

“We have had 18 or 19 clean sheets. It is something to be proud of.”


MK Dons pitch will suit Mansfield Town in promotion ‘cup final’, says Stags’ Jacob Mellis
chad.co.uk, Monday 29 April 2019

The big pitch at MK Dons will suit Mansfield Town in Saturday’s League Two promotion crunch clash, according to Stags midfielder Jacob Mellis.

The former Chelsea man has played there under boss David Flitcroft when both were at Bury.

Mellis, who said the Stags players were positive and looking forward to the showdown, added: “It will suit us. It is a very nice, modern stadium and a big pitch. With the players that we have, fast players who can pass forward and run forward, it is a perfect venue for us.

“It is a cup final game. We are focused in training and everyone is looking forward to it. There is no point in fearing it. We know what we have to do and we are excited.

Read more at https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mk-dons-pitch-will-suit-mansfield-town-in-promotion-cup-final-says-stags-jacob-mellis-1-9739026

“It is down to one game. If you had offered that to anyone at the start of the season we would have taken that.

“Obviously the last couple of results have been disappointing, but we will get on the training pitch this week and work hard.”

Mellis took time out from his preparations to praise the form of leading scorer Tyler Walker, who has bagged 22 goals to fire the Stags to the brink of League One while on loan from Nottingham Forest.

“He has been unbelievable from day one, committed to the group, and has got the rewards,” said Mellis.

“He loves scoring goals and works hard for the team. We know if he gets half a chance there is going to be a goal. Every team that wants to get promoted needs a player like that.

“He has got a bit of everything. He can take the ball from midfielders, run with the ball, shoot from outside the box and score goals in the box also.

“For defenders against him it is hard because he can score different types of goals.”

The two have been described as brothers for their closeness off the pitch.

“We talk every day and about football all the time. He is very mature for his age,” added Mellis. “Seeing him do well makes me proud and very happy.”

Mellis, a £1m signing by Chelsea early in his career, said Walker had what it takes to play in the Premier League.

“Definitely (he is good enough to play there). He can kick-on. He is hungry to do that. He has got a good head on his shoulders, he is not arrogant or big headed.”


Tisdale: We’ll give it our all

Paul Tisdale insists his MK Dons side will leave nothing on the table in Saturday’s Winner Takes All clash with Mansfield Town.

Tisdale’s men welcome the Stags to Stadium MK this weekend knowing a victory - and nothing less - will secure them an immediate return to Sky Bet League One.

“It is in our hands,” Tisdale said in his pre-match press conference.

“The whole season comes down to this game, and we have to make sure we put our best game out and do our very best. We cannot guarantee anything but putting in our best performance.

“We know we have to win and score a goal, at least. We still have to be shrewd and considered in our approach but we have to win.

“I'm looking forward to it. It's part of the job to continually balance your emotions. As a manager, you direct and influence the team and I have to find that balance.

“It has been a progressive year and I'm proud of what we've done this season but I'm not going into Saturday comfortable. I want to achieve.”


MK Dons chairman defends decision to give more tickets to Mansfield Town for promotion decider
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Tuesday 30 April 2019

MK Dons chairman Pete Winkelman has defended his decision to give Mansfield Town an extended allocation of almost 5,000 tickets for Saturday’s promotion decider at Stadium MK.

Winkelman has come under fire from some Dons supporters for sending Stags an extra 1,000 tickets to the 4,000 originally allocated.


But Winkelman said: “There will be a massive Mansfield crowd here.

“People have asked why I’ve offered them so many tickets, but there is just as much at stake for them as there is us.

“We’re a city that keeps our doors open, we don’t want to restrict that. The worst result would be to have Mansfield fans in the home end, with so much at stake. You don’t want that situation.


John Radford on facebook: May 2 at 3:14 PM
Very disappointing from MK Dons.

Important ticket information from MK Dons

MK Dons have informed us on Thursday that the Stags had been given a final allocation of 5,300 tickets for this Saturday's match at Stadium MK and as a consequence no tickets will be available on the day of the game.

MK informed the club on Thursday that, due to the large away following, it has been necessary to reconfigure the seating in the away section to enable MK Dons to 'best ensure the safety of all supporters attending the game'.

Those affected are supporters with ticket numbers 884 to 911 in the Lower Tier Rows C to EE as well as those with ticket numbers 916 to 943 in the Lower Tier Rows C to EE, who will be moved to the Upper Tier.



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