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17th February 2019 12:35

Stags’ fans a ‘credit’ - manager
mansfieldtown.net, Tuesday 12 February 2019

Stags’ boss David Flitcroft says that the amber and blue faithful are a ‘credit to the town,’ with over 4,000 Mansfield supporters expected at Meadow Lane for this Saturday’s huge derby clash against Notts County.

The weekend’s match sees the second Nottinghamshire derby of the campaign, with the Stags running out 2-0 winners in the first instalment at One Call Stadium in December.

The manager says that his players will give ‘everything’ for the travelling Mansfield contingent.

“I saw it at Chesterfield last season when Mal [Benning] scored,” he said. “It was electric. We saw the footage of the Stags’ fans celebrating and saw what it means to them.


“I’m a football fan myself and I get the passion. I get that when you lose, how disappointed people are.

“Those are the emotions that you go through. We go through that as a manager and players. The group works really hard to give our supporters those moments.

“To have so many Stags’ fans there [Meadow Lane] is a credit to the town. The players have to make sure they understand that and give everything, like they have done all season.

“I’m not asking for more or less, I’m just asking for that consistency in performance that the players have committed to.”

The Stags’ boss says that he is expecting a different test to the one posed by Notts County at One Call Stadium earlier this season.

“There are things we have to work on tactically and make sure we are absolutely ready and prepared for the Notts game.

“We have a few things planned for the players, including [being back] at the stadium. It’s been good, because they [staff] really want us here.

“That makes a difference. We have a good week planned, and we have to make sure that the boys take on all of the messages.

“It will be a massive game and a key game for both of the teams. Neal [Ardley] is a fantastic manager. I think he came in to a club that was probably a little bit in turmoil.

“He’s been patient and made a few signings. You can see that they’re working and they’ve had good results.

“They’re certainly fighting and Neal has now in his armoury what he probably wanted ten weeks ago.

“No two games are ever the same. Certainly, it’ll feel like a home game, with the amount of supporters we’re taking and the passion that our supporters have for this fixture.

“The players, as the week progresses, will understand that. They will understand what it means as a group to go and give a great account of yourself.

“It’s just another match that we’re getting ready for. We’ve flushed out the game at Newport. It’s another opportunity on Saturday to get three points.”

During Saturday’s slender defeat to Newport, Danny Rose was involved in a heavy collision, and was escorted off the field of play from both teams’ medical staff.

The manager says that despite much initial concern, the striker is now ‘stable’ and in a ‘good place.’

“At the time, there was a lot of concern from their doctor and a lot of concern from our players and Newport’s players.

“I was quite close to it and you got the sense there was a real serious issue. When we’re speaking now 72 hours later, Danny is recovering from his operation, he’s had some plates put in his jaw.

“It [jaw] was fractured in two places. He’s in a process of sort of six weeks where he’ll be on a liquid diet.

“When you see so much blood on the pitch, it throws you. It’s not a nice thing to see. Our medical staff have been phenomenal.

“Newport’s medical staff and their manager, Mike Flynn, have been brilliant. He went to see Danny down there.

“I was with Danny yesterday, and he still has his sense of humour - he’s still laughing and joking. He’s stable and in a good place.

“There was no malice in the tackle. It’s just one of those things on a football pitch that you get. It’s no-one’s fault.

“Newport’s medical team were absolutely brilliant. Danny has got them to thank and a club we have them to thank.

“Tom [Whittamore], our main physio, has almost lived with Danny. He stayed down in Newport with him.”

David Flitcroft also provided updates on two players looking to soon return to first team action, midfielder Alex MacDonald and defender Ben Turner.

“The [reserves] game is on the astro at the training ground, so he [Alex MacDonald] will join in with us training today.

“We’ll make sure that Macca gets his distance in. We’re looking at probably eight thousand metres for Macca and the other boys today.

“He did well yesterday, and has been in all weekend doing his work. It’s just that catch-up work now. He wants to do that work and loves being in and around the lads.

“For someone like Macca who’s been out so long, it’s been a long trek. But the last few weeks he’s been with the first team and it’s been brilliant to see.

“We’re probably one game away [with Ben Turner]. We knew when we signed him that there were still games to go. It’s not something that worries me.”

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Mansfield Town striker Danny Rose recovering from double jaw fracture and severed artery
chad.co.uk, JOHN LOMAS, Tuesday 12 February 2019

Mansfield Town striker Danny Rose is recovering well from an operation to insert two metal plates into jaw fractures after a horror injury at Newport County that also saw him lose a tooth, severe an artery and lose a lot of blood last weekend. Rose, on a liquid diet for the next fortnight, has been told to get himself away to some sunshine once he is able to.

But boss David Flitcroft is still hoping last season’s top scorer may be fit enough to play again this season. The manager said seeing Rose laying on the pitch last weekend bleeding badly before going off wearing an oxygen mask was one of the worst things he had ever seen in football.

“Danny is stable now,” said Flitcroft. “He is in hospital as we speak. He had the operation done last night. “But the 72 hours from that knock have been remarkable really - to see him up and talking.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/mansfield-town-striker-danny-rose-recovering-from-double-jaw-fracture-and-severed-artery-1-9590495

“I can only thank everyone for their professionalism as Danny was in a bad place. “He had an airway to pump the blood out of his throat as he severed an artery in the fractured jaw which caused excessive blood. “I was 10 yards from it and that’s the first time I have seen so much blood on a pitch.

“Watching the referee mopping the blood up, it throws you. “It was a horrific injury. At the time there was a lot of concern from the doctor and not only our players, but Newport’s players as well and also their manager.

“It was one of those injuries you just don’t want to see on any football pitch.”

He added: “Our medical staff have been phenomenal, Newport’s medical staff and their manager Mike Flynn have been brilliant and they went to see Danny down there.

“When you see something so horrific it brings the best out of people. “Newport’s medical team, staff and doctor were absolutely brilliant. Danny has them to thank and we as a club have them to thank.

“Tommo, our main physio, almost lived with Danny down in Newport for three days and got him sorted and back up. “I was with Danny yesterday and he’s still got his sense of humour and was laughing and joking. “He is stable and he is a good place.”

Flitcroft said there was no blame on anyone as Rose simply got caught unaware between two challengers. “He has had one hell of a bang. But there was no real malice in the tackle,” said Flitcroft. “He wasn’t expecting it. He’s not seen the second player coming in and he’s ended up right in the middle of it. “It was one of those tackles you get that’s there’s nothing you can do about and it’s no one’s fault. “It was just Danny being committed in going for the challenge and coming off the worst.

“But the recovery from the minute of impact to now has been colossal.”

Rose now begins the slow road to a full recovery and Flitcroft explained: “He is now in a six week process where he will be on a liquid diet for a couple of weeks, then eating soft food from that point with some supplementation. “We might let him go and try to get some sun for a week or something like that to stimulate him.”

As far as a return to first team action was concerned, Flitcroft added: “Danny is committed and he will certainly want to try to get back for the last games. “It is quite a steady progress. Hopefully in two weeks he will be able to train but non-contact.

“So we can still get the dynamic football movements into him. “We just have to monitor who he trains with and make sure there is no contact. “We can keep him up to a good fitness level, and then it’s just on Danny’s mindset of when he joins in and feels secure and knowing how he’s going to protect himself from any more knocks.

“I think once you’re plated and it’s in your jaw I think it’s as strong as it was before. “So I think it’s then just your mental and psychological approach to such an injury.”


New striker search on for Mansfield Town Mansfield's manager
chad.co.uk, JOHN LOMAS, Tuesday 12 February 2019

Mansfield Town may yet bring in a new striker to cover for the injured Danny Rose, though boss David Flitcroft is sceptical the right player is available. Stags have been left light up front as Danny Rose last weekend followed Jordan Graham onto the injured list with the January window now firmly closed. Graham’s season is over and there are no guarantees when or if Rose may return.

Stags are now left looking for a free agent and Flitcroft said: “We probably would sign one if he was out there.

“But it’s a difficult window when it’s open. “So when it’s shut - to just find someone out there who is fit, who is ready to come in, who scores goals, who holds it up, who links, the right age, the right person - if that person is out there he has already been found in my opinion.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/new-striker-search-on-for-mansfield-town-1-9590546

“I have done it before at other clubs where you’ve taken someone who’s not been involved for a long time and it ends up as a horror story. “They break down very quickly when you put them into a training programme. They are out of football or on trial for a reason. “I don’t think one will drop in our lap but that’s not to say that we are not looking.”


Mansfield Town to plea for more protection for marked man Jorge Grant
chad.co.uk, JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town boss David Flitcroft is to ask the Referees Association about getting more protection for star man Jorge Grant. Opponents have targeted the talented youngster since he arrived on loan from Forest and Flitcroft said: “I hope we get a very good referee on Saturday.

“I look at 14 fouls on Jorge Grant last Saturday without any of their players getting booked. It is multiple and builds up.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/mansfield-town-to-plea-for-more-protection-for-marked-man-jorge-grant-1-9592476

“It is something I am going to speak to the Referee’s Association about this week.

“I need to show how many times Jorge gets fouled and how many times it doesn’t get recognised.”

He added: “We want to see our best players. Jorge has lit this place up since he came in. He has been phenomenal since he walked in. He lifts me every day watching him - it’s brilliant.

“So it could be construed that if seven or eight players tackle him, smash him, it doesn’t matter. “But it does as if the referee takes action against one of those players, the next one might think twice. “It’s something we are looking into this week. It is something that’s mounted up and we are aware of.”


New signing Ben Turner ruled out for Mansfield Town’s big local derby at Notts County
chad.co.uk, JOHN LOMAS

New Mansfield Town centre half Ben Turner will not be fit enough to face Notts County in Saturday’s big local derby at Meadow Lane. So, with Ryan Sweeney now suspended for two games and options limited, manager David Flitcroft looks likely to revert to four at the back. Turner is close to shaking off the calf injury he arrived with and could be fit for the following weekend at home to Forest Green Rovers.

“We were probably one game away from it working perfectly if Sweeney had got back next week, when we’d have had Ben, said boss David Flitcroft.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/new-signing-ben-turner-ruled-out-for-mansfield-town-s-big-local-derby-at-notts-county-1-9592287

“We knew when we signed Ben there’d still be 13 games to go. So it’s not something that worries me. “It’s just what we do about not having Ryan. “But when we have gone to another system we’ve done well. At West Brom and Colchester we went 4-3-3, so it doesn’t really bother me.

“We have to come up with the answers and we have a full week to do it. It’s about being flexible.

“If we’d had a Tuesday game and not had this time on the training ground it might have been different.”


Alex MacDonald still on the mend despite missing Mansfield Town reserve game
chad.co.uk, JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town midfielder Alex MacDonald missed out on reserve team action this week, but is still getting ever closer to fitness and a first team return. With the current first team squad training back at the One Call Stadium this week to get some time on grass ahead of the Notts County derby on Saturday, the reserve game planned on grass had to be moved back up to the training ground where only the 3G surface is currently playable and not suitable for MacDonald’s recovery.

“We will make sure we get his distances in him,” said manager David Flitcroft. “He has been in all weekend to do his work and trained well yesterday.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/alex-macdonald-still-on-the-mend-despite-missing-mansfield-town-reserve-game-1-9595157

“He has been out a long time and we are just making sure we are getting the work into him. “He wants to do the work - that’s one thing with Macca. He loves being on the training ground and in and around the lads. “We just have to make sure he doesn’t break down when he comes back. His body has got to be strong. That’s what we are working on at the minute.”


David Flitcroft:
"We've moved back to the stadium, a lot of people are happy about that.
The groundstaff, our admin staff here, getting close to them has been good. They really want us here so that makes a difference."


I believe Notts County will now survive says Mansfield Town boss David Flitcroft
chad.co.uk, JOHN LOMAS

David Flitcroft believes new-look Notts County will survive, despite being four points adrift of safety at the foot of the Football League ahead of Saturday’s big local derby. The Mansfield Town manager has much respect for his Magpies counterpart, Neil Ardley, whose extensive January rebuilding job is already paying dividends.

“I think they will stay up now,” said Flitcroft. “Neil is a top manager who has gone through adversity and got promotion. He has a lot of experience under his belt and he has drive and ambition.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/i-believe-notts-county-will-now-survive-says-mansfield-town-boss-david-flitcroft-1-9594613?fbclid=IwAR1LSZpwneQoF4-Qm8OVEKv-sag9MljPGKhGkKp-yc4gtj3mndZ4JuDEPr0

“It is difficult going into a new job with a set of players who are used to losing and have that losing mentality. “But they have almost rebuilt the team now. Eight players came in and that will freshen the other players with new competition. They now have hope and optimism as we’ve seen in their recent performances.

“What new players do is bring a freshness and an optimism. “It’s not happened to them. They have not got those memories of getting beaten earlier in the season.

“So it’s a completely different situation that Notts find themselves in now. “Neil is a top manager - what he did at Wimbledon was a phenomenal job. “He has come into a club that was probably in turmoil. He has been patient, waited for the window and now has the players he probably wants.” He added: “You can see they have had a couple of good results, so they are fighting. Neil now has in his army what he probably wanted 10 weeks ago. “This is a completely different team. He has been able to bring that many in to stimulate the team and their fans. Former Notts County skipper Neal Bishop unsure what reception he will get at Mansfield Town derby “We brought Jorge Grant in here and the quality in our training has probably gone up maybe 20 per cent just by bringing Jorge in. “Neil is their third manager of the season. So they have players that one manager recruited, players a second manager recruited and now Neil has been able to bring in eight he wanted and has had some positive results. “Now he can see a way for them to stay in the League.” Mansfield comfortably saw off Notts 2-0 at home in December, but Flitcroft knows Saturday will be a much tougher proposition, despite over 4,000 away fans making the trip. “No two games are ever the same,” he said. “It will certainly feel like a home game with the amount of supporters we are taking and the passion they have for this fixture. The players, as the week progresses, will understand that and what it means to our supporters. “I saw it at Chesterfield last season when Mal (Benning) scored, it was electric. “I am a football fan myself so I get what it means to them. “Our players love playing at home, and to have so many fans at Notts this Saturday is a credit to the town. We have to make sure we represent them.” On playing derby games, he added: “In any game it’s about staying on focus and staying on plan. You must not play the occasion. “As soon as you cross over the white line you’ve got to concentrate on your job and take the emotion out. “We also have to play with bravery. Having so many fans there will allow us to do that. “You want to win every game and I always have done. I was very competitive as a player. “I was connected to the fans as I played hard and aggressively. They saw the work ethic I had as a person. “We need to feel the force and power of our fans and their affection for the team and represent for them.”

Mansfield are looking to wipe away memories of last Saturday’s 1-0 defeat at Newport County, but will have to change the side with centre half Ryan Sweeney suspended. That looks likely to see a back four employed instead of the usual back three. “I would have liked the game to have been on Tuesday after the Newport defeat,” said Flitcroft. “But there are things we’ve got to work on. We will probably change the system for Saturday which we will work on this week. “We need to work on it tactically and make sure we are ready and prepared for the Notts game. “We have a good week planned for the stadium and we have moved back to the stadium. “We must make sure the boys take on all the messages for what is a massive game and a key game for both teams.”


Midfielder aims to provide victory for fans
mansfieldtown.net, Tuesday 12 February 2019

Stags’ midfielder Neal Bishop says that Mansfield are ‘completely focused’ on achieving three points against Notts County, a clash he summarised as a ‘massive game for the supporters.’

Bishop has been instrumental in Mansfield’s midfield this season, and explained that Saturday’s Nottinghamshire derby at Meadow Lane provides the perfect opportunity to bounce back from the recent defeat at Newport.

Although, the 37-year-old is expecting a different challenge to the one posed by the Magpies in the reverse fixture at One Call Stadium earlier this season, a game the Stags won 2-0.

“It [Notts game] is a three points that we need to bounce back from Saturday,” he said. “Good teams bounce back from disappointing results and that’s what we want to do.


“I’m just looking forward to playing again and getting back out there. When you lose a game, you always want to get out on the pitch to put it right.

“I think it will be a different game [to Newport]. It’s a big pitch with a good surface, so we have no excuses to go there and not put in a performance.

“You want to play in big games. As players you want to play in those with big crowds. It certainly will be on Saturday because they’ll have a fair few in as well.

“It’s a massive game for the supporters. For us as players, it’s just another step to where we eventually want to get.

“Three points away from home in the early kick-off will take us top for maybe an hour or two, but psychologically it’s a massive step for us.

“It’s not about where we are now, but if we keep putting pressure on the other teams they can start to crack. That has to be our mindset.

“They [Notts] have recruited very well. When they came here, there was a negativity around the club. It was all doom and gloom.

“With the signings that they have made in January, it’s completely turned the mood around. They’re on a bounce, but it doesn’t affect the way we’ll go about the game.

“What they’re doing is giving themselves a chance, especially in the last couple of weeks. We’re completely focused on how we’re going to go about winning this game on Saturday.”

Bishop spent four years at Notts County, making 168 league appearances from 2009 to 2013, yet Saturday will be the first time that he will run out at Meadow Lane as a visiting player.

The midfielder says his focus is set completely on achieving victory.

“I’ve not really thought about it [reception at Meadow Lane],” he added. “Boo, cheer, indifferent, it doesn’t really change what I’m trying to do Saturday.

“It’s not about me, it’s about this football club going ahead and trying to get three points. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do for every week now until the end of the season.

“It’ll feel strange [running out at Meadow Lane]. I’ve never been in the away dressing room.

“I’m experienced enough, and there is no sentiment. We’re rivals for 90 minutes. After that, I’ll wish them nothing but the best.”

Bishop touched on Saturday’s slender defeat against Newport, yet maintained that the positive mood in the Stags’ camp has not been swayed by what was just the fourth league loss of the season.

“The game [at Newport] as a whole never got going. It was stop-start from minute one and we probably played into their hands a bit too much.

“We never really got a sustained spell of possession where we could build up pressure. It was one of those afternoons where the first goal was probably going to win.

“We had that chance after 20 seconds, and if that goes in, I think we win that game 1-0. They got the first goal from a set piece and that was it.

“There’s no reason for anything to change. We’re still second in the league. We were back in yesterday [Monday] and had a good session.

“It’s our fourth defeat of the season - it’s been a fantastic season. It wasn’t a good game of football on Saturday, but you just write it off as one of those games where we didn’t really get going.

“We’ll move on - there’s certainly no moping around or feeling sorry for ourselves. The atmosphere is top notch as it has been all season, and we can’t wait for Saturday.”

Stags added to their ranks in January with a host of signings, and Bishop says the new faces have settled in well at One Call Stadium.

“It’s a very accommodating and friendly dressing room. It’s a welcoming dressing room and they’re all good characters who have come in.

“Apart from Ben [Turner] they’ve all come in and played and they’ve contributed. I don’t know how far he [Turner] is from full fitness, but the lads have come in and showed why the club has brought them in.

“The manager has strengthened us and we have cover in every position. There are no excuses for us going hereonin throughout the season.”

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Delighted Mansfield Town star Neal Bishop escapes suspension ahead of return to Notts County
chad.co.uk, JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town midfield star Neal Bishop will get to play at former club Notts County in Saturday’s derby after surviving a five-game tightrope on nine bookings with a two-game ban hanging over his head.

Bishop was relieved to get through the battle at Newport County last weekend to be able to go back to Meadow Lane for the first time since his four-year stint there, but said he had not been playing any differently to usual.

“I don’t go out and try to get booked any game to be honest,” he said. “Situations arise sometimes where you need to take one on the chin for the sake of the team.

“There are other times when the team is not playing that well and, while I am not saying saying you’ve got to kick someone, sometimes you have got to put a foot in and get them going in a different way to liven the whole thing up. “As an older player you are aware of what you’re trying to do. Sometimes these things work and sometimes they don’t.

“I have got nine bookings, but I don’t feel like it’s something that’s on my back.”

Bishop said he felt lucky not to see a card last weekend. “I have not been pulling out of stuff,” he said. “It’s just fallen right with Saturday. On another day I could have got booked in the last two or three games maybe.

“There were a couple of tackles that went in Saturday, certainly one, which could have been reds, let alone yellows, without wanting to get into deep discussion about the standard of refereeing at this level because I will get myself into trouble.

“It can be fairly unpredictable, especially with the role I play. “You are going to pick up yellows, it’s part and parcel of the game.”

Manager David Flitcroft was delighted to see his midfield battler make the derby and felt he was sometimes a marked man by referees for his all-action laying style. “Due to his passion and involvement in the game, probably five or six of his bookings are down to the passive way some people play,” said Flitcroft.

“When you have an aggressive style and a no-nonsense style like Bish has got you probably do stand out on a football pitch. “That’s why he’s got his bookings - for being over-committed. “But three or four of his bookings have just been for a committed action and I wish referees would see that.”

Sadly centre half Ryan Sweeney was not as fortunate as Bishop as his 10th yellow card of the season will see him miss the game.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/delighted-mansfield-town-star-neal-bishop-escapes-suspension-ahead-of-return-to-notts-county-1-9593839


Former Notts County skipper Neal Bishop unsure what reception he will get at Mansfield Town derby
chad.co.uk, JOHN LOMAS

Former Notts County star Neal Bishop has no idea what sort of reception he will receive when he goes back with Mansfield Town for the big local derby on Saturday. Veteran Bishop spent four happy years with the Magpies and is willing them on to survive this season. But he said those sentiments would be shelved while he tries to help Stags into top spot in the 1pm kick-off.

Bishop said: “I am not sure what sort of reception I will get as I have never been back. But I am not really bothered.

“It’s not something I have really thought about. Boo, cheer, indifference, it doesn’t really affect what we’ve got to try to do on Saturday.

“When you are on the pitch you are never really aware of the noise that’s going on around you. You have to be fully focused.

“Obviously, personally, Notts County mean a lot to me. I am probably the only person in Mansfield that wants to see them stay up this season.

“If they boo me for 90 minutes it won’t change my feelings about that football club. “But I am a Mansfield player now. Any thoughts like that go out the window this weekend.

“I don’t want to see them go down. That’s the last thing I want after spending four years there and being captain of the club. “But we can worry about that after Saturday and I am just looking forward to playing there again.

“It’s not about me or Pearcy (Krystian Pearce) or Jorge (Grant) - we’ve all played for Notts County. It’s about this football club going there and trying to get three points.”

He admitted: “It will feel strange. I’ve never been in the away dressing room at Meadow Lane.

“It will be interesting, but I am experienced enough. There is no sentiment and I wouldn’t expect them to feel any for me. We are rivals for 90 minutes, win, lose or draw. After that I will wish them nothing but the best. “I have some great memories from my time there - obviously promotion and we had some great FA Cup times. Captaining the oldest Football League club was a great honour and fantastic for me personally. “I left there on good terms with everyone at the club. But I had a massive opportunity to go and play in the Championship at the age of 31. “I’d been loyal to the club as I’d had plenty of opportunities to leave but I’d never forced anything. “But when this chance came it just seemed like a natural time to go. “I don’t regret not leaving before that and I don’t regret leaving when I did as I had a fantastic season in the Championship with Blackpool.” After making eight new signings in January, Notts have picked up four points from their last two games to edge to within four points of safety. “Notts have recruited very well. I think they’ve had to,” said Bishop. “When they came here you could feel the negativity around the club. I spoke to some of the people down there and it was all doom and gloom. “But the January signings have completely turned the mood around. They are on a bounce certainly. But it doesn’t affect the way we’ll go about the game or our planning. “What Notts are doing is giving themselves a chance, especially with their results in the last couple of weeks. “Personally I am pleased for them. I don’t want to see them out of the Football League. - it’s the last thing I want. “But that is put to bed this week. Whatever they are doing, that’s their business. We are completely focused on how we are going to win this game on Saturday.”

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/former-notts-county-skipper-neal-bishop-unsure-what-reception-he-will-get-at-mansfield-town-derby-1-9594487?fbclid=IwAR36MJ77Vje9y0jp2BoK5Dn9ZZyo817i7pnmwUQ_kJOirHkaS80lG0UC_7o


Mansfield Town quality will tell in the end in blood and thunder local derby at Notts County
chad.co.uk, JOHN LOMAS

After the expected blood and thunder start to Saturday’s local derby, Mansfield Town’s Neal Bishop believes Stags’ quality will ultimately see them to success at Notts County.

Bottom club Notts are on the rise with eight new signings while Stags, despite a defeat at Newport last week, are second in the table and raring to go.

“It will be a completely different game to last week,” said Bishop as he prepared to face his former club.

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“It’s a big, old pitch, it’s nice and flat - a good surface. So there is no excuse for us to not go there and put on a performance on Saturday. We will be able to play a bit more than we did at Newport.

“It will be blood and thunder for the first however long. “But if we can surpass them with our work rate, games at this level ultimately seem to open up more second half as people can’t keep up that tempo and momentum for 90 minutes. “We are confident if we get the ball down and play our normal game, which we have done for the majority of this season, then we can come away with a positive result. “You have to keep your head. They will want to come out and make a statement.” He continued: “They will want to put us under pressure, not just because it’s a local derby. We will have to be on it from minute one. “Once the game has settled down there is a reason why we are second in the league. It’s because we have got good footballers and we play good football. “We have the best defensive record in the league and we know usually if we can get our noses in front we are not going to lose many games as that’s when the game opens up and we have so much pace when we are attacking it’s hard for other teams to live with us.” Bishop is relishing the atmosphere with over 4,000 away fans heading for Meadow Lane. “If you can’t get up for Saturday with a 4,000 away following then you’re probably in the wrong game,” he said. I believe Notts County will now survive says Mansfield Town boss David Flitcroft “As players you want to play in the big games with big crowds. “Notts will have a fair few down and the away end will be full so it should be a fantastic atmosphere. “It’s a massive game for the supporters. For the players it’s just another step for us to get to the place we eventually want to get.” He added: “Three points away from home and an early kick-off could take us top for an hour or two. But psychologically it’s a massive step for us. “If you keep winning games and keep putting pressure on other teams around you, eventually some teams start to crack. “That has to be the mindset. You want to win every game whoever you play. “The three points would see us bounce back from Saturday. “Good teams bounce back quickly from disappointing results, and that’s what we want to do. We can’t wait to get back out there and put it right.”


No moping as Mansfield Town look to get Newport defeat out of their system in Notts County derby
chad.co.uk, JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town midfielder Neal Bishop said there had been no moping after Saturday’s 1-0 defeat at Newport as Stags prepared for Saturday’s big derby game at Notts County. Stags’ 1-0 setback at Newport - only their fourth defeat of the season and only their second away from home - saw Mansfield miss out on top spot.

But Bishop said: “There is no reason for anything to change. “There is certainly no moping around and feeling sorry for ourselves.

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“The atmosphere is top notch as it has been all season. “We are still second in the league. We could have gone top on Saturday but that’s been and gone. “No one cares who is top in February. It’s about where you are at the end of the season. It’s been a fantastic season so far.

“On the back of last Saturday it is important we get back out there and get something from the Notts game.

“I wish we’d had a midweek game as after a defeat you want to get back out there and put it right as players.”

Bishop said the defeat on a poor surface at Newport had to be seen as just one of those afternoons. “It wasn’t a great afternoon and conditions didn’t help both teams,” he said. “The game as a whole never got going. It was stop-start from minute one.

“We probably played into their hands as we never got a sustained spell of possession when we could build up pressure.

“It was one of those afternoons when the first goal probably was going to win. We had a massive chance after only 20 seconds. If that goes in then we might have won the game 1-0.

“They got the first goal off a set piece and that was the difference. “If we had defended the set piece right we’d have probably got out of there with a 0-0.”


Operation done Let the liquid diet commence


David Flitcroft plea for Jorge Grant protection was a 'Sir Alex Ferguson' trick, says Notts County boss Neal Ardley
By Leigh Curtis, 14 FEB 2019


Notts County manager Neal Ardley joked Mansfield Town boss David Flitcroft pulled a “Sir Alex Ferguson” trick by asking for more protection for star winger Jorge Grant.

Flitcroft this week said he was looking to talk to the Referees’ Association after claiming Grant was being singled out for rough treatment by opposition defenders.

The Stags chief said that 14 fouls were committed on the Nottingham Forest loan ace in their defeat to Newport County last week and wants the officials to start a clamp down.

But ahead of this weekend’s return to Notts, where Grant scored 18 goals last season, Magpies boss Ardley said he also has a player who needs help from the referees.

“It’s a bit of a Sir Alex Ferguson trick isn’t it?” smiled Ardley.

“Get it out there nice and early and put pressure on the referee.

“Dave is an experienced manager and he knows what he is doing.

“I will go tit for tat and say we are looking for protection for Enzio Boldewijn.

“That’s the best way to deal with it. He’s (Grant) a good player, but they’ve got lots of good players who can cause you a problem.”



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