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13th February 2019 0:41

Leading goal scorer wins karting race
mansfieldtown.net, Wednesday 06 February 2019

Stags’ hot-shot Tyler Walker transferred his tip-top football form onto the track yesterday by winning the club’s Go-Karting crown, as our first team squad’s togetherness strengthened further.

Walker was quickest in the 30 minute race in Nottingham, with midfielder Otis Khan in second and winger CJ Hamilton third.

The contest was sandwiched in between a gym session in the morning, followed by dinner at Frankie & Bennys.

“It was a good day for bonding, making sure the new players are in a competitive environment with a different stimulus,” said Stags’ boss David Flitcroft.


“It was an integration day, getting them together. It was massively competitive. It was a full day and it takes us away from the training ground.

“We’ve not been able to get on the grass on the past two weeks, which has hampered things. We’ve had four or five lads who have started to get some aches and pains, on the joints. But we like basing ourselves at the training ground because there are other real benefits to it.

“The players like going to the players lounge in a morning, getting there earlier. There’s a real togetherness there.

“We need to be on those grass pitches. Carolyn (chief executive) and the chairman (John Radford) are doing everything they can to do that and get us on there. We may have to get on the grass at the One Call for a few days and try and mix it up a little bit."

The Stags’ chief said the players' running stats had decreased during last Saturday’s 3-1 win at home to Macclesfield, and the team-bonding day enabled them to recharge in a different fashion.

“Our figures were down a little on Saturday, such as distance covered, high intensity distance and we looked into it really heavily.

“The pitch at Forest Green [in Stags’ 1-1 draw on Tuesday 29 January) and with the travel going into next day with the motorway shut down, we felt as though we didn’t get enough quality of work into them on Thursday to Friday [last week].

“We were a little lethargic at times on Saturday [at home to Macclesfield] but instead of doing more, sometimes you have to do less. We have to have them fresh now.”


Bonding afternoon as Mansfield Town players enjoy go-kart competition
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Wednesday 06 February 2019

Mansfield Town players enjoyed a bonding day out yesterday with an afternoon go-karting competition.

Boss David Flitcroft felt it was an ideal time to give his in-form players a break from the physical and mental rigours of training and help integrate the newer faces.

Flitcroft said the idea stemmed from the lower performance statistics his players returned in last weekend’s win and the aches and pains of having to train on 3G while the new training ground grass pitches are created.

He said: “There were quite a few reasons. Our figures on Saturday were down a little bit and we looked into it.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/bonding-afternoon-as-mansfield-town-players-enjoy-go-kart-competition-1-9579961

“I think the pitch down at Forest Green and the travel went into Wednesday with the motorway shut down.

“We felt a though we probably didn’t get enough quality work into them on Thursday and Friday and we looked a bit lethargic at times on Saturday.

“Instead of doing more you sometimes have to do less to make sure they are fresh. This team is fit. The most consistent players have played most games.

“So I thought it was important at this time of the season when some players have left us and we’ve gained three or four.

“I felt we needed an integration day to get them together.

“So we went go-karting. It was still competitive - there was a £50 prize for the winner. Then we had something to eat.”

Flitcroft wanted to give his players a break from training on a 3G surface. “They did a session first at the DW gym yesterday,” he said.

“It just took away from the training ground. I think the past two weeks not being able to get on the grass has hampered things.

“We have four or five lads that have started to get some aches and pains in the joints. We are basing ourself at the training ground and there are other benefits to it.

“The lads have a players’ lounge and they get there early in the morning and there is a real togetherness.

“But we need to be on those grass pitches and the chairman and Carolyn (Radford) are doing everything they can to do that. We might have to get on the grass for a couple of days and go to the One Call and try to mix it up a bit.

“We feel today was the right time to get some good bonding in and make sure the new players are in a competitive environment but maybe with a different stimulus.”

Top scorer Tyler Walker eventually emerged the champion on the day.


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See also Flitcroft earlier comments on injuries and training ground, Saturday 26 January 2019

"Bish has been struggling with a back injury.
We've been on astroturf for 10 weeks now. When we moved into the new training ground I did feel that in this period now we'd be on the grass. The lads keep looking over at the grass and wanting to be on it, but we can't, it's not right.
I'm going to have to rethink. Tyler was the same, he jarred it the other day, and it's gone into his neck, he's had a neck spasm. It was touch and go whether Tyler played to day to be honest.
I've got to rethink the strategy now down at the training ground. Maybe even come back up to the club. I don't want to dismantle what we've been doing there but we've been collecting a few injuries now and it does worry me.
I'll have a good meeting with the chairman this week and speak to him about that, and see if we can progress things. But certainly I've loved my time at the training ground but what we can't do now is derail it by getting a glut of injuries, it would be criminal."



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