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Archived News from March 2003

5th March 2003 12:35

Joe Kinnear: ”Defensively we were very poor. We took our goals well and maybe could have had a few more but I'm disappointed overall in the manner that we conceded. Exactly the same as on Saturday and that's five goals in two games.
”We spoke a few home truths in the dressing room to the back four. That's been the disappointing part of late. The first two goals came from throw ins that we didn't deal with. We never really got to grips with Christie.
”We have to work hard to get goals and we'll always score goals but it's how we stop them that's the worrying thing at the moment. We were far too casual and far too easy to beat. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see how we're conceding. We get turned in the box and it's just not good enough. They hold their hands up in the dressing room and they've got to take responsibility themselves.
”Thorpe scored two great goals tonight but it means nothing because of the way we defended. The third goal was Keystone Cops.
”They're just going through a bad spell. Their confidence is gone. I don't blame the keeper. He didn't have any chance with any of them. Where was our defence when they were shooting? Who was going to block one?
” It didn't help that Davis got booked. If he hadn't I think he'd have tackled Christie for the third.
”We've got to stand up and be counted, be much tougher and more resilient. If we're going to hang in there with any chance at all, we have to keep a clean sheet. At the moment we have got to score at least two or three goals a match to win games. We need to be more aggressive with our defending.
”Mansfield were brave and pushed four up against us, but that leaves room at the back and if we could have defended we'd have come away with three points ourselves.
”Hopefully Howard will be back against Huddersfield. He'd have made a big difference tonight.
”I've got to pick them up now. They're disappointed with themselves so it's up to us to pick them up.
”But as Thorpe said: 'A clean sheet and we go home with three points'.
”We'll have to change it.”


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