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26th November 2018 22:36

Sensory area set to open in family room for Crawley match

Mansfield Town will launch the new sensory area in our family room - built for those who are prone to experiencing a sensory overload - prior to Tuesday evening's game against Crawley Town at One Call Stadium.

Located in the corner of our new family room - which opened earlier this season - the sensory area is packed with features to ensure a matchday at One Call Stadium is enjoyable for all.

The club is hugely grateful for the £6,000 donation from the Stags Supporters' Association, who have made this possible.

The sensory area has been installed with the following features:

A multi-infinity explorer panel, which produces lights and music that can be controlled and changed.
Sensory bubble tubes, with mirrors behind to create the sense that there are more than two.
Vibration bumpers across the back wall, which vibrate when leaned upon.
Sensory football, which has a different texture to a regular football.

Supporters' liaison officer Danielle Hett says that the sensory area is built with the idea of making the matchday experience at One Call Stadium open to everyone.

"We have installed this sensory area as there are children who require it when the game can get too much," she said.

"Sometimes they need a little bit of relaxing time before they go out to the stands, which can be quite noisy.

"The main thing is that everyone enjoys a matchday, and people don't have to stay at home in fear of a sensory overload."

The family room is located underneath Blocks A and B of the Quarry Lane Stand, and will be used for indoor activities and games before each home match. The room will open at 6.45pm on Tuesday evening.

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