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21st August 2018 10:21

Boss Flitcroft ready to forgive if want-away Rose remains a Mansfield Town player
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Tuesday 14 August 2018

Mansfield Town manager David Flitcroft said he was ready to forgive and forget if striker Danny Rose opts to come off the transfer list. But he admitted the player could still go out on loan before the end of the month if another club came in with Stags’; market value on a permanent deal in January. After requesting to go on the transfer list only to see his proposed move to Peterborough United collapse on deadline day, Rose has been left in limbo but came on a substitute in last night’s 6-1 hammering of Accrington Stanley and scored within a minute of joining the action.

Flitcroft said Rose had been manipulated, lied to and deceived by Peterborough but, if he wanted to stay and was prepared to knuckle down, he could still have a future at Manfield. “To score the goal he did, it was nice to see the Danny of old,” said Flitcroft. “He ran for me like he did when I was at Bury and when I was at Barnsley.

“You could see Danny Rose at full flight tonight with a desire to go and score that goal which meant so much to him. It was important. “Anyone in football and in life will tell you that forgiveness is the best human quality. I am not stubborn in anything I do. I am always professional.

“He was worried about turning out tonight after some of the stuff about him on social media. “But I thought it was the right game in which to put him on and introduce him back into what we are doing. He trained on Monday and got in a good half-an-hour against Accrington for some more fitness.”

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Flitcroft was adamant that Peterborough failed to make the required offer for Rose while telling the player they had. “The valuation was not met for Danny so he is Mansfield Town player. He is contracted to Mansfield Town,” he said.

“Danny has made a mistake. We all do. I make hundreds and he now needs my support. “He’s been led down the line. He’s been lied to and manipulated by the buying club.

“This is a kid that’s been manipulated, been lied to and been deceived. “He got told he was a Peterborough player and that they had put the bid in the chairman wanted. “The chairman had a valuation that one million per cent was never met. “Danny Rose got told ‘put your transfer request in because it’s been met’. “When he put the request in - that’s not Danny Rose. I know him as a person. “He was being worked behind the scenes and it’s a shame as he’s a lovely kid. I have always had a good relationship with him and it was nice to see him back to his old self again tonight.” Flitcroft said Rose now needed to win over Stags supporters, most of whom who cheered his introduction last night amid a smattering of boos. “He was absolutely outright told he was a Peterborough player and Danny chose to believe it. Now he can knuckle down and what might come out of this could be a good thing,” said the manager. “The fans have got to fall in love with him again. For that he has to work himself into the ground like Danny Rose does. He has to make himself available at all times and commit to his work as he is a Mansfield Town player. “He knows he has got to win his fans back over. He’s already done that once and he knows he’s got to do it again. “He will fight for them, scrap for them and run for them. That’s what the Mansfield public need. That’s what they are desperate for and that’s what Danny has got to do now. “He has not done that since I’ve been here. Certainly tonight I saw the Danny Rose of old and I am delighted for him.” Flitcroft said he almost took Rose to Yeovil but decided to give him the weekend off. “We had a really good chat regarding the move not happening. He wasn’t right to feature on Saturday - his head space was wrong,” he said. “He very nearly came with us to Yeovil. But I thought there was too much background noise - too much of a circus. “We spoke on Sunday, then met up on Monday morning and had a good hour’s heart talking about what I wanted.” He added: “The values of Danny Rose have always been - and will always be - hard work, sincerity and goals. That is Danny Rose. “They are his raw qualities. That’s what his family expects of him and what I expect from him. “That was the Danny Rose of old last night - his willingness to go and score that goal was incredible. It was like turning back the clock. “He hasn’t done that while I’ve been manager, that’s pretty obvious.” The manager said the next step was the player deciding he wanted to come off the transfer list. “That’s another discussion,” said Flitcroft. “There are still 10 days or so of the loan window. “If the valuation was met we might look to do business. But it hasn’t been and it never was. The chairman has stood strong with it., “We are a football club but we are also a business. The chairman and Carolyn (CEO Radford) support this club incredibly, funding it to a massive tune, and I have come to try to make it a sustainable business. “Danny is a Mansfield player and will be treated like one. “It’s been difficult to get him involved as I knew his head was somewhere else. “But when Ivan Toney got done Danny knew the deal was off. We just said no problem - you are not a victim. Let’s just knuckle down. “You have a fantastic contact here so go and earn your money. That’s what we are working towards.”


TRANSFER TALK: Peterborough United furious over Danny Rose claims
peterboroughtoday.co.uk, by ALAN SWANN, Wednesday 15 August 2018

Peterborough United have reacted with fury to claims they ‘manipulated, lied and deceived’ Mansfield striker Danny Rose in an attempt to sign him before transfer deadline day.

Mansfield manager Dave Flitcroft made the claims after the player scored in last night’s (August 14) Carabao Cup win over Accrington Stanley.

But Posh director of football Barry Fry rejected Flitcroft’s suggestion of Rose being tapped up. He repeated the claim that Rose was originally offered to Posh by Mansfield chairman John Radford, something no-one at Mansfield has ever denied.

Fry said: “What Flitcroft is saying is the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever heard and I will be ringing him to tell him just that.


“John Radford rang me up to tell me Lee Angol and Danny Rose were surplus to the manager’s requirements and would we be interested in them.

“Our manager told me he would be interested in Rose so we made a bid and it was rejected. I have never spoken to the player in my life and I suspect Flitcroft is just covering his own backside after twice selling Rose in the past and now trying to sell him for a third time.”

Last night Flitcroft said: “The valuation was not met for Danny so he is Mansfield Town player. He is contracted to Mansfield Town.

“Danny has made a mistake. He’s been led down the line. He’s been lied to and manipulated by the buying club.

“This is a kid that’s been manipulated, been lied to and been deceived.

“He got told he was a Peterborough player and that they had put the bid in the chairman wanted.

“The chairman had a valuation that one million per cent was never met.

“Danny Rose got told ‘put your transfer request in because it’s been met’

“He was being worked behind the scenes and it’s a shame as he’s a lovely kid.

I have always had a good relationship with him.”

That ‘good’ relationship involved Flitcroft selling Rose when they were together at Barnsley and Bury.

Posh boss Steve Evans, who denied speaking personally to Rose, added: “Dave Flitcroft should concentrate on getting Mansfield promoted. Danny was offered to us by their chairman so how on earth can we be accused of manipulating him?

“If Flitcroft concentrated on his job at Mansfield he might have won more than two of 15 games with them last season.”

Evans was replaced by Flitcroft last February when he joined Posh and Mansfield’s promotion push promptly collapsed.

Rose scored 17 goals while Evans was his manager and none for Flitcroft.



Mansfield Town manager angry at destabalising of striker Danny Rose
chad.co.uk, Saturday 11 August 2018

Mansfield Town boss David Flitcroft has hit out over striker Danny Rose’s transfer request and potential move to Peterborough United that appears to have fallen through. Former Stags boss Steve Evans tried to sign Rose for the Posh but failed to meet Mansfield’s valuation before the transfer window closed on Thursday. But after the Stags drew 2-2 at Yeovil on Saturday, Flitcroft hit out at people behind the scenes destabalising and manipulating the striker.

Flitcroft said: “All that week Danny was told he was going to be a Peterborough player by people behind the scenes.

“He has been directed in a certain way and manipulated into then putting a transfer request in. “That really isn’t Danny Rose and it was a surprise when it did come in.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town-manager-angry-at-destabalising-of-striker-danny-rose-1-9296438

“Everybody was gearing up to losing Danny, but our chairman and (chief executive) Carolyn stood firm. They made sure he could only go if the valuation was met and it wasn’t - even though Danny was told it had. “A lot of work went on behind the scenes to destabalise and upset Danny.

“When the Ivan Toney deal went through (to Peterborough from Newcastle on transfer deadline day) it was one they had been chasing all summer. I think Danny realised that maybe handing in the transfer request was not the right thing to do.

“He was in the right frame of mind to come down here (to Yeovil). “We will sit down with Danny and his representatives and see what the future is.”

Talking about the decision to allow Lee Angol to join Shrewsbury last week, the manager said he thought the Stags perhaps had one too many strikers.

“It coincides with the business we did earlier in the (transfer) window. We brought Otis Khan in and I believe there are goals in him. We got Tyler Walker in and Craig Davies. So I felt with (also) having Danny (Rose) and Lee (Angol) we were always one over and there was the potential for movement,” Flitcroft said.

“After the season Danny had we knew people would be interested (in him). “We accepted a bid off Grimsby (for Angol) and I think that alerted Shrewsbury to the fact that Lee was available and could go.

“He is going to League One and if he produces the football and lights it up, which he has got the potential to, then we have protected ourselves on the back end of the contract with sell-ons applicable to his development. “It is a good bit of business for the football club. It gives us one less option, but with four main strikers at the club I am not too sure how many times we would have used that option.”

Flitcroft said the closure of the transfer window did not necessarily mean the end of players movement because loan deals could still be arranged until the end of the month. He said: “We are being pro-active in looking and making sure we have got bases covered. We are still speaking to players as part of an ongoing process.

“I promised the chairman and Carolyn that when I came to the club I would make players better working with them day in day out on the training ground. “There are signs of that but if there are players who will improve the squad and give us a different balance and cover, then I will bring that opportunity to the football club.

“If something happens from our side (losing players) at least then we are proactive rather than reactive.”



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