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13th July 2018 11:48

Stags CEO urges Prime Minister to attend World Cup if England make final Stags
Carolyn Radford appeared on BBC Question Time on July 5

chad.co.uk, by ANDREW TOPPING

Mansfield Town FC’s CEO Carolyn Radford appeared on BBC Question Time last night (July 5), giving her thoughts on the World Cup, Brexit and the NHS.

Mrs Radford was supposed to appear on the show on the May 3 edition of the show, however her slot was moved due to the news agenda’s focus on the Windrush scandal.

Carolyn Radford appeared on the panel in King's Lynn, Norfolk, with Priti Patel MP, Lisa Nandy MP, Ian Blackford MP and Matthew Parris When questioned by host David Dimbleby about whether the UK should send a representative to the World Cup, the Stags CEO expressed her support.

She said: “I love the way that football brings people together and it is a universal language. It might actually improve relations with Russia if we sent somebody there.

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“Obviously it is a tentative subject at the moment, but I definitely believe that we should send the Prime Minister if we do get to the final.”

The Stags boss also revealed that, like more than 70% of Mansfield residents, she supported Brexit in the 2016 referendum, however she called for “clarity” on the current situation.

She said: “I think we all need clarity now, hopefully tomorrow [at chequers] things will be a little bit more decisive [on the final deal]. “I was a Brexiteer, but coming from a business side of things we have a company in Europe that Brexit will cause problems to if we don’t get a good deal.”

Mrs Radford also lent her support to Prime Minister Theresa May, saying she is in a “difficult position”.

She added: “I think we need to get behind the Prime Minister now. We are where we are, and we need to get on with navigating the process as best as we can and pull together as a nation.

“I think there’s going to be great debate on both sides, and I hope that the Conservative party do navigate us on the right position and path.”

When the discussion turned to the NHS, the Stags CEO expressed her support for the health service on its 70th anniversary and suggested increasing taxation to support its upkeep.

She said: “I think something has got to give, the NHS is absolutely stretched and I fear for doctors, nurses and the mental wellbeing of staff.

“The capacity we are working to at the moment is high, and I don’t think people would mind paying more in taxes to protect the brand NHS that we all love.”

Mrs Radford also expressed concern about high food bank usage across the country, and called for Universal Credit to be carefully examined before its eventual roll-out.

You can catch Carolyn Radford on BBC Question Time by visiting the BBC iPlayer.



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