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13th July 2018 11:46

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03 July 2018

NEWS: Midfielder @willako16 has been taken off the transfer list, #Stags' boss David Flitcroft has confirmed.

The 29-year-old is currently with the rest of the squad in Portugal as part of an intensive week of pre-season training.


Stags' boss looking to build team spirit in pre-season
mansfieldtown.net, 3 July 2018

Stags' boss David Flitcroft has said he is looking to build team spirit through hard work during Mansfield's week of intensive training in Portugal.

Stags are set to take part in their third day of training today, and Flitcroft is not only impressed by the Mansfield squad's work ethic, but the facilities on offer in the Algarve.

“It’s important you get the balance right. We’ve come to a venue that’s out in the sticks with not much around it," said the manager.

“When you walk in you feel as though it’s a professional environment, an elite environment.


“You’ve got everything [here in Portugal] and that’s the key. The work you can get in and the work you can condense is quite phenomenal.

“We don’t have any travelling time to go from your location to the training venue. Sometimes [back home] in traffic it can take an hour-and-a-half.

“The weather is hot - I know it’s hot at home too - but we’re getting the lads up early in the morning and the last session is six o’clock at night so we’re condensing a lot of work in
“I’m absolutely delighted with the work ethic and the camaraderie. When the work is hard, that’s when you grow a team spirit.

“When you dig in and feel that your body isn’t gonna get there, but someone else gets you through it, that’s what a training camp gives you.

“We did a session on the running track on Saturday and I saw it really start there where players were digging in. What I love in a team sport is when you know you’re superior, you almost get other players through it.

“You have to get your base work in, and that’s what we did last week over at One Call Stadium, and we’ve continued that this week.

“The next two days are the toughest they’ll do over the six-week programme. We’ve made no secret of that.

“Between 45 and 60 minutes the players will get [against Dundee]. We’re doing it as a training game. It will be great to see where we are.”

The Stags' boss also spoke of former Bury captain Nathan Cameron, who has gone to Portugal to train with the first team this week.

“Cam [Nathan Cameron] was the skipper when we got promoted with Bury. He led it fantastically well.

“He’s a great captain, leader and communicator, on and off the pitch. He’s someone that wanted to come out with us and knew what our camps were about.

“He’ll certainly add value to the camp and we have to see how he progresses. He had an injury problem last season and we have to make sure that, with our staff, that they all know the dynamics of the camp and what he can and can’t do.

“We have to see if we’re good enough to build a training programme to support that injury that he’s had.

“We’re looking at him in massive detail, every session he does, the measurements and seeing where everything is.

“Having worked with him before, I know what he is as a character. I know what type of lad he is. The camp has been better for having Nathan Cameron in it.

“I think we’ve left it [possible deal with Cameron] open-ended. I know his agent really well.

“He sees what we’re doing here and, with the club’s support, an opportunity that we can get Cameron playing lots of games for us next season.

“I’m very thorough in my work so we have to be monitoring him. It’s brilliant that the staff can have a one-to-one with him."

Flitcroft also confirmed that Will Atkinson has also been taken off the transfer list, meanwhile Giles Coke, who took part in some training sessions with the Stags, has moved elsewhere.

“Giles [Coke] is someone I’ve admired for a long time as a person and a player. He got a call from another League Two club that were in a position to do something with him.

“Me and Giles had a chat and I think that it was the right thing to do [to let him go]. He had an opportunity to go and earn money for his family and I think that coincided with me having a chat with Will Atkinson and taking him off the transfer list.

“We had a chat at the end of the season, me and Will, and you just never know in football.

“I said to Will at the end of the season, if there’s something out there for you that you feel is for you, then we’ll have a look at it together.

“I left the door open all the time. We had a fantastic chat, very open and very honest. He wants to be in this environment and knows he’ll thrive in the environment. He certainly wants to stay and I want to keep him. He’s a great pro.

“It was like almost signing a new player really.”

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No Stags deal for Coke as Atkinson comes off transfer list
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Wednesday 04 July 2018

Mansfield Town will not be pursuing signing ex-Stag Giles Coke after fellow midfielder Will Atkinson was taken off the club’s transfer list. Coke had been back at the club training as he also sought to come back from long term injury problems.

But manager David Flitcroft revealed that fellow midfielder Will Atkinson was no longer on the transfer list after a heart-to-heart chat and that left the club unable to offer anything to Coke. The manager said: “Giles is someone I have admired for a long time as a person and a player.

“He got a call from another League Two club who were in a position to probably do something with him. “It was the right thing to do. He was honest with me and I was honest with him.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/no-stags-deal-for-coke-as-atkinson-comes-off-transfer-list-1-9234087

“He had the potential to go there and earn some money for his family. “It coincided with me having a chat with Will Atkinson and taking him off the transfer list.

“Football always turns. I said to Will at the end of the season that if there is something better than Mansfield out there we’ll have a look at it together.

“I left the door open and after we came back we had a fantastic, very honest, open chat. He wants to be in this environment. He knows he will thrive in this environment.

“He wants to stay and I want to keep him. He is a great pro and it will be like signing a new player.”


Manager looking forward to seeing fans at open session

Stags' boss David Flitcroft has said he is looking forward to seeing the Mansfield Town fans at tonight's open training session in Portugal, which takes place at 6pm local time.

Supporters that have made the journey to the Algarve will be able to watch the Stags train, before having the chance for photo opportunities with the players.


The full address for Amendoeira Golf Resort Sports Club is as follows:

Morgado da Lameira, CX Postal 361-L
8365-302 Alcantarilha - Portugal Algarve

Stags' boss David Flitcroft says he is eager to meet the supporters that have made the trip to Portugal, and says that the open session will act as inspiration to his players.

“We came on the bus before the plane and the fans came over. They’ve been fantastic and the players have been great with them,” he said.

“It’s what you want to see. Supporters have spent money on their holiday to come here and we can have that contact time with them.

“On Wednesday we can share some time with them in the open training session.

“It’s brilliant for them. Wednesday will show [the players] why we do what we do, and why it’s going to be so tough this week.

“Fans commit, and they’ve committed to their family holidays to come out here.

“I’ll be stressing to the group that we’re lucky people to have people feel that about you.

“I’ve been a football fan myself and I know what I wanted from my team and my manager. That’s what we’re hoping to do, to bring that together in this camp.”


Stags prepare to take on Dundee in opener

Mansfield Town will give all their players some minutes in Saturday’s opening pre-season friendly game (6pm) against Scottish Premier League side Dundee in Portugal. It will be a first chance for Stags fans, who have flown out there, to see the club’s five new signings plus on-trial Nathan Cameron in action. This will be Dundee’s third game, having drawn 1-1 with Brechin City and beaten Cowdenbeath 1-0. “Most of the players will get between 45 and 60 minutes,” said Mansfield manager David Flitcroft.

“We are viewing it as a training game, even though Dundee are probably two weeks in front of us. It will be great to gauge where we are and where they are. “We’ll be looking at our data - maximum heart rates, distance covered - and make real decisions at 45 minutes from that. “It’s a stimulus. It’s something for players to look forward to.”

Flitcroft has been delighted so far with how his squad have taken to the week-long training camp in Portugal. “Their application has been phenomenal,” he said. “I’ve been absolutely delighted with the work ethic, the camaraderie, getting each other through sessions - that’s a key thing. “You feel your body is not going to get there but someone else gets you through it. That’s what a training camp gives you. “Football seasons are arduous and you have got to back your base foundations in.”

Saturday’s match will take place at Amendoeira Golf Resort. Entrance is free for Stags’ supporters, however both clubs have been warned of a 200-spectator capacity. Dundee finished ninth in Scottish football’s top tier last season.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/stags-prepare-to-take-on-dundee-in-opener-1-9237069


Stags promote young trio
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Manager David Flitcroft has backed up his promise to give youth a chance by promoting three youngsters into the first team training sessions in Portugal this week.

Striker Jordan Graham and defenders Henri Wilder and Lewis Gibbens are all enjoying their chance to show their capabilities at the week-long training camp.

“We have promoted three of the younger players to train with the first team for the morning and night sessions,” said Flitcroft.


“They have been elevated to the first team and they have been well received.”


Flitcroft confident Sterling-James can shine next season
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town boss David Flitcroft believes he can harness the glowing potential of Omari Sterling-James next season. The striker-cum-winger failed to nail down a regular first team spot in his maiden season at Mansfield, making two League Two starts plus 11 substitute appearances - four starts and three sub outings in other competitions - before being sent out on loan to Solihull Moors for the second half of the season. However, Flitcroft believes the 24-year-old is benefiting from spending time with him on the Portugal training camp this week. “One player who has impressed me out here has been Omari Sterling-James. I have been able to focus on him and concentrate on him,” said Flitcroft. “I think he is probably understanding me and Futch (assistant Ben Futcher) more with the more time he’s spending in our company. “There’s no secret to it - just work hard. The new players who I’ve brought in are telling him Dave Flitcroft is fair if you work hard for the football club. “By his own admission he has found it difficult to be honest in his work ethic. “Because of his talent he has got away with dodging work at times - but you can’t do that. The work is there and it’s in front of you. If you take short cuts you don’t get success.” The manager added: “He has made a real impact since he got out here. It’s been great watching him in this environment. “I never, ever fall out with a player and close the door. I am very open minded, very flexible and very forgiving. “My decisions will always be based on how hard somebody wants to work for the football club and what are they prepared to do for the club, for their team mates and our supporters. “If he’s prepared to give everything then he’ll get everything.”

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/flitcroft-confident-sterling-james-can-shine-next-season-1-9237337


'Tough' training sessions bringing winning mentality - Bishop
mansfieldtown.net, 6 July 2018

Neal Bishop speaks to iFollow Stags
Experienced midfielder Neal Bishop says Stags' boss David Flitcroft is creating a winning mentality in his squad as Mansfield prepare for their first pre-season friendly against Vitoria FC here in Portugal tomorrow morning.

Stags' midfielder Neal Bishop has said that David Flitcroft's intensive Portugal training regime is instilling a 'winning mentality' into the Mansfield Town squad.

Bishop recently made the switch from Scunthorpe United to join the Stags, having made 37 appearances for The Iron last season.

The vastly-experienced midfielder says he has settled in to life as a Mansfield Town player, and is enjoying the 'tough but fair' coaching style that the Stags' boss applies.

"[I've settled in] very well. The lads have all been brilliant," he said.

"Coming away to a place like this [Portugal] helps, because you're in each other's company 24 hours a day.


"They're tough days, but the gaffer isn't asking us to do anything we can't do. It's tough, but fair. We're all relishing it.

"You get into football for challenges and this certainly is a challenge. We're doing two, three, four sessions a day.

"It's great work and the lads are dragging each other through.

"It helps create that winning mentality. That desire to work, to run and want to win."

Bishop added that he is looking forward to the challenge that Portuguese outfit Vitoria FC will bring to the training match between the two sides on Saturday.

"It's the first game so you're looking to get your awareness back, your positional settings, your spacial awareness," he said. "You can do all the training sessions you want, but when it comes to the 90 minutes of competitive football, it's completely different.

"All the lads have worked immensely hard for two weeks. I can't speak highly enough of the effort they've put in and what we've bought into.

"This is what you look forward to. You always look forward to the first game. We're more than ready for it on Saturday."

The midfielder also explained that the winning mentality the team are building in pre-season will put them in good stead for a successful campaign.

"There's some really talented players [in the squad], lads with ability. We've had some young lads with us this week and they've stepped up to the plate.

"The experienced lads like myself, it's our responsibility to drag them through and to help, to encourage, and to build that team mentality.

"That's what it's all about. It's 46 hard league games and we want promotion. Let's not shy away from that. We're building that mentality every day."


Portugal training camp the perfect way to sow seeds for glory says new boy Bishop
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town newcomer Neil Bishop believes this week’s training camp in Portugal has been the perfect way to build a promotion-winning mentality.

The Stags have been put through their paces in some torturous sessions and the experienced Bishop said the way players had helped each through it was sowing the seeds of the team spirit needed for glory.

He said: “It’s going to be 46 hard League games, but we want promotion - let’s not shy away from that - and we are building that mentality every day. We are here to win.


“I am really enjoying it here. The days are tough, but it’s not as if the gaffer is asking us to do anything we can’t do. It’s tough but fair and we are all relishing it.

“You are in football for challenges - and this certainly is a challenge, especially with the sun. You’re doing two, three, four sessions a day.

“The lads are dragging each other through and it helps create that environment, that winning mentality, that desire to want to work, to want to run and want to win.

“The lads have all worked immensely hard for the last two weeks. I can’t speak highly enough of the effort they’ve put in.”

Bishop said the team spirit had also extended top some of the club’s youngsters who had joined in with the first team work.

“The squad is really good,” he said. “There are some really talented players, lads with real ability.

“We’ve also had some young lads with us this week and they’ve stepped up to the plate. What an experience it’s been for them.

“It’s been a real learning curve for them and it’s been up to the experienced lads like myself to drag them through, to help and encourage and build that team mentality.”

He added: “I have settled in well. The lads have all been brilliant - it’s a good group.

“Coming away to a place like this helps as you are in each other’s company 24 hours a day.”



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