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30th May 2018 21:05

An Evening with John and Carolyn Radford
1861 Suite at One Call Stadium, 7.30pm Tuesday 22 May 2018

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Stags boss Flitcroft chasing his ‘magnificent seven’
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town boss David Flitcroft currently has seven targets on his wanted list for next season as he looks to build a 24-man squad.

At the club’s ‘Evening With the Radfords’, club CEO Carolyn Radford said some of them were very exciting names and there would be no cheap options.

Chairman John Radford said: “Realistically we are going to keep the squad around the 24 mark. “David has his eyes on about seven players. We are up against League One clubs so we are chasing good players and hopefully we’ll get a few of them over the line over the coming weeks.”

Carolyn added: “We are looking at very strong targets and I don’t want to rush it. I want to get the right players that he wants to bring in.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/stags-boss-flitcroft-chasing-his-magnificent-seven-1-9177774

“Last season recruitment was so speedy you didn’t have the time to consider what was going on. David is a bit more considered.

“We will see what comes in but at the moment there are some players that, if I were to tell you who, you’d be really, really excited. We are not going to let you down or go for a cheap option.”

When asked by a supporter if the club would be trying to sign last season’s loanee striker Kane Hemmings full time, Carolyn added: “We have to wait and see what Oxford say, but I think he did great for us last season and was a very strong player.

“You look at the statistics and he was up there. I had a casual chat with him at the end of last season and he is definitely on the radar.”


Radford promises more humility and respect as Stags learn from their mistakes
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town will learn lessons from last season’s promotion failure and show more humility and respect for other clubs, says club chairman John Radford.

Speaking at the club’s ‘Evening With the Radfords’, the chairman admitted the Stags got carried away with the hype after manager Steve Evans, with such a good past record for promotions, put together an expensive squad that bookies tipped for the title.

Radford said: “I think we probably over-egged our campaign a little bit. There was a massive buzz. “We put together the most expensive squad and I think we’d already made 10 signings by now. So the expectation was there.

“We were the bookies’ favourites and I think that left us to be shot at by all the other clubs. Every game became a battle as every club wanted to beat Mansfield Town.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/radford-promises-more-humility-and-respect-as-stags-learn-from-their-mistakes-1-9177729

“We created a rod for our own back being such favourites as we were.” However, he said: “We will learn from our mistakes. Part of it was bigging ourselves up so much.

“We’ve learned a bit of humility and a bit of respecting other clubs. “From myself to the manager and down to the players, we thought we’d win every match.

“But they are all good teams and good players in this league. We have to respect every team around us.

“We were disappointed not to get promoted but we’ve now got to crack on with it and get on with our next campaign.”


Radfords lift the lid on Evans’ shock walk-out for the first time
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town chairman John Radford and CEO Carolyn Radford have finally spoken of their shock at manager Steve Evans walking out on the club before the end of the season.

The couple spoke candidly on the matter for the first time in public last night during a special ‘Evening With’ event before supporters at the One Call Stadium.

John Radford even revealed that Evans told him he was resigning to work in China before he ended up joining League One hometown club Peterborough United while Carolyn said it was her first experience of the old adage of there being no loyalty in football. She was cheered by the Stags fans when she said she believed ‘what goes around comes around’ while John Radford accused Evans of a ‘lack of etiquette’, though still wished him well.

Evans walked out on the Stags with just 12 games to go, having been financially backed to the hilt by the Radfords in building one of the most expensive squads in the division, which ultimately fell short of even a play-off place.

“We went up to see him after the Coventry game and chatted,” said John Radford. “Everything was very positive but the body language was a bit wrong. He sat there with arms folded and he didn’t look us in the eye.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/radfords-lift-the-lid-on-evans-shock-walk-out-for-the-first-time-1-9177038

“But we didn’t see it coming. We thought he was here to stay. “He then rang me and said, ‘chairman it’s getting a bit much for me, I am going to go and work out in China and I need to resign’.

“But when a manager resigns, you can’t resign to go to another club. “There is a bit of etiquette and everything there. If they are having a bit of a life crisis and they are going to work in China or somewhere else, that’s fine.

“But you always want to wish people well and he’s gone.” Carolyn Radford admitted Evans’ shock departure was a real eye-opener.

“When you come to football from a normal business, you realise football is such a unique business,” she said.

“And the loyalty factor - it’s a cliché there is no loyalty in football. Then when it actually happens to you, you don’t believe people are like that.

“We did everything we could do. Everybody at this football club went above and beyond the call of duty. We gave him everything he wanted as you can’t give managers any excuses.

“We knew Steve was a great manager and had delivered before. We respected that. “But no manager is bigger than a football club and I believe what goes around comes around.”


Stags owners have every faith in Flitcroft to achieve glory
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Despite being unable to get Mansfield Town over the promotion line this season, club owner John Radford and CEO Carolyn Radford said they have full belief boss David Flitcroft can take the club into League One next season. Speaking at the club’s ‘Evening With the Radfords’ night, they also revealed they interviewed four other managers, with others unable to reach an interview due to the snow that week, before deciding to stick with their favoured but most expensive candidate, Swindon town manager Flitcroft.

When Steve Evans suddenly walked out with 12 games to go, John Radford said he wanted a quick appointment. “We had targets,” said Radford. “That week was awful- everyone was snowed in so everyone we wanted to get to see we couldn’t meet up. So some of the managers didn’t get to get to the interviews.

“But we wanted a quick appointment. We were damned if we do damned if we don’t as, if we’d left it a few weeks and given John Dempster (academy boss) a few weeks and he’d lost a few points, everyone would have been saying why didn’t you get someone in quickly who knew what he was doing? “We said let’s get someone in this job who is doing it already.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/stags-owners-have-every-faith-in-flitcroft-to-achieve-glory-1-9177787

“I wasn’t going to go for the cheap option. I wanted a manager that was already in our league, knew our players and playing our game. “We had a shortlist and Flitcroft was our favourite - he beat us twice. But he was an expensive option as we had to go to Swindon and say can we buy your manager off you?”

He added: We didn’t only interview Flitcroft, there were four other managers we interviewed. “But we got on with him and I think it was a massive coup to get David to come here - he is a fantastic manager. I know he will take this club places.

“Steve Evans saw his dream which was to go and manage Peterborough and he took the opportunity which we don’t agree with in this room but that’s what he went and did. “Then David saw his dream to come and manage here, so you have to respect that.”

CEO Carolyn Radford added: “It’s very nice working with David. “He’s very transparent, very open and a very genuine person - I truly believe that. “He’s got good connections and I feel very strongly we’re going to get a fantastic, balanced squad. I genuinely believe he is a loyal, good man who will be loyal to us and lead us forward.”


Stags’ failure was down to the players says chairman Radford
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town chairman John Radford believes blame for the club’s failure to gain promotion last season ultimately lies with the players. Stags were rocked when manager Steve Evans quit with 12 games to go and the club well placed and replacement David Flitcroft failed to get them over the line.

However, Radford told supporters at the club’s ‘Evening With the Radfords’ event: “If you change a leader mid-stream it’s always going to cause problems.

“They have to adopt a new style and a new way of being managed. “It could work out fantastic, but there could always be problems.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/stags-failure-was-down-to-the-players-says-chairman-radford-1-9179550

“David did what he could with the squad he had and, you don’t know, Evans could have been here and done a lot worse.

“You can’t say it’s the manager. Ultimately it’s the squad that go out there and play on that field. They were the same players.”

Club CEO Carolyn Radford added: “It’s very difficult when you’re used to a certain format and a certain person and then for someone else to take that over, it’s hard.

“But ultimately I think it was down to a combination of factors that you can’t really pinpoint.” She added that the failure had hit everyone hard, but they were now raring to go again.

“You question if you have the strength and courage to get back up again and carry on again when you have put so much time into a project and you don’t get the result,” said Carolyn.

“It’s not just me and John. There are so many people relying on us to deliver and we fell short. “It was very hard. But we’re now firing and ready to go again for next season.”


Stags continue contract talks with MacDonald
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Negotiations continue on a new extended contract for Mansfield Town midfielder Alex MacDonald. Stags want to tie him down for longer than the coming season and club CEO Carolyn Radford said they need to strike a balance between making a player feel appreciated and not upsetting other players.

“We have an option on Alex and I know as a footballer you want to feel appreciated,” she said. “But we have a strategy on what our players are on and a budget.

“Obviously all footballers and managers want to be paid fortunes so it’s making a player feel valued but we have our limits. Negotiations are hard sometimes.”

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/stags-continue-contract-talks-with-macdonald-1-9180734

“You want to keep the dressing room evenly balanced.”


Radfords remain divided over Bishop Street Stand improvements
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Club owner John Radford and CEO Carolyn Radford remain divided over the speed the club redevelops the condemned Bishop Street Stand side of the ground.

The matter was brought up during the club’s ‘Evening With the Radfords’ night and the pair continue to hold opposite views as they did at the club’s last AGM.

CEO Carolyn is keen to redevlop the side as soon as possible, saying: “We do have some excellent plans drawn up. They are beautiful.

“They are amazing architectural plans. If we are in League One that would give me more ammunition to go to the chairman to say let’s get on with this as we will be drawing bigger crowds.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/radfords-remain-divided-over-bishop-street-stand-improvements-1-9179842

"It just doesn’t look right to me over there on matchdays and I am big on my aesthetics.”

However, chairman John Radford said; “When we only sell out one game a year we can’t justify opening another stand and paying the cost of running that.

“If it gets to the stage where the stadium is full every week that will be done straight away. “It’s all about what the fans demand and at the moment this is the right sized stadium for us.”


Radford offers update on Woburn Lane training ground and Hilton Hotel projects
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town will be playing at their new training ground in Woburn Lane, Pleasley, by mid-September.

But their other big project to create a new Hilton Hotel at the Quarry Lane end of the One Call Stadium is taking rather longer.

On the training ground, chairman John Radford said: “They’ve done a fantastic job on Woburn Lane.

“Steve Hymas, who is a director and in charge of that project, has told me the keys will be handed over on 14th September.

“The pitches look good, the place will look fantastic and I’m sure we’ll have an open day.”


However, on the hotel, he added: “I think we are just waiting on the plans to come through and be accepted.

“We are paying lots of bills at the moment but there’s not a brick been laid.

“We’re hoping they’ll come through before the start of the season but I’m not holding my breath.”


John Radford on Quarry Lane membership and season tickets:

"The advantage of the Quarry Lane membership is that you get half price tickets. You do have to buy the ticket at least a day before the game because we have to be able to police that and know the numbers for that, and you have not got a guaranteed seat. So you've not got the same seat every game. It's not the same as having a season ticket. The reason that deal was put out there was to generate atmosphere there (Quarry Lane end) as well as Q block. So that could be the new North Stand. I used to love the North stand (for home fans), but we can't get that back for the fans as it's a policing issue, so that's not on the immediate agenda. Any business ... you have got to look after your loyal customers ... but you have to encourage new customers, and to allow 12-18 year olds to get in for half price allows them the ability to get to 5 or 6 games and then encourage them next year to go and get a season ticket. It creates a bit more of a younger atmosphere over there and create numbers over there and try and fill the stadium."

(On the early bird): "That's a tough one. We looked at this year ... we just had to catch our breath from last year, the way season tickets went last year. I'm probably going to regret not having an early bird this year, but please don't hold the club to ransom on that. This year an early bird hasn't gone out, that doesn't mean it won't happen next year. Certainly having a season ticket is a lot better price than going and buying a seat for every game, and you've got your own seat. And we do give offers to season ticket holders, you've got a couple of tickets to the races if you wanted that. We will look after our season ticket holders and it's about generating atmosphere and getting the fans down here and getting people who've not been here to come and watch us play and see how good the stadium is and see how we support our club."

transcribed by Martin Shaw


Radford wants to see talented youngsters make the step up to Stags’ first team
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

John Radford said one of his ambitions for next season was to see one of the club’s talented youngsters go all the way into the first team.

Previous boss Steve Evans was firmly focused on experience, but new manager David Flitcroft champions youth and is keen to link the club’s sides up at all levels to provide a visible route.

Radford said: “David will put his team together but, on the new training ground they will be playing alongside the academy every day and I’d like to see a few of our kids get out there on that pitch. I’d love that to happen whether it’s by default or not.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/radford-wants-to-see-talented-youngsters-make-the-step-up-to-stags-first-team-1-9180996

“We have a fantastic academy that’s won the league three times - and it’s not an easy league to win. I’d like to see some of those players coming through.

“Last season they were not given a sniff to be honest as went out and bought players that were the ‘best in this league’.”

Club CEO Carolyn Radford added: “We’ve had Jack Thomas here in my time and it was great being able to shout ‘one of our own’.

“Now I think we have the infrastructure in there to develop more players to make it through.”


Anonymous supporter buys season tickets for Stags fan

An anonymous Mansfield Town fan has donated two season tickets to a supporter who recently had his mobility scooter stolen.

The unidentified supporter, wishing only to be known as ‘Wilfred’ from the online forum Stags Net, contacted the club after recently viewing the news online.

Michael Plant had his mobility scooter - crucial for his schooling and independence - taken in Ladybrook earlier this month.

Learning of this, another Mansfield Town fan, Gary Hagan of Mansfield Mobility Centre in Forest Town, donated a replica of the scooter to Michael.

Read more at https://www.mansfieldtown.net/news/2018/may/anonymous-stags-fan-donates-season-tickets/

This act of generosity was followed by Wilfred’s offer of two season tickets to Michael and his carer, who gratefully accepted them last night at ‘An Evening with John & Carolyn Radford’, held at the club.

It is the second time in as many seasons that Stags’ supporter ‘Wilfred’ has bought season tickets for fellow fans.

Earlier last year, he donated two season tickets to Paul and Brendan Whitehead, whose wife/mother had been suffering with cancer.

Chairman John Radford said: “It’s a heart warming gesture from ‘Wilfred’ and Gary Hagan.

“It’s heartening to see that good will and kindness are alive in our community and Town.

“It makes me proud to be chairman of our club to see fellow supporters make acts like these for others.”


Mansfield paralympian receives £1,000 cheque from Radfords

Mansfield Paralympic athlete Charlotte Henshaw has received £1,000 in sponsorship from The Radford Foundation as she prepares for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic games.

Charlotte has previously represented Great Britain at the last three Paralympic Games as a swimmer, winning a silver medal in London and a bronze in Rio.

She transferred to the British Paracanoe programme last year and was selected for the European and World Championships, winning a silver medal at the former.

She received the cheque last night infront a packed-out 1861 Suite as chairman John Radford and CEO Carolyn Radford fielded questions from supporters about all things Mansfield.


The sponsorship from The Radford Foundation will go towards the cost of Charlotte’s kayak and paddle.

The club, and The Radford Foundation, wishes Charlotte every success in Tokyo 2020.



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