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12th May 2018 0:06


by Martin Shaw

Following the final game of the season, these are my average player ratings based on the 55 league+cup games this season (top 9 players):

Mellis 6.94, MacDonald 6.89, Potter 6.83, Diamond 6.83, Hamilton 6.82, Benning 6.77, Logan 6.75, Pearce 6.73, Rose 6.73.

Note: only ratings for players starting a game are included - ie. sub appearances not included.
Minimum appearances: 15.


Mellis 6.94
Mellis started fewer than half of Mansfield’s games this season (27 out of the 55 games played). He was consistent in that he had a rating higher than 6 in 21 of his 27 games started.
MacDonald 6.89
MacDonald was been a player who covered every blade of grass on the pitch. His form tailed off after Evans left (he was not alone in that), but he returned to form in the last few games of the season. His goal return of just 3, including the memorable one away to Coventry, was disappointing, while his set pieces were also disappointing. From open play, he was very good.
Potter 6.83
It may be a bit of a surprise to see Potter towards the top of the list (he’s also at the top of the list for fans’ average ratings, see below). However he only started 20 games out of the 55 played this season, and of those 20 games, Mansfield won 12. That suggests he should have started more.
Diamond 6.83
Diamond, the club captain, also started fewer than half of Mansfield’s games this season (21 out of the 55 games played). Had a stinker at home to Crewe (he wasn’t alone) when he was subbed early but otherwise was good in the games he’s played.
Hamilton 6.82
Hamilton came on leaps and bounds this season, creating shed-loads of chances from his pacey runs down the left. Still room for improvement in his final product, but it got so much better this season. I still believe he may earn the club a lot of money one day and I’ll be looking for my cut :-)
Benning 6.77
Benning lost his place during the season a couple of times to Hunt, but was mostly consistent and ended the season in top form, with a memorable winner at Chesterfield.
Logan 6.75
Logan saved Mansfield on many occasions this season with fabulous saves. Kicking was excellent too. Some costly errors started to creep into his game towards the end of the season.
Pearce 6.73
Pearce was commanding in the air and good on the floor and a rock in central defence. Like his central defensive partner Bennett, his goal return of just 2 for the season was disappointing.
Rose 6.73
Rose was the top scorer with 17 league and cup goals, but his season stalled after Evans left, not scoring under Flitcroft. Good in the air, with lots of goals from headers and with both feet too.

There would be an argument for excluding those players who started fewer than half of the games (which would be Mellis, Potter and Diamond). I decided to include them.
You'd be left with the top six players as MacDonald, Hamilton, Benning, Logan, Pearce, Rose. Those six picked up all the player of the season awards between them and deservedly so.

As an interesting aside, my average player ratings just for the 43 league+cup games played under Steve Evans were (top 9 players):
Potter 7.19, MacDonald 7.15, Mellis 7.00, Diamond 7.00, Rose 6.97, Hamilton 6.92, Pearce 6.85, Benning 6.83, Logan 6.81.

Thanks to Pete Wright for his spreadsheet.

On the Stagsnet messageboard, throughout the season, fans have been giving their player ratings for each game. Eggy has been working hard to collect this data and Pete Wright has summarised. Up to the Luton away game, the top 4 players were: Potter 7.30, MacDonald 7.12, Pearce 7.06, Diamond 7.05.
Many thanks to Eggy and Pete for their hard work on this, and to all the fans who have entered their ratings. This data will be updated by Pete and Eggy shortly as we reach the end of the season.



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