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1st February 2018 21:45

Boss eyes two signings as deadline looms
mansfieldtown.net, Tuesday 30 January 2018

Stags' boss Steve Evans says there will be a maximum of two new signings before the January transfer window slams shut tomorrow.

Clubs throughout the country have until 11.00pm tomorrow (Wednesday 31 January) to fine-tune their squads ahead of the final few months of the season.

And the gaffer, speaking to the local media at One Call Stadium on Tuesday morning, says he will make a maximum of two new additions to his promotion-chasing squad.

"From our point of view, we're trying to do one or two bits. I was 'on the blower' with the chairman earlier this morning, and Mrs Radford of course, and we're trying to pull one or two things together," the Stags' chief said.

"If we don't add to the group, I won't turn grey, I won't lose any sleep; we've got a fantastic dressing room. We're trying to get one or two in that will help us.


"Again, they're not going to be names that our supporters look at and go 'wow!' like young Kingy was. Do we think they'll be 'wow' for us? Yes. What did [Ben] Whiteman do? What did [Alex] MacDonald do? People didn't really appreciate what we were bringing in when we brought this squad together.

"We're fine-tuning it now. We're just adding and we've got to be careful what we add as well. We've got such a fantastic dressing room. Zander Diamond tells me he doesn't need to work hard in this dressing room, like some captains have to to keep the spirit there.

"The spirit has been there even in losing spells, in inconsistent spells and you don't want to be putting any bad apples in that dressing room, for sure."

The boss doesn't expect to be working on deals right up to the 11.00pm deadline tomorrow, however he admits that could change if a player becomes available at short notice.

"We'll try and burn some oil in the next 24 hours. I don't envisage us being late, but how can it change? Someone can suddenly pick up the phone, say they've got someone in and this player then becomes available.

"If I think he can add something to what we've got then I will go to the chairman and the chief exec, if they say 'press the button' then we could be here late.

"As we sit here now, we're hoping that our business will either get a tick in the box or an 'x' in a box probably by this time tomorrow."

Swansea City midfielder Adam King arrived at One Call Stadium on loan yesterday whilst defender George Taft rejoined Cambridge United until the end of the season and the former Leeds United manager says 'one or two' further players may leave on loan, but has been told by chairman John Radford to reject any offers for individuals currently playing important roles in the first team.

"There may still be the odd one or two go out. There will be no one leaving for money that's playing a major part, our chairman made that clear to me on Saturday evening on the telephone. [He said] when they ring you, Steve, just say 'no'. It's wonderful support from a fantastic family, the Radfords.

"We've got opportunities that we have to speak to the players about and say 'these have come in'. The players are aware of that now, of course. They make the decisions; if they decide that they want to stay and fight, fantastic, that's great for me. But you're not going to be allowed into my office next week to moan about why you're not in the team.

"The way it works now, if you go by the January window, don't be coming and asking the manager why you're not playing when you had an opportunity to go and get football.

"If you're saying you're coming in and just reminding people that you're working so hard to get in and you're doing it in training and in reserve matches and in any matches you get involved in, then stay and help us win the battle."

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Stags chase two new faces - but fans told not to expect big names
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Tuesday 30 January 2018

Mansfield Town are still hoping to add a couple more new faces to the squad before the January transfer window slams shut at 11pm tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Boss Steve Evans brought in talented Swansea City youngster Adam King yesterday and is working hard to make a couple of other deals happen, though warned fans not to expect any big name additions.

Evans said: “We are trying to do one or two bits and I have been on the blower with the chairman and Mrs Radford early this morning. We’re trying to pull one or two things together.

“I think it will be a maximum of two. But if we don’t add to the group I won’t turn grey or lose any sleep.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/stags-chase-two-new-faces-but-fans-told-not-to-expect-big-names-1-8989360

“We have a fantastic dressing room. We are just trying to get one or two in who could help us.” He continued: “They are not going to be names that supporters will go ‘wow’, they will be more like young Kingy. “But do we think they’ll be ‘wow’ for us? What did Ben Whiteman do? What did Alex MacDonald do? People didn’t really appreciate what we were bringing in when we put the squad together. For the latest transfer gossip and football news, visit our brand new website “We are just fine-tuning it now. We have to be careful what we add. Zander Diamond tells me he doesn’t need to work hard in this dressing room like some captains have to to get the spirit there. “Our spirit has been there, even in losing spells. You don’t want to be putting any bad apples in a dressing room like that for sure.” Evans is hoping not be still chasing players at the 11th hour but admitted it could happen, though his hopes are high it could all be sorted by mid-morning tomorrow. “I don’t envisage us being late but it can change,” he said. “Someone could pick up the phone and suddenly say they’ve got someone in and this player has become available. “If I think he can add something to what we’ve got I will go to the chairman and chief exec, and if they say press the button we could be here late. “But we are hoping out business will be done by mid-morning tomorrow.” Evans has fended off bids for four of his players in the window and said: “There will be no one who is playing a major part leaving for money. “The chairman made that clear to me on Saturday evening which is wonderful support from a fantastic family. “But there may still be one or two go out on loan. We have opportunities that we have to speak to the players about. “They make the decisions. If they decide to stay and fight that’s great for me. “But you are not going to be allowed in my office next week to moan about why you’re not in the team. “We present options if we don’t see you getting game time as we sit here now - though that can change with injuries, suspensions or loss of form.”


No pressure on new boy King says Stags boss Evans
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Steve Evans won’t be putting any unnecessary pressure on Swansea City midfielder Adam King, who was the first new face to arrive on loan this week.

But the Mansfield Town manager is excited by what the 22-year-old could bring and believes fans are going to like what they see.

“We are not going to make this young man anything he’s not or build expectation on him,” said Evans.

“We are just asking him to come in and enjoy his football for the next three or four months. If he does that he will play a part.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/no-pressure-on-new-boy-king-says-stags-boss-evans-1-8992446

“He is certainly a talented boy. He gets a goal and he can pass it. He’s going to learn here. “He has been in men’s football before both at Crewe and Southend.”

Evans has long been an admirer of the young Scot’s talents. “I first came across him up at Hearts and then I followed his progress. I thought he did well at Crewe and again at Southend,” he said. “It was an opportunity presented to us and we’re delighted to have taken it.” He is being signed as a midfielder, but King’s versatility could prove handy. “When I signed Paul Anderson I saw him playing wide right,” said Evans. “Since then he’s been up top, he’s been centre midfield, he’s been in the hole and he’s been right back and in every one of them he’s been very effective. “This young man can play right back. He can play centre midfield as a holding player like Joel Byrom. He can be like a Ben Whiteman-type, which is his more natural position, where he can go and work off the strikers, and he is a very accomplished No.10, technically very good as you’d expect anyone Swansea paid a significant, decent six figure sum for to be. “He has a number of positions. But we’ll just welcome him into the group and he will find his own little niche in our squad.” Evans was delighted to land King’s signature ahead of several League one clubs. “Sometimes I think if you are Scottish and the boy is Scottish it helps,” he smiled. “This young man is guided not only by his representatives, who are very good, but by his family as well. When you get involved with them it does make a difference. “I think he wanted to come somewhere where someone knew more about him than just seeing him in one or two games. “I’ve seen the kid at Crewe, Hearts and Southend as well as Swansea U23s, so I know quite a bit about him and can talk about specific games - not like some managers who talk about games he didn’t even play in! “It’s always nice when you know what you’re talking about as it gives you a chance. He added: “He is only young but he can make it (the ball) talk at times. “But I am not going to build him up. He’s just another little part of a jigsaw that hopefully comes together as we go forward in the season. “Now he’s got a shirt to earn. And it’s not easy as we have some top players here. “We didn’t need to add a player. We’re just trying to cover all the different scenarios that we may come across between now and the end of May. “He now has to earn his place within the group. He came in and trained yesterday and, straight away, I think the players were very comfortable in giving him the ball.”


EFL committee to decide who scored Stags’ winner
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

The EFL Dubious Goals Committee will today sit to decide who scored Mansfield Town’s winner at Morecambe last weekend. It was given to Mal Benning but Jimmy Spencer is claiming he got the final touch and the club are now awaiting the committee’s decision.

Boss Steve Evans said: “There are some really honest lads in that dressing room and they are saying Spencer got a touch. You can see the leg go out and you can see the flick.

“I don’t think any cameras show whether there was a touch on it as there were bodies around him. “But I don’t care if was my Aunty Mary who got the goal!”

“If you’re Mal Benning you’re claiming it aren’t you? I think it was the only thing Mal did right in the 97 minutes we played.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/efl-committee-to-decide-who-scored-stags-winner-1-8992455

“He didn’t have the best of games but he showed a real willingness and desire to get to the edge of the box - that’s the Mal we love, driving into forward positions.

“He shot and Jimmy just sticks out a little toe and the boys tell me he diverted it. “The boys are saying Spencer, Mal is saying Benning. But I don’t care if was my Aunty Mary who got the goal! “If it was a winning goal my Aunty Mary can sign for us! If she’s a regular goalscorer we’ll get Aunty Mary in!”



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