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Archived News from October 2017

24th October 2017 13:32

Stags' owner to 'consider advancing club hotel proposal'
mansfieldtown.net, Wed 18 Oct 2017

Mansfield Town owner John Radford says he will ‘carefully consider’ advancing proposals of building a new hotel at One Call Stadium.

It follows the news that Mansfield District Council rejected Mr Radford’s plans to build a new hotel on the site of the old bus station on Rosemary Street.

It was revealed last Thursday that Mr Radford had submitted a bid for a new hotel on the former bus station, which is now used for parking.


A day later, Mansfield District Council released a statement noting that Mr Radford’s proposal was ‘not the preferred bid’.

In response, and for purposes of continuing transparency to our club’s supporters, Mr Radford told http://www.mansfieldtown.net: “I am bitterly disappointed that my plans for a new hotel in Mansfield, flagshipped by a global brand, have been held back.

“It was an exciting project for our local area and the football club and I pledged to keep our supporters and the people of Mansfield abreast with developments and will continue to do so whenever possible.

“For clarity, it should be known that I initially met with the mayor on 30 January 2017 to discuss initial proposals for a new hotel at One Call Stadium.

“A subsequent meeting was held with the mayor and council more recently on 19 September. At this meeting I was persuaded that it was in the best interests of the town to build a hotel on the site of the old bus station.

“After paying fees for architects and surveyors, I was both surprised and disappointed that my bid had been rejected. In truth, it feels like I may have been led up the garden path.

“Since taking over Mansfield Town Football Club, I have invested £8million into the Stags. I would like to think that the improvements made both on and off the field have been there for all to see. An internationally branded hotel in align with my plans would have helped make the club self-sufficient, which adds further disappointment to the decision.

“I have made a firm commitment to our football club and will continue to invest in the Stags. I also have a real desire and determination to help our Town prosper. I was born and raised in the Town and my heart is in Mansfield. I want to help revitalise the Town and put something back into Mansfield whenever I can.

“It must be said though that it is the prerogative of Mansfield District Council to make a decision of this nature and I am sure they have their own reasons for choosing another bidder, which will no doubt be made known to the public in due course.

“I will now carefully consider whether it is in the interests of both the Town and the football club to advance initial proposals of building a hotel at One Call Stadium and will continue to update our supporters and the people of Mansfield if and when possible.”


MP ‘Frustrated’ Over Councils Treatment of Mansfield Town FC
16th October 2017

MP ‘Frustrated’ Over Councils Treatment of Mansfield Town FC

Mansfield’s new MP Ben Bradley has expressed his ‘anger and frustration’ at Mansfield District Council’s decision to reject the Stags’ bid to purchase the old bus station site, instead going with another bidder.

Mansfield 103.2 Exclusively broke the news that Stags chairman John Radford had put in a formal bid to develop the Old Bus Station on Rosemary Street, building a new hotel - however on Friday, a statement from The Executive Mayor of Mansfield Kate Allsop revealed the Football Club owners bid was “not the preferred bid”.

Mr Bradley, elected earlier this year believes the comments to be frustrating, ctelling Mansfield 103.2 News ‘‘I don’t know what the bid is that they’ve accepted, so I can’t comment on that proposal, maybe it will be very good, but what has really angered and frustrated me is the way that the Council appear to have handled themselves through this process.”

“It appears that the Radford’s came forward with a plan to build at Field Mill and were specifically told that MDC wouldn’t back that idea. They were very directly advised by MDC that they should bid for this bus station site, and were not told about any other bids or proposals for that site. I get the very real impression that the Radford’s care a great deal about Mansfield, and so they changed their plans and injected some more cash in to putting an offer together, only to now be told that there was something else in the pipeline all along.”

“If there was always something else happening on that site that the Council were happy with, then it is not only unwise but also immoral for them to play games with other bidders; particular when these particular bidders are one of Mansfield’s biggest economic assets who have ploughed millions in to the club, and in to the town.”

“They [Mansfield District Council] asked them [The Radford’s] to invest time and money in to a plan that it appears was never likely to go ahead, which is a massive oversight on their part.”

“It is incredibly important that MDC don’t sour that relationship, which could cost Mansfield in the future, and I think that needs to start with an apology for the way they’ve handled this whole saga. I only hope that the Radford’s will carry on with their original plan to build a Hilton at Field Mill, as it would be a great asset.’’


Mayor Issues Response To Old Bus Station Hotel Plans
mansfield103.co.uk, 13th October 2017

Mayor Issues Response To Old Bus Station Hotel Plans

The Executive Mayor of Mansfield Kate Allsop has issued her response to the media, after Mansfield 103.2 News exclusively revealed earlier this week that Mansfield Town Football Club Chairman John Radford had made a bid to the council to build an executive hotel on the site

Mayor Allsop said: “Following a formal procurement exercise, the council has chosen a preferred developer partner to redevelop the former bus station site on Rosemary Street with a hotel and associated retail units”

“Although the details of the deal with the preferred developer are still in the process of being finalised, we can confirm a bid, submitted on behalf of Mr John Radford, chairman of Mansfield Town Football Club, was not the preferred bid.”


“A formal decision to confirm the terms of our agreement with our preferred developer partner is expected to be taken in the next few weeks, after which we will be in a better position to release further information.”

“We are committed to continuing to work with Mr Radford and other local business people who want to help us to revitalise the district. We will continue to work with Mr Radford to help him realise his plans.”


Stags Owner Bids For Town's New Hotel
mansfield103.co.uk, 12th October 2017

Mansfield 103.2 can exclusively reveal that the Town’s old bus station on Rosemary Street could be the site for a new hotel.

The site is currently used for parking, but 103.2 understands that two separate bids have been submitted to the council to turn the location into Mansfield’s latest hotel, which would be under the branding of an internationally renowned chain.

One of the bidders is Mansfield Town Chairman John Radford.

The club's Head of Communications Mark Stevenson says big plans are afoot, "Mr. Radford is looking to bring a hotel into Mansfield, which would be a major coo for the town."


The new hotel would have 120 rooms available.

Mr. Stevenson went on to say, "It would ultimately help create jobs, as well as increasing tourism and the town's economy."

Mr. Radford recently celebrated 7 years as the club's chairman and is now looking to expand his portfolio in the town, which must mean he sees a long term future at Mansfield Town who are next in action on Saturday at home to Swindon Town.


Location of Stags 120-room hotel revealed
chad.co.uk, by BY KEVIN ROGERS, Thursday 12 October 2017

Mansfield Town have today revealed the location of the first major hotel chain to be built in the town centre.

The Stags have confirmed they are in talks with and international hotel chain over plans to build the only hotel in the town at the old bus station on Rosemary Street.

The club has given us a copy of chairman John Radford’s notes, writing in Saturday’s match programme at home to Swindon Town. Mr Radford writes: “It is important that I keep you abreast with developments regarding the prospective build of an international hotel in Mansfield, as previously promised. Some weeks ago, we announced that we were looking to build a hotel adjacent to the Quarry Lane Stand - news which was met with much fanfare in both the local media and our region.

“Most recently, I met with the council about this project. I was surprised to learn that it was the council’s wish that a new hotel should be built on the site of the old bus station on Rosemary Street. I understand that the council sees the placement of a high-quality hotel, as we are planning, to be crucial to the Town Centre as it provides a suitable location to local retail outlets which would ensure that our Town remains a sub-regional shopping and leisure destination of choice.

Read more at: http://www.chad.co.uk/news/location-of-stags-120-room-hotel-revealed-1-8802119

“If this is for the benefit of the Town and its people, Stags and non-football supporters alike, then I accept this proposal. “Many of you will have noticed the vast improvements to One Call Stadium in recent years, from a new sports bar to hospitality suites. It has always been my belief that if a job is to be done, then it is not only worth doing well, but excelling.

“This is my approach to the prospective new hotel, which would boast 120 rooms, a state-of-the-art gym, restaurant and other facilities. Suitable access would also be provided for pedestrians and customers to Stockwell Gate. These are exciting plans and would be hugely beneficial for Mansfield and its economy, increasing tourism in the week and at weekends. “This is my commitment to helping our Town prosper. For the football club too, our funds would likely increase by the popularity and use of a hotel in this area, flagshipped by a global brand as opposed to any other independent hotel or chain.

“On the whole, it’s really pleasing to see that we now have pro-active figureheads in our Town who want to make Mansfield prosper. “Together we can help revitalise The Town as we have done in recent years with our football club.”



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