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Archived News from June 2016

19th June 2016 15:56

Adam Murray 16 minute interview on StagsPlayer, 6 June 2016

Murray on pre-season:

"The players are back in on 27 June.

We'll do the first week at Brooksby as we did last year.

The club are trying to sort a few days out for us somewhere, hopefully somewhere nice down Torquay or somewhere. And it will be good for the fans to have a little journey away. We're working on that.

We had a couple of our pre-season games cancel on us last week, a few of those teams were playing in the play-offs so they've changed their mind, due to their results.

But we've had some good teams come in that want to play so hopefully we'll get them concreted this week."


Stags hoping on early getaway and friendly
chad.co.uk, by John Lomas

Mansfield Town’s players will return for pre-season training on June 27 with boss Adam Murray trying to arrange an early few days away as a group with a friendly game tied in.

“We are back in on the 27th,” said Murray. “We will do the same as last year and have the first week at Brooksby College.

Read more: http://www.chad.co.uk/sport/mansfield-town/mansfield-town-news/stags-hoping-on-early-getaway-and-friendly-1-7955361#ixzz4B6NHkuTR

“The club are trying to sort us out a few days somewhere, hopefully somewhere nice down Torquay or somewhere and we’ll get a friendly down there.

“It will be good for the fans too to have a little journey away. So we are working on that.”

He added: “We had a couple of our pre-season games cancel on us last week. A few of those teams were playing in the play-offs so they’ve changed their mind due to their results.

“But we’ve had some good clubs come in that want to play so hopefully we’ll get them concrete.

“It’s getting a balance. I think you need your games that are realistic to League Two. But you also want some better games to test out not just our ability with the ball but also our ability without the ball.

“We want to be tested. We want to know that when we come up against the better teams in League Two, that we can rely on our organisation and shape to win games. We did that a lot last year so we need to make sure we’ve nailed that.

“At the same time we’ve got games in which we can go out and express ourselves and work on our attacking pitches as well.”

Murray said he was delighted with how his summer business had gone so far.

“It’s been really good. I don’t think it could have gone any better,” he smiled.

“We know who we want and what we want. There is probably one we’re still chasing after we lost out on a couple.

“We’ve got our targets that we’ve wanted so far, planning’s going well and the summer is going quick. We’ve only three weeks until we’re back in, though I wanted to get started already.

“We have improved so far on the standard on paper at least of where we were last year. We are really confident in the signings we’ve brought in.

“I think we’ve brought a little bit of X-Factor into the group but, at the same time, we’ve brought some good characters. The big thing is we’ve brought in a couple of people that have won this league. I think we have improved.”


No Stags move for loan player returns
chad.co.uk, by John Lomas

So far Mansfield Town manager Adam Murray has not pursued any of the loan players he had at One Call Stadium last season as he looks to complete his squad this summer.

Winger Junior Daniel, striker Mani Dieseruvwe, right back Dan Alfei and left back Blair Adams have all been released by their clubs at the end of the last season while Sean Kavanagh remains contracted to Fulham.

He is the least likely to be approached after a less-than-successful spell with the Stags.

“To be totally honest we haven’t tried with any of them,” said Murray.

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“There were a couple I ‘ummed and arred’ with and maybe are on the list at the minute.

“But up to now I haven’t been out to try to get any of them.

“We’ve looked at a lot of options and a lot of ingredients we can add to the squad and at the minute I think we’re really strong with what we’ve got in there. We are looking healthy.”


Stags boss Murray keeping assistant’s name under wraps for now
chad.co.uk, by John Lomas

Adam Murray has decided on who will be his assistant manager - but isn’t revealing a name as yet.

Murray had youth coach Scott Rickards and striker coach Karl Hawley on the bench with him towards the end of the season as well as speaking to some more experienced names.

“I have decided what I am going to do and I will let you know when I want to,” he smiled.

Read more: http://www.chad.co.uk/sport/mansfield-town/mansfield-town-news/stags-boss-murray-keeping-assistant-s-name-under-wraps-for-now-1-7951093#ixzz4AuO602zq

“I am happy with my choice and I will let you know soon.”

He added: “We enjoyed last season with Scott and Karl - it brought a lot of new ideas into the group.

“The big thing for me was that the players reacted really positively to both of them. There was a lot of respect there which was good for me to see first-hand.

“The big test was match days and the way they reacted, and both of them were superb.

“At the back end of the season we went on a decent run with both of them in the mix. They both brought different things.

“Scott is a very good coach as he’s shown with the kids this season.

“Karl gives you that bit of a fresh mindset, having only just finished playing. For me, if he wanted to, he could still play at this level which is interesting.

“You look at people like Jamie Cureton who is banging goals in left, right and centre and I think Karl got 30-odd goals again last season and his impact on the forward players and the forward thinking of the team at the end of the season was very interesting to see at work.

“We are chuffed with both of them and it’s been a pleasure having both of them in the building.”

So, if he stayed on as striker coach or assistant manager, would Hawley also sign on as a player?

“You never know in this game,” said Murray.


U21s manager coup for Stags?
chad.co.uk, by John Lomas

Mansfield Town believe they may have landed a high quality manager for the club’s new U21 side.

“It is virtually sealed and it’s one I am chuffed to bits with,” said boss Adam Murray.

“I think the football club will be very lucky to get the guy we’ve been talking to.

Read more: http://www.chad.co.uk/sport/mansfield-town/mansfield-town-news/u21s-manager-coup-for-stags-1-7951726#ixzz4AuO1WzSp

“Demps (John Dempster), Mark (Hawkins) and Steve Hymas have done a lot of interviews with these guys and gone through their CVs and their track records. “And the one we think we’ve got is someone with a history of getting young lads into the first team of clubs. So we are very lucky if it comes off and we are looking forward to that.”

Stags have entered the U21s into the reserves league to give youngsters a better transition from youth to first team football.

Murray recently said he had been shocked by the quality and experience of the applicants for the manager’s role.


Playing farewell for Stags boss Murray?
chad.co.uk, by John Lomas

Stags boss Adam Murray wants to make a playing farewell in a pre-season friendly.

Murray didn’t play last season and feels he wants some sort of proper closure to his career.

“I wouldn’t mind getting some minutes in a pre-season game if I am totally honest,” he said.

Read more: http://www.chad.co.uk/sport/mansfield-town/mansfield-town-news/playing-farewell-for-stags-boss-murray-1-7952795#ixzz4AyY14BbN

“I said at the end of last season for my own head, and it’s probably being a little bit selfish, I want to finish my playing career knowing I’ve finished my playing career - be it 45 minutes or one game as I felt I kind of just walked of the pitch angry at Northampton and never really thought about stopping playing

“I haven’t missed it one bit to be honest. But for my own peace of mind I’d like to sign out properly.”


Business as usual poolside for Stags boss Murray
chad.co.uk, by John Lomas

Adam Murray is going to take a family holiday before the players return for pre-season training - but it will still be business as usual poolside for the Mansfield Town manager.

While many are reading paperbacks or topping up their tans, Murray will be working from his laptop as he tries to complete his squad and pre-season schedule.

“I will be working on tactics with the kids,” he smiled. “I’ve got enough kids to have 11-a-side!

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“I go away next week which is more of a break for the family really. They go through the mire with me and they don’t see me for nine or 10 months.

“But every chance I get I will be on the laptop. I’ve learned it’s not me to wind down.”

Murray can’t wait for the big kick-off to come around.

“Even though we still have a lot of work to do this summer I am ready to go already,” he said. “I made the bold decision to try to get fit myself which is hurting me a lot.

“I’ve just stepped off the treadmill now and it’s not nice. But I don’t want to wind down. I like working. I am someone that has to work. I am not a rester.

“I am 34 years old with a lot of energy, so why not use it?”


EURO 2016: Youth can be England’s advantage - Stags boss Adam Murray
chad.co.uk, by John Lomas

Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray hopes Roy Hodgson’s young England lions can make the knock-out stages and defy their eagerly-awaiting critics when the Euro 2016 Championships gets underway in France this weekend.

Murray is also hoping to steal a few new tactical ideas from Europe’s national coaches as he avidly watches the games unfold.

“I am looking forward to the Euros this year,” he said. “There will be a couple of new things that come out of it.

Read more: http://www.chad.co.uk/sport/mansfield-town/mansfield-town-news/euro-2016-youth-can-be-england-s-advantage-stags-boss-adam-murray-1-7953006#ixzz4B0KyFqB3

“There will be a couple of new tactical things that will be approached in the Euros this year, so it will be good to dig into that and have a look at what the big coaches around Europe are doing and seeing if we can nick any ideas.

“We are always open to things outside the box so it will be an interesting summer.”

Hodgson’s young charges have an average age of 25 - the youngest squad in the tournament - but Murray, who will be going with a very young Stags squad himself next season, said that may count in England’s favour.

“I was having a conversation the other day with someone who has worked with England and I think everyone is excited at the minute,” he said.

“It’s that young fresh mindset, no fear, that energy and that drive to be successful and wanting to prove people wrong.

“Will we lack a little bit of experience at times? I think they will, yes. But I think they’ll make up for that when you’ve got that desire and that work ethic to match the ability and intelligence this young England team has got.

“If it’s not fazing the England manager it shouldn’t be fazing (us in) League Two either.”

So how far does Murray believe the young Lions can go this summer?

“I think if England can get to the quarters or semis, for this young group that would be a massive achievement - probably an over-achievement at the minute,” he said.

“It’s a group that has only been thrown together in the last few months with certain players going in on their club form.

“If they can reach that knock-out stage for the first tournament together as this group, this group could be together for a long time now, so that would be an achievement.”

However, Murray knows the squad will have to put up with the brutal national media who traditionally put the boot into the national squad and manager as hard and often as possible.

“What we’ll do as the English, and the English media like to do, is big them up to the highest they can and then they will try to slit all their throats,” Murray said. “So good luck to them.”

Even after England had finally managed to beat a talented Portugal side, who had shut up shop with 10 men for much of the friendly game, last week, the side were still criticised for not putting on more of a show by the ITV studio pundits.

“What makes me laugh the most is that some of these pundits who have played the game, and some of them have played for their own country, are the first to put the knife in when it’s not the game they want to see,” said Murray.

“It’s easy sitting behind a desk and camera talking tactics and picking teams. When you have to go out there and do the job and it’s on your shoulders, it’s not that easy.

“It’s very easy to have these opinions. Everyone is a manager nowadays. Everyone is a Jamie Carragher until you get put in that position. Then it’s a different kettle of fish.

“I hope the young England boys go out there and prove to everyone how good they are and what will be will be.”


Premier-bound Clucas a great example for Stags’ youngsters
chad.co.uk, by John Lomas

Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray praised ex-Stag Sam Clucas for reaching the Premier League with Hull City next season and held the winger up as a shining example to the club’s current crop of talented youngsters.

Stags landed a young Clucas from Hereford United and saw him blossom before he moved on to Chesterfield and then Hull.

“He had done well, considering he was on the bench for us a few years ago,” said Murray. “Fair play to him. He’s always had that in his locker.

Read more: http://www.chad.co.uk/sport/mansfield-town/mansfield-town-news/premier-bound-clucas-a-great-example-for-stags-youngsters-1-7956421#ixzz4BALhf1jq

“He’s always had ability and a drive as an individual to push on and deserves everything he gets.

“There are that many doors that open nowadays for young kids. We’ve got a few here now that are of a very high standard.”

Murray added: “We will be a young group again next year. I think our average age last year was about 24. It was only the two OAPs in goal that take the age group up. But we like that. We like a young staff and a young playing squad.

I think it gives you a lot of energy and drive on the pitch, a lot of pace, and we’ll be the same again this year. We like the hunger to learn and get better.

“With these young kids. If they stick to their roles and want to learn the opportunities are there for them.”



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