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Archived News from November 2015

13th November 2015 20:08

the full Question Time event is available to watch on StagsPlayer

StagsPlayer, in case you didn't know, is about a third of the cost of the Radio Times per week

A few brief notes by Martin:

Adam Murray came across particularly well I thought. Good answers to the questions and great plans for the club. A great insight.

One or two notes (but these are just scratching the surface of what was said):

- talks about the top pitch being great at the moment, the best it's ever been, which is helping our play on the floor, and even though Mez is doing his best with it, we're seeing a turn in it. Challenge coming up as weather worsens. If you're training on dog poo park you can't get that standard of play. So we're looking at the moment for somewhere we can get a day's training which will give that a day's break. And the pitch itself is the best it's ever been.
- talked about overnight stays and how cost-compromise made was to cut out the cost of the evening meal by eating at the club and travelling in the evening
- talked about Greenie's role.
- "We've not seen the best of Beardo ... he's injured at the moment"
- tells the story of a text from Jensen at 11.00 at night "I'm not happy as number 2" (told in the Beast's voice) and thinking "oh no what have I done here" as it wasn't what Muzza had intended. Very funny.
- talked a lot about Jack Thomas. Very interesting insight and needs to be watched for full picture. But in brief, lost his focus over couple of weeks but has it back this week during training. Muzza joked Jack will probably tackle him during training tomorrow!
- we're in the process of setting up an U21 team.
- we're in talks with Brooksby College about using that (for training) when our pitch finally gives way on us.
- doesn't have a date for when Pleasley training facility will be available but if it takes a bit longer to get it right then needs to be
- "I believe this club can get promotion this season. And if we don't do it this season, we'll do it next season"
- the training pitch has to be right, because if it's not we can't play in our style
- asked why we water the pitch before the game and half time: "the wetter it is, the better and quicker we can move the ball around"
- Muzza asked Nicky Hunt if he had any questions! Hunty asked "can we get the tuck shop back open for the players?" Muzza explained he's banned the players getting chocolate etc at training. Mind you I distinctly remember lending Muzza two Euros in Malta during training session for him to get a Mars bar :-) Not sure I ever got that back actually!
- question about what the Analysts do. Muzza explained that "Sean the head analyst oversees everything. We looked at the BBC stats for the Wycombe game and it said 50:50, so I'm like what...!? Apparently it's how long each team has the ball, so when the goalkeeper takes 28 seconds with the goal kick that gets included. Whereas we do our stats during play with the ball, so Sean does all that." Sean does everything you can think of: possession, shots, entries into the final third, crosses stopped, bla bla. "Then he'll clip videos of the opposition coming up - this is how they defend, this is how they attack, all the corner from the last ten games, all the corners against from the last ten games." Muzza watches full games of their last 6 games or so and asks for clips of certain opposition players. So our defenders will look at clips of the opposition's attack play so for example Nicky (Hunt) knows what he's coming up against this Saturday. If Nicky needs a bit more on a certain player, he can ask Sean for some more clips. "Sean has been invaluable." Really interesting stuff from Muzza - I recommend watching this explanation in full.


SSA's Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday 12th November at 7pm in the brand new 1861 Suite at One Call Stadium. Entry to this event is by SSA Season 15/16 Membership Card. The AGM will be followed by a Question Time Event with Adam Murray from 7.45pm. The Question Time Event is open to Non SSA Members priced at £2 entry which includes a raffle ticket.


Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray looking forward to fans’ Question Time
chad.co.uk, by John Lomas, Wednesday 11 November 2015

Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray said he is looking forward to his Question Time evening with supporters in the brand new 1861 Suite at One Call Stadium tomorrow.

The event, which starts at 7.45pm, follows the Stags Supporters Association AGM at 7pm, and is also open to non-SSA members, priced at £2 entry, which includes a raffle ticket.

“I enjoy these nights,” said Murray. “I think people know the way I am. I am open and honest with people and if they ask me a question, they will get the truth.

Read more: http://www.chad.co.uk/sport/mansfield-town/mansfield-town-news/mansfield-town-boss-adam-murray-looking-forward-to-fans-question-time-1-7565741#ixzz3rCdHwZLl



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