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FTYBR BLOG: A Nugget of Purest Green
3rd September 2015 13:01

Where to start this week? Should I go on about the careless way the Stags reserves let go of the chance to progress in the JPT? Or should I concentrate more on the powerful performance in the old City of Jorvik, as the Vikings used to call it, or York to you and me?
I suppose we better get the defeat to the OAP’s out of the way first. Maybe it will sound like sour grapes, but to be honest, although I was disappointed to lose, it didn’t hurt, which I guess tells its own story. Now if we had lost in the League a few weeks ago, I would have been mortified, But the fact is, we didn’t and the game became one of those special memories that Stags fans will talk about for years to come. The game in the JPT was really strange; I didn’t want us to lose, I’d have loved us to get a positive result, but come the final whistle, well, it just didn’t seem to matter that much. As for all conquering Counteh, they had won the game that promised eternal glory, by the sound of Uncle Colin. Perhaps the result meant so much to them because so far this season, they have been like a pair of soggy, stained and stinking of wee pants. (much the same kind as most of their supporters wear). Yes, Counteh have your day of redeeming for if I were you, I would be more concerned about how Lloyd’s taxi ride to guaranteed promotion is currently parked up next to wrinkly tits Liz in the Rovers back yard. The only plus point was Stags finally were awarded a penalty that was put away, but much as the game though, it was a bit of an anti-climax. Good finish by Westcarr mind you.
Now onto the real matter of the week and the tremendous victory away at York City. Even though the home side scored first, I never got the feeling that Stags were going to lose. Odd really that you get that feeling in some games. The side played football, were tenacious in midfield and looked comfortable at the back and in Matt Green, looked a powerhouse in attack. It was the perfect away day performance. But, these days are wasted if we don’t start winning our home games.
I’ve got to mention a couple of players who to me have impressed so far this season. Rose and Pearce have in my eyes been outstanding. There are others of course, in fact I am more confident in this seasons squad than I have been for years. I seriously think they could give us a season to remember. Some people have mentioned, ‘depth of squad’ but this is where we have to be realistic in our ambitions. What is the point having 7 or 8 players sat in the stand that are not as good as the players we currently have playing? It’s like having an old tin of ‘Quality Street’ that has nothing in it bar those horrible, toffee penny things. All they do is take up space in the cupboard, you are not going to eat them, so you may as well save your money until something more delectable becomes available. Weird way of putting it I suppose, but I am sure you all get my meaning?
I do think we need to be winning a few home games though. Winning away is a bonus the real wins need to come at home. Hopefully this weekend the Stags can turn on the style and get all three points against, AFC Wimbledon. So far this season it has been a decent points return, but it could have been much better. Am I getting too greedy? No I think this team is more than capable but they need to stand strong and proud in front of the home crowd. That will bring in the punters and in turn create an atmosphere that will make other teams fear coming to Mansfield. ‘Fortress Field Mill.’ needs to become exactly that. At the moment it is more like ‘Wonk Hall Mount.’
Just going back to the result away at York. Thank god Greenie has got off the mark. The first goal was predatory, the second just as Lord Percy said in Blackadder II, ‘Oh Edmund can it be true that I hold here in my mortal hand a nugget of purest Green?’ The goal had all the hallmarks of the Matt Green we grew to love, powerful, direct, unstoppable and class. It didn’t make it onto any goal of the day lists but for me, the way it was taken and by whom, put it right up there at the top. For a player to have gone through what Matt has over the past few years, to run at the York defence and finish the way he did, must have been like shaking off a ghost. Credit to the lad and I dearly hope that both goals are the start of a magical season for Matt and for us.
Time for this weeks rant; I normally put a bet on. My normal and to be honest, wasted bet comes when I stick of few pennies on Counteh and Notts Forest losing and Stags winning. Last weekend I forgot to put it on and for once, it came off. Counteh at the moment are not pulling up any tree’s which leads me nicely onto Forest, who despite all their bravado, look crap. Transfer embargo at the City Ground, signing 478 players at Mardy Lane.
You know something, I’d much rather be sat here in Mansfield counting my 12 fingers over and over again and marrying my Sister. I hate being part of Nottinghamshire. We should have our own County of Mansfieldshire. The folks of Notts don’t look at us as part of Notts, or at least that is how it seems and one of the best ways of putting it comes from our local BBC, ‘FOREST, COUNTY and the stags’. Kind of sums it up for me. On Notts TV we only seem like an afterthought, although I did enjoy watching the chaps squirm after our 2-0 win in their back yard. It was like a passionate Scotsman having to sing ‘God save the queen’ at the FA Cup final. They didn’t want to do it, but felt they better had. This is by no means a dig at the various Stags reporters at the BBC over the years, most have made a decent fist of it, including Charlie Slater, who I like, but for the life of me, I will never forget the play off final defeat to Huddersfield, when the pressbox in Cardiff was awash with heartbreak but one of the reporters for BBC Notts stood there with his headphones on, singing and moving along to ‘Terry Wogan’s floral dance’, like it just didn’t matter that Mansfield Town’s dreams had been shattered. That hurt a lot. Rant over lol. (Obviously still not over it).
Remember though, if you can’t get to the home games, then StagsPlayer is the place to be and the chance to listen to Martin Shaw, Nigel Pinnick and me bringing you the best live action from our home turf, Away, then ‘Stevo and Deano’ on Mansfield 103.2 and over the internet on StagsPlayer will bring you all the travel sickness you need as Stags head up and down the Country in their quest for more away day glory. (and regular reports and interviews from BBC radio Notts... see I am not that harsh.).
It leaves me to say, ‘Stand strong, stand proud, sing long, sing loud.’ Here’s to 3 massive home points against AFC Wimbledon.

Steve Hartshorn.


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