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12th July 2015 22:39

Sascha Studer
facebook, 12 July 2015

Couldnt write back to all the messages i got about my future in Football, so i let all know like this..
I am now on my way to Manchester airport and from there i'll fly back to switzerland and wont come back!I had options to sign for clubs but decided not to do it..
The main point is my family, i live for my family and they are everything for me, so i dont wanna be that far from them!
Also i am finishing my young football career! Unfortunately i had a lot to suffer in my young football career..It made me unhappy and took the fun out of me to be a part of the pro footballers..
It was a very hard decision with tears, cause i did everything to be a pro footballer one day..But after years in pro football, i realized that i wont this lyes and cheats anymore!
I am young, healthy and have a family which supports me in any decisions i make..i thank god for that!So i will go a new way in life and hope the next step will be the right one..
Thanks everyone which supported me and believed in me..I will never forget the time i had in Football..!
All the best to everyone



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