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4th May 2015 22:02

Murray reflects on season of survival
mansfieldtown.net, 1st May 2015

Boss speaks about challenging campaign in final press conference this term.

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Manager Adam Murray was in a reflective mood at his press conference this morning - ahead of tomorrow’s Sky Bet League Two season finale away at Accrington Stanley.

Our boss highlighted the defeat at Carlisle United - a result which saw us slip into the relegation zone for the only time - as a turning point in our campaign.

“It’s been frustrating and disappointing this season,” said Murray. “When we dropped into the bottom two [after the defeat] at Carlisle, we understood how hard the fight was going to be.

“At the time we set the targets, because the realisation of relegation was there for everyone to see, so we had to focus the boys on targets. If we would have failed, it would have had a disastrous effect on the football club.”

He continued: “We looked at things and because we knew the group so well, we knew the situation that we were in with our ingredients, our financial state this season, and we knew that everything was coming up against us.

One by one: Adam Murray reveals the sign used to chalk off the wins required for survival

“Before the Stevenage game, we set out a minimum of what we needed to achieve. On Saturday, we’ll complete that if we get the seventh win. I think on average it was one [victory] in three [games] that we knew we had to get, but it should have been a lot more than that.

“That’s been the frustrating thing about it. We’ve literally taken it to the wire when it could have been a lot more comfortable, but that is why we’ve finished where we have [in the table] and why there are wholesale changes needed in the summer.”

Looking ahead to what is expected to be a busy summer, Murray continued: “It’s not a nice time for the players, for me, or for the football club at the minute, because it’s an uncertain time which is never good.

“The thing that I won’t allow to effect this summer is any sentiment in the fact that I’ve been in the group and I’ve battled with certain individuals for a long time. It’s about what’s best for the football club and I’ve got to do everything that I can over the summer to make sure that we don’t go through this again.”

Despite a turbulent season with many different challenges, our team will still be eager to end the season on a high by picking up a good result at Accrington.

Reflecting on the build up to tomorrow’s game, our boss said: “It’s been a tricky week to be honest, because all of our footballers’ heads are wondering at the minute and they want to know what’s happening with their futures.

“As with anybody, not just in football but in life itself, if you’re wondering where your next pay packet is coming from or how you’re going to pay your mortgage and support your kids, it’s tough. So, taking away the football aspect of it, the situation hasn’t been ideal this week.”

He added: “It’s been a tricky week, but we go into the last game of our season looking to complete our whole targets which we set out to do a few months ago.”


No fear for Adam Murray as Mansfield Town retained list looms
chad.co.uk, by Stephen Thirkill, Friday 01 May 2015

Adam Murray says he has no fear in making big decisions as he prepares to announce Mansfield Town’s retained list for next season.


The Stags boss is expected to unveil his plans for the 2015/16 campaign on Tuesday as he looks to build a winning forumla to help Mansfield Town improve next season.

But Murray knows that it has been a tricky week at the One Call Stadium as players’ attentions turn to where they will be playing their football next season.

Said Murray: “Players are wondering what is happening with their futures and it makes things tricky.

“If you are wondering where the next pay packet is coming from or how you are going to pay your mortgage or support your kids, it is tough.

“The way things have gone this has season has not been ideal, but we want to end it on a high.

“I am asking for focus and professionalism, but it is tough when players are thinking about their future for next season and their life is on the line.

“As a footballer your destiny is in your hands, but certain players have not done enough to control that destiny.

“It was a situation I was never in because I always worked hard enough to be offered a new contract.

“It is an uncertain time, which is never good. I will not let sentiment influence things, it is about making the right decisions for the club and that is what I must do over the summer.

“I have got no problems with what I will have to do.”

Only Jack Thomas, Joe Fitzpatrick and Corbin Shires have definite deals for next season.


Adam Murray closes in on targets as Mansfield Town prepare for summer rebuild
chad.co.uk, by Stephen Thirkill, Friday 01 May 2015

Boss Adam Murray says he is closing in on his transfer targets as he plots a summer rebuild at Mansfield Town.


Only Jack Thomas, Joe Fitzpatrick and Corbin Shires have definite deals for next season, though Stags do have extension options on most of their players.

And, after inheriting Paul Cox’s squad since moving into the Mansfield Town hot-seat, Murray is eager to mould next season’s squad to fit his own vision of football.

Said Murray: “I am fed up with being unhappy at what is available and there is a lot of work to be done in the summer. There is a lot of rebuilding ahead.

“The players that we bring in need to be ones that give 100 per cent, who care about this club and ones that understand and buy into the ethos of the club.

“This is a fresh start and work has already started, we are down the line with some of our targets. A couple of them are still attached to other clubs, and we have to respectful of that. I am in discussions with the board to get the go ahead for a couple of deals.

“I want to get players in as soon as we can. We all need to see a glimmer of light in what has been a dark tunnel and to see what we are trying to do next season.

“My experience of the January transfer window is that it is not a good window to deal with, You get players that are mentally or physically not up to speed, that is why you they are available. I am looking to get some deals done quite quickly.”

Mansfield Town end their League Two campaign away to Acrrington Stanley tomorrow.


Progress being made with Mansfield Town's summer targets
By Sarah Clapson, Nottingham Post, May 01, 2015

No longer under the dark cloud which comes with the threat of relegation, Adam Murray is looking for 'a glimmer of light'.

Read more: http://www.nottinghampost.com/Progress-Mansfield-Town-s-summer-targets/story-26427154-detail/story.html#ixzz3YvZbVw2L

And he thinks he might have found it.

The Mansfield Town boss has spoken frequently this season about 'lacking certain ingredients' in the dressing room.

It is a situation he is determined to put right in the summer, and something he is already beginning to make headway with.

Individual meetings with members of his current squad will take place next week as Murray finalises his retained list. And new arrivals could follow soon after.

"At the minute, there are players who are tied to other clubs, so we've got to be respectful," the Stags manager said of his transfer targets.

"I need to sit down with the board and get the okay on a couple of things but, for me, I think we all need to see a glimmer of light of what we're trying to do.

"It's been a dark tunnel for a long time this season.

"Last summer, we knew how tough this year was going to be - it's proved to be that. Everybody associated with the club needs to have a glimmer of light for next season.

"The quicker we can start putting a couple of the pieces of the jigsaw in place, the better."

He added: "We're already down the road on a few of them because there is a lot of work to do - rebuilding everything.

"We've had to patch up over the last few months and do what we can; it is a rebuilding job.

"The work has already started. We're down the line with a few of our targets and if the club allows us to get them then I'm sure people will be pleased."

Murray will place as much emphasis on attitude and application as ability when it comes to those he brings in.

He is also keen to get back to the attacking style he tried to implement early on in his rein.

"The big thing for me next season is it's not just a style of play, people who are coming here have to understand the culture of the club," said Murray.

"They have to understand what the club demands, because it is a demanding club.

"At times, expectations do become a little bit unrealistic but it's a great environment to work in because it pushes you to be better.

"Part of my selling point over the summer to the players we are bringing in, will be, you've got to buy into this culture and you've got to understand what people want and what they ask for.

"They're not going to ask for somebody who's going to do four million stepovers, look brilliant and then lose the ball; they want to see someone who cares and someone who is going to commit to the cause of Mansfield Town.

"My avenue of recruitment will be down those lines, then putting the footballers in place to carry this forward."

The other side of the coin will be letting players go, including many who Murray played alongside while captaining the team.

He insists it is a task which does not bother him, having also stepped in for then-manager Paul Cox to dish out the bad news to some last summer.

"Even when I was in the group, I'd get on with people because I can be a nice guy, but I haven't really got any mates," he explained.

"Being a captain, and the way I am as a character, I demand from people.

"When you are like that as a person, sometimes people don't like you, so I haven't got any issues with certain things that I'll have to do."

And Murray has no sympathy with some who he feels haven't done enough to earn a new deal at the club.

"I've never been in that situation because I've always worked hard enough to secure another deal before it's got to that," he reflected.

"I understand the nature of the beast and I've always made sure I've done the hard work to prove I'm good enough to be in whoever's building it is.

"The thing that confuses me about football is, if it is your life on the line - and it is people's lives - then you understand at certain times you've got to go above and beyond to secure your future.

"We knew what this season was going to be like but as an individual you can still affect your own destiny. Unfortunately, certain people probably haven't done that enough.

"It's not a nice time for the players, for me and for the football club because it's an uncertain time, which is never good.

"But what I won't allow to affect this summer is any sentiment; the fact that I've been in the group and I've battled with certain individuals in that group for a long time.

"It's about what's best for the football club and I have to do everything I can over the summer to make sure we don't go through this again."


Tafazolli casts eye to the future
mansfieldtown.net, 1st May 2015

Defender says team won't take their foot off the pedal in season finale.

Read more at http://www.mansfieldtown.net/news/article/tafazolli-casts-eye-to-the-future-2434284.aspx#A2QavKYqdo70L2DT.99

Defender Ryan Tafazolli is confident that our team have plenty to look forward to in the near future as a frustrating season culminates with an away game at Accrington Stanley tomorrow.

Reflecting on the 2014/15 campaign ahead of this weekend’s trip to the North-West, Tafazolli said: “Obviously we've had the change in manager and I don’t think we have done exceptionally well this season, but our goal was to stay in this league and we achieved that. We should be proud of ourselves in that sense and we can now look on to next season.

“Our form wasn’t great and when you’re losing games you get sucked into [a relegation battle], but I think we showed good team-spirit and fight to battle ourselves away from the bottom two.

“Last year we went there (Accrington) and put in a good performance when we were fighting to get into the play-offs.

“We have a big chance now on Saturday to go out and express ourselves in front of the travelling fans and hopefully we will finish the season with a win."

Although Sky Bet League Two safety secured last month, Tafazolli says intensity in training hasn't diminished under the watchful eye of our current boss: “To be fair it's been more intense and it's giving us an insight into what it will be like next season. We haven’t taken our foot of the pedal at all and we want to go into Saturday and win."

The 23-year-old was full of praise for youngster Joe Fitzpatrick, who made his starting debut against Portsmouth last time out: “He is a young central midfielder who had to slot in at centre-back, so I thought I would have to keep talking to him, which I did do for the first 20 minutes, but then started stepping in, making interceptions and he looked comfortable on the ball. He had a really good game.

“I think the young lads who came in last Saturday did really well and they will probably get another chance this Saturday.

“We have great talent coming through. The gaffer has really helped them in nurturing them and bringing them through to the first team and each and everyone of them have done extremely well. They all have big futures ahead of them and I’m happy for them,” he added.

Tafazolli admits that it's an uncertain time at the club at present, as a number of players are set to discover very soon whether they will be offered a contract here with us for next season.

The big centre-back added: “We have meetings next week for the gaffer, so we will find out then what will be happening with ourselves in terms of next season. But it's always a nervy time because nobody ever really knows what’s going to happen until it is black and white.

“I’ve been here for three seasons and loved every minute of it and I will find out soon if gaffer wants to keep me here."


Mansfield Town should be proud of avoiding relegation, says Ryan Tafazolli
chad.co.uk, by Stephen Thirkill, Friday 01 May 2015

Defender Ryan Tafazolli says Mansfield Town should be proud of avoiding relegation from the Football League.


Stags have endured a tough season in which they have floated dangerously close to the drop zone before victory over Tranmere Rovers virtually guaranteed their survival.

Mansfield, who had their budget slashed in the summer, slipped into the relegation zone on 31st January after a 2-1 defeat at Carlisle before they climbed up the table after rallying.

And the commanding centre-back, who is out of contract at the end of the season, believes it is something Stags should be proud of.

“It has been a bit of a stop start season, which has seen a lot of change,” he said.

“Our job was to stay in this league, we have done that and, in that sense, we should be proud of ourselves.

“After the Carlisle game we showed great team spirit to battle away from the relegation zone.

“It has been a frustrating season and no-one can really say they have had a great season.”

And, despite their disappointing final league position, Tafazolli is confident Murray’s men have what it takes to improve next time out.

“Training has been intense this week and is a great indiciation of what it will be like next season,” added Tafazolli.

“The young players have come in and done very well, especially Jack Thomas since he came in to the side.

“The boss has done a great job in how he has nurtured themn and brought them through.

“We need to find a more consistent form next season. Hopefully we can go out on a high with a win on Saturday.

“I have been here for three years and love every minute of it. I want to stay at Mansfield Town and I hope that will be confirmed on Tuesday when the retained list is announced.”


Speculation about future affected me, admits Mansfield Town defender Ryan Tafazolli
By Sarah Clapson, Nottingham Post, May 01, 2015

Defender Ryan Tafazolli admits speculation off the pitch could be the reason for his below-par form on it.

Read more: http://www.nottinghampost.com/Speculation-future-affected-admits-Mansfield-Town/story-26427155-detail/story.html#ixzz3YvYoqVBl

The Mansfield Town centre-back's future came into question in the January transfer window, at a time when his performances dipped.

As with the majority of the Stags squad, he is out of contract in the summer, but Tafazolli (pictured) hopes to get the chance to get back on an upward curve next season.

"Looking at it, maybe it did affect myself mentally a lot, because my form dipped in January," he said about the transfer rumours.

"I'm not sure if that was the reason why or if it was just a coincidence but I didn't have the bestJanuary.

"But I'm fully focused on the job here at Mansfield Town and hopefully next season we're able to push for promotion."

Asked if he would like to stay, Tafazolli said: "Yeah, definitely. I've been here three years now and loved every minute of it.

"Hopefully, I'll find out Tuesday whether the gaffer wants to keep me here."



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