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27th February 2015 23:13

27 Feb 2015

Adam Murray is the special guest on the Mansfield 103.2 Friday Night Football Forum.

You can call up during the show and have your say on 01623 666000. Or email sport@mansfield103.co.uk  or tweet @103sport now with your question.

Listen to the podcast here -> https://soundcloud.com/mansfield-103-2/friday-night-football-forum-s04e29-27th-february-2015-adam-murray-phone-in?in=mansfield-103-2/sets/friday-night-football-forum-1


A few notes from the phone-in:

(asked if his contract is to the end of the season)
AM: I've agreed that I'll be here next season as well.

(asked why Billy Kee is not playing)
AM: Billy Kee needs to be fitter to play the way I want to play. I wouldn't play him on his own up front.
We might freshen things up this coming week.

(asked why Liam Marsden is not playing)
AM: Liam will be here next season. I see building the future around him.
I want a little more experience in my back four. Ritchie Sutton is a player we need at the minute. Liam will be a big player at this club.

(asked what the situation with John Dempster is)
AM: with the three centre-halves that we've got: Riley, Tafazolli and Raynes (and Sutton who is more of a centre half doing a solid job at right back)
... I've spoken to John. John is out of contract in the summer and has his eye on his next step in his career. Through his injury and his rehab, he's got his badges and he's started his coaching with the youth team.
There's a major shift going on there (youth team), we're moving into the EPPP, which is a massive step forward for the football club, so there's a lot of working going on there and he's had half an eye on that.
With the signing of Raynes it allowed us to let him keep that eye on that. Because Raynes brings us what Demps does.
With Raynes injury a couple of weeks ago, we had to bring Demps back into the fold more than he had been. He is in the picture and if he has to go in, it's been a case of getting him right.

(question: if you had the right budget, and I know it's not the best budget at the moment, how many players in the current squad would still be here)
AM: There's probably 50-60% of it that could come on the journey. There's a part that there's a question mark over.
But this group are giving me everything at the moment.

(asked whether we can get promotion next season from League Two)
AM: Success for me next season will not be staying up, it will be affecting this league.

(who would take a penalty if we got one)
AM: It would depend on who's on the pitch, who's playing well etc. If Chris Clements is on the pitch... well he takes about 100 in training. Vadaine also commands the ball and is a goalscorer.

(question: Since Paul (Cox) moved out, we've moved backwards. We can all see that our best player is playing as manager and we desperately need you on the pitch.)
AM: Sometimes you have to take one step backwards to take several forwards. We've had a lot of changes in players. The focus is on keeping the situation stable.
In my managerial role, I can't focus enough on playing. I wouldn't be able to give you the performances I've had over the past few years.

AM: It's a big game tomorrow and we've encouraged the players to play with freedom.
We are on track for our points total that we set ourselves.

(transcribed by Martin. If I misrepresented anything, please let me know)



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