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20th November 2014 0:37

12 Nov 2014

from the Mansfield Town FC @mansfieldtownfc twitter feed

Tonight's AGM has begun in the Kevin Bird Suite.
Chairman John Radford, finance director James Beachill and Supporter-director Darren Shaw are on the panel
James Beachill re-iterates that the club can spend a maximum of 55% of turnover on wages.
James Beachill disappointed that home gates have fallen from last season
John Radford confirms there are only four payments left to Keith Haslam for the stadium
Shareholder thanks John Radford for 'saving the club' in 2010
JR: 'results on the field and people coming through the turnstiles will better the accounts further'.
JR targets 3,800 aggregate home attendance this season as break even figure
JR will look at possibility of adding changing rooms next to 5-a-side pitches
Accounts approved by all shareholders in attendance. JR thanks all for attending. Darren Shaw ends proceedings.



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