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19th July 2014 0:22

From Stags Fans United website, 15 July 2014

Mansfield Town were successfully audited by the Safety Advisory Group today who congratulated the club on the maintenance and state of the ground and the improvements that had been made in recent years. They recommended that the General Safety Certificate should be updated and awarded for the start of the new season subject to a few minor requirements.

Read more at http://stagsfansunited.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/annual-audit-of-mtfc-by-safety-advisory.html

The Safety Advisory Group Meetings are attended by Paul Taylor from the Stags Supporters Association who very rarely misses a meeting and Darren Shaw from Stags Fans United who attends when work commitments allow. Both were present at the annual audit.

It is a legal requirement for Mansfield Town to have a Safety Certificate which is issued by Nottinghamshire County Council who organise the Safety Advisory Group meetings. It is also necessary for insurance purposes. The main guide which is used by local authorities and football clubs relating to the safety of football grounds is "The Guide to the Safety of Sports Grounds" which is known as the Green Guide. Copies can be downloaded from the internet:


The Green Guide has no statutory force but many of its recommendations are made statutory at individual grounds by their inclusion in safety certificates issued under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 or the Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sport Act 1987.

The Guide deals with many issues including:

Calculating and applying the safe capacity of a sports ground
Factors to be considered including the (P) and (S) factors

Management - Responsibility for Planning and Safety
Drawing up a spectator safety policy document
Appointing a safety officer
Requirements of a safety officer
Staffing - risk assessment
Stewarding plan
Responsibility for training & competence
Emergency plan
Safety audit
Accommodating visiting supporters
Ejection and detention

Management - Stewarding
Appointment of stewards
Duties of stewards
Code of conduct for stewards
Control and communication
Visiting stewards

Design and Management of circulation routes and areas
Access and egress for emergency vehicles 59
Ingress and Egress
Providing a sufficient number of turnstiles or entry points
Admission policies
Stairways and gangways
Barriers and handrails
Passenger lifts
Concourses and vomitories (access points into the stand)
Prevention of overcrowding
Emergency evacuation routes
Standing Areas

Fire Safety
First Aid

In addition, Alan Lakin, as Safety Officer is also responsible to the football club, Football League and FA for:

The monitoring and control of persistent standing including writing and implementing a 'Persistent Standing Management Plan' and reporting on its success or otherwise after every home game.
The monitoring and prevention of the use of pyrotechnics in the stadium which includes writing a 'Pyrotechnics Safety Policy' and reporting on their use at the stadium.
Ensuring there is adequate First Aid cover and liaising with St. John's Ambulance and EMAS to provide this.
Monitoring access to the ground, setting up monitoring and reporting on turnstile counts to the club and authorities.
Liaising with the police.
Pre-game safety checks before every game (usually a 2.5 hour tour 24 hours before match day) involving an examination and check of the stadium and all of its operational services including PA, general and emergency lighting, emergency generator, access and egress' radial gates. turnstiles, toilets, seats, first aid room and hospitality areas.

You can see from the above that there are many issues that need dealing with and so being a Safety Officer is not an easy job. However, it is an essential one to make sure the club complies with the law and retains its Safety Certificate. Our experience as a Supporters Trust is that Alan Lakin has done and continues do an excellent job for the football club.

Congratulations and thanks to Alan, Paul and Tina Broughton, Steve Middleton and Andy Sutton for all their hard work and financial assistance in maintaining and improving the ground.

Stags Fans United


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