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13th May 2014 21:00

Mansfield 103.2 Friday Night Football Forum with Jason Harrison and Tim Morriss. Listen to the podcast here. Including an exclusive interview with Paul Cox and confirmation that the player budget has been cut for next season.

Jason Harrison: Will the purse strings be tighter for next season? We know that the loans from One Call are down since January.

Paul Cox: I'm 100% certain that the budget is cut for next season. That's not a problem for me. Without the chairman, there's no Mansfield Town FC.

Jason Harrison: Will we see an evolution of the style of football that the club plays?

Paul Cox: Managers are hired and fired on winning football matches. The budget's being cut, but we want to bring a better calibre of player in. So it's going to be tough. We want to evolve on the playing side, but I want to win football matches next year. If I can do it by entertaining, then I'll do it.



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