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30th April 2014 14:18

audio: Mansfield Town manager Paul Cox told BBC Radio Nottingham:

"That stunk of an end of season performance.
"Some of the lads looked like they are already on their holidays, and I've just told some of them that they won't be coming back from their holidays.
"Since I've been at this club we have always worked hard and that's not been the case today.
"I think too many think they have arrived because they are Football League players. That's not me. We have to continue to work hard."


Cox frustrated by defeat to Torquay
mansfieldtown.net, 26th April 2014

Manager Paul Cox has expressed his disappointment following Mansfield Town’s 3-1 defeat at home to Torquay United this afternoon in Sky Bet League Two.

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Although the Stags started well, the visitors emerged as comfortable winners in the final match of the season at One Call Stadium, but their victory still wasn't enough to prevent them being relegated to the Conference Premier.

Cox may have felt disheartened with today’s performance and defeat, but he was extremely pleased with debutant Liam Marsden, who was awarded the sponsors' Man of the Match award for his efforts.

“I think disappointing is an understatement,” said Cox. “Where we've come from since Christmas time, really the last two performances have been unacceptable and I’m very disappointed with today.

“We were just sloppy from start to finish. The only bright spark was our young kid that made his debut, Liam Marsden.

“I thought he was excellent, but got hung out to dry and I thought we needed a bit more mindset around him to help him out on his debut.

“I’m going to be totally honest and ruthless, but I felt for the kid. I heard he got man of the match and rightly so, because he was outstanding despite how the game went.”

Meanwhile, although upset with recent results, Cox believes his team have had a good first campaign back in the Football League.

He said: “Thinking with my head now, I would say we've had a good season. If anyone had said we would finish around the mid-table mark, we would have bitten their hands off.

“However, I’m about the here and now and there’s part of me that the last two games have materialised as they have, as it's as clear as your nose as your face what needs doing.

“You always deserve to finish where you finish. I think we've had a good season back in the Football League. When you look at the size of the clubs and teams battling at the bottom of the league we have had an excellent season.

“I’ll be looking back at the season now looking at mistakes I’ve made and what players have made. I’ll be looking at whose good enough, who isn’t good enough and look at who can take us to another place improving us.

“I don’t want the last two games to dampen what has ultimately been a fantastic season. When you look at the teams down there, including Portsmouth who have just come out of a relegation battle, it goes to show what a tough league this is.”


Marsden debut cheers angry Stags boss Cox

Although upset with the attitude of his side in the 3-1 home defeat by relegated Torquay United, Paul Cox said that at least the shining debut of youth team product Liam Marsden had cheered him.


The 19-year-old was named man of the match by the sponsors and Cox said: “The one bright spot was the debut of Liam Marsden, who was excellent.

“I thought he was hung out to dry out there as he needed a bit of mindset around him on his debut and I feel for the kid.

“He deserved man of the match as he was outstanding to say how the game panned out.

“He gave a lot of heart which was something we were lacking today.”

However, Cox was angry with what he felt was his side’s ‘end of season’ attitude to the two home games this week and snapped: “With where we have come from since Christmas time, the last two performances are unacceptable and I was very disappointed with our attitude today to say the least.

“But everything happens for a reason and I am a bit philosophical about the last two games.

“To think we were closing in on the play-offs two games back seems laughable now.

“Part of me is glad the last two games have materialised how they have as it is as plain as the nose on your face what needs doing here.

“These two results were all about mindset and attitude and now how good they are as players.

“I get the feeling some of them are ready for the beach and holidays. Well they might be staying there for a while.

“But, despite the two defeats, thinking with my head, I have to say we have had a very good season. If anyone had said we’d finish mid-table in our first season back in the league we’d have bitten their hand off.

“Now I have some big decisions to make, some of which will hurt me, but that is what I am paid to do. I don’t want to stand still.”

Despite the win, Torquay went down due to wins elsewhere for Northampton and Bristol Rovers and Cox said: “It is heartbreaking for Torquay to go down as I thought they were excellent today.

“My heart goes out to them. They fully deserved their applause from our fans at the end and I am glad our supporters clapped them. Torquay showed desire and hunger.

“Our fans were brilliant again - they were different gravy after Monday’s game and then today when they had every reason to be disappointed with us.”

Gulls boss Chris Hargreaves said: “I am proud of my players today. We could have won that game 10-1. It was a fluid performance of attacking football.

“Perhaps things have started to click with my players, it is just a little late. Results were always going to be a problem for us because they were out of our hands.

“I knew things were going to be tough when I came here but I did not see this happening. It is a devastating blow for me, my family and the fans.

“I would like to thank my players for their efforts and the fans for being here today, they were excellent.

“I am confident we can challenge in the Conference and I want to be the man to lead the team in the Conference.

“I can assure the fans that we will be working very hard to get ourselves back up. I don’t expect too many changes to players. Above all I want players here who care about Torquay and want to play for the club.”


Marsden pleased to make debut
mansfieldtown.net, 26th April 2014

Youngster Liam Marsden was pleased to make his professional debut for Mansfield Town in today's Sky Bet League Two clash with Torquay United.

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Despite the match in a 3-1 win for the visitors, the 19-year-old was named the club sponsors’ Man of the Match.

Marsden said: “It’s always good to have your debut after coming through the club’s youth ranks, but it’s a shame about the result.

“It was a very tough game. They were obviously fighting as hard as they could chucking everything at us.

“There’s a quicker tempo in the first team to playing in the youth team, but hopefully I can kick on and get used to this now.

“I didn’t know I'd received the 'man of the match' award until I came off the pitch and was told to go upstairs for some interviews, so it certainly came as a shock.”

With several key attributes to make it as a regular starter in the future for the Stags, many were impressed with Marsden’s long throw-ins which caused the Torquay defence numerous problems this afternoon.

“I’ve had that technique for quite a while now, but never really had the chance to use it,” explained Marsden. “We had some good chances from it, so hopefully we can use this more often and get a few goals.

“It was a big thing for me coming up from the youth-ranks. It’s always good to get your debut, but it’s just a shame about the result.”

Despite feeling disappointed with a debut defeat, Marsden is optimistic he can make more appearances for our first team as well as many of the club’s other youngsters.

He continued: “There are some good players coming through aged 16 and 17, so hopefully they will come through like I have.

“I’ve got to keep working hard and not lay off from here. This is just the start, so I’ve got to keep kicking on, working on my fitness and hopefully I’ll get my rewards.”


Youngster Marsden enjoys man of the match Stags debut

Liam Marsden crowned a fine first team debut in yesterday’s 3-1 home defeat by Torquay with the sponsors’ man of the match award.


But the 19-year-old youth team product said his special day had been tainted by the disappointing defeat, which wasn’t helped by a 44th minute red card for Matt Rhead.

“I didn’t know I had won man of the match until someone came down to ask me to come upstairs so it came as a bit of a shock,” he smiled.

“Obviously it is always good to make your debut when you’ve come through the ranks and it’s just a shame about the result.

“It was a tough game as Torquay were fighting for everything and we knew they’d chuck everything at us.

“It was quicker tempo out there for me and I was up against men, but I hope I get used to it and kick on.

“Nerves kicked in for the first 45 minutes but after that I came out for the second half and felt better and had the lads behind me.”

Fans were delighted to see Marsden had a long throw on him and he said: “I have had this throw as a weapon for a long time but never had the chance to use it. We had a few chances off it. I hope I can use it more in the future and get us a few goals.”

He is optimistic other young players will soon follow him into the first tea,

“There are some good youth team players here coming through aged 16/17 and I hope they will come through the ranks like I have,” he said.

“I know I have got to keep on working hard and that this is just the start for me. I will keep working and hope I get my rewards.

“We had a rocket at half-time which needed, though I thought we were the better team for the first 25 minutes.

“Once we scored straight after half-time I thought we might kick on and get another goal.

“It was hard without Matt Rhead. He holds the ball up and flicks it for others to run onto and he was a big loss.”


Hargreaves: I will lead Torquay United back up
Read more: http://www.torquayheraldexpress.co.uk/Hargreaves-lead-Torquay-United-league/story-21018215-detail/story.html?#ixzz306AIKrwu

MANAGER Chris Hargreaves vowed to do his utmost to lead Torquay United back into the Football League for a second time after the Gulls were relegated to the Conference despite a 3-1 victory over Mansfield Town aft Field Mill.

"I was the captain when we came out of the Conference in 2009, and I want to be the manager to lead the club out of the Conference," said Hargreaves.

"This is a big blow for me, my family, the club and the supporters. My players are devastated.

"The pain is difficult to take at the moment.

"But I was proud of the team - we could have won 10-1 in the end.

"The way they played is what I'm all about as a manager.

"We knew we were relying on other results, but perhaps our young team has clicked too late.

"I thank them for their efforts, and I thank our supporters - they were fantastic.

"I have told the players to keep the fight in their bodies - those who want to fight will stay with me next season, and fight to get this club up.

"Our spirit has never been in doubt, but things have conspired against us, things that were out of our control.

"And we've finally got going a little bit too late."

Captain Lee Mansell said: "It's gut-wrenching, heart-breaking - all rolled into one.

"And it feels like it makes a mockery of the two years we worked so hard to get out of the Conference last time.

"Over the whole season we haven't done enough to survive, but I think things have clicked a little too late for us.

"We have got a settled team now, and we are producing performances which match the best teams in the division, but our biggest problem has been goalscoring all season and, of course, our home form.

"Winning at home has been our biggest bugbear.

"We are a good enough side to stay in this division now, but we haven't been consistent enough over the whole season."

Vice-chairman Bill Phillips added: "It's very disappointing, but we do believe that we've got the infrastructure to get ourselves back in the League as soon as possible.

"We haven't been playing like a relegation team for a while now, but it was lost early season.

"We will come back - we've got to come back."



Liam Marsden @LiamMarsden94
Absolutely buzzing to get my football league debut and man of the match today! Shame about the result though

chris clements @clemmo14
Congratulations @LiamMarsden94 on the debut lad...composed performance mate

James Jennings @JamesJennings03
@LiamMarsden94 congrats mate thoroughly deserved hard work pays off! Made up for you pal

James Jennings @JamesJennings03
@shawma1 hahaha 5? I often wonder what you watch Martin! It has to be said you clearly aren't a fan of mine are you?

Martin Shaw @shawma1
@JamesJennings03 Not really true JJ. Average rating for the season 6.69, higher than Rhead, Westlake, Daniel, Howell, Beevers, Stevenson,...

chris clements @clemmo14
@JamesJennings03 @shawma1 people always gonna have favourites pal, should know that by now james



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