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4th February 2014 18:36

Joint Operations Directors Paul & Tina Broughton and Director Steve Middleton carried out a Question & Answer session on the SSA bus on the way back from Plymouth, on 1 February 2014.

Johnnie, who was on the bus, has kindly given us a few notes on what was said:

Whilst some sensitive questions could not be answered due to the possible court case, the time was very open. More details are covered in the Broughtons interview here.

Paul Broughton said that John Radford is and always will be 100% behind the club and is here for the long haul.
The ground payments are covered, so no issue there.

We need to survive this season on the pitch and then make a big leap forward next season.
Paul Cox will try to make some loan signings this Friday but we would like to see movement out as well.

The Broughtons are running the day to day side on the club on behalf of the directors. Footballing decisions are made between John Radford and the manager.

The Woburn project is a priority and is being led by Andy Sutton. The indoor facility at the One Call is waiting for grants to be granted. We will be informed of major plans very soon.

Online ticketing is still not there, problems with printers and tickets scanning, project is ongoing.

Sandy Pate bar is ahead of target so far. 80- 100 meals on a Sunday. New menu and snack meals, plus 4 pint pitchers for £8 (except Stella Artois ) being introduced to build the income stream, especially from 5-a-side players.

Transfer and wage policy had left us very close to a major fine under Financial Fair Play rules especially with lower gate income. So need to balance books with some outgoings, along with new signings.

Scoreboard is dead , so new one to be sourced with a much lower figure than the "£174000" throwaway figure. Nearer to £12000. Ground painting ongoing with some street painting by local College.

Target for this season is top ten finish with a major push for the League Two title next season. Any decision on the manager will be made by John Radford.

A Good open session, a lot of minor fabric issues answered eg type of beer, hand driers, disabled access. What could be answered in public forum was dealt with.

Well done to the SSA for facilitating a useful forum.




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