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2nd February 2014 22:05

Thursday 30 January 2014

by Darren Shaw
Stags Fans United Supporter Director

We were informed by John Radford on Saturday that due to the re-organisation of One Call's accounts he has been advised to currently reduce the loans from One Call to the football club from £100,000 per month to £34,000 per month.

Read the full statement at the Stags Fans United website

Therefore, for this and other reasons John decided that it was prudent in the circumstances for the football club not to sign any more players in the transfer window. We informed John that the fans needed to be informed of this fact as soon as possible and the club duly released a statement on Monday. John now urges all Stags fans to get behind Paul Cox and the players for the rest of the season to help the Stags keep their place in the Football League.

Stags Fans United appreciates that there are risks and problems associated with the benefactor model of ownership of football clubs especially when the benefactor decides to leave and asks for his money back. However, John is still prepared to support the football club and it is clear from the work he has carried out this season on the ground and the new training facilities in Pleasley that he regards the development of the football club as a long term project. He would eventually like the club to be self sustainable as he has made clear in his programme notes. Stags Fans United would like to thank John Radford for his financial support of the club to date. He saved the club from administration when he bought it in September 2010 and without his financial support the club would never have been in a position to return to the Football League.

Darren Shaw
Stags Fans United Supporter Director



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