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17th January 2014 18:25

An Evening With ... Lindon Meikle, in the Sandy Pate Sports Bar, Monday 13 January 2014

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Host Mark Stevenson.

Part 1

Q: Would you describe last year as the best of your life
A: Accomplished a lot, rounded it off with good holidays with mates so yeah

Q: Where did you go
A: Tenerife, Magaluf, Majorca, Ibiza & .

Q: Best part of 2013 for you
A: Winning the League. But football wise it's when we beat Hereford.Better feeling even than beating Wrexham at home. Was make or break & Greenie scored late on. Thought we'd do it, then we did it 5mins from end. It was a good feeling!!

Q: You had a great first seven or eight months to the year but has it ended bitterly, because you haven't been in the side consistently
A: What can I say, with the formations the gaffer's playing he hasn't a need for wingers. So its just one of those things.

Q: How do you feel about that considering you were a key cog last season
A: Slight frustration to be fair because I know you've got a lot to offer for the team and when we're not winning I feel I can influence the game in my own way and when I don't get that chance its annoying. Its my first time in the League and I've not been given the chance to make my mark so yeah, its frustrating.

Q: 15 appearances from the bench and just the 1 start, how do you think you've adapted to the League
A: Havent had a chance to get going, it takes me a while and I need some games. If I do get a chance it'll take me a couple games to get going again. So can't really say.

Q: Main differences between League 2 & Conference
A: How you react to things

Q: You've been with Cox 16 years, do you have a real sense of loyalty
A: Always stuck with him. He gave me my chances. Don't know what will happen next but to this point I've always stayed with him.

Q: Any difference in Cox from Eastwood days
A: Not much. Same personality. Growing as a manager just as I am as a player

Q: You grew up in Hyson Green, what were you like as a child
A: Really shy. Massive Momma's boy. Brothers played football and I followed them into it but stuck at it.

Q: Hard to stay on the straight & narrow in Hyson Green
A: No, my dad was hard on me. My mate Rhys got in with the wrong crowd, did some crazy stuff and it cost him his life.

Q: How did that affect you
A: Gave me perspective. I'm lucky to have what I have and I know I have to work hard to keep it.

Q: You had a "normal" job whilst at Eastwood didn't you
A: Worked at Givenchy for 5 yrs. Easy & convenient job.

Q: Coming from that background make you more appreciative of being a pro than others
A: Can't say really, just know I'm living my dream job every day and will keep working hard at it. Regardless of not playing i'll always have a smile on my face and keep pranking people.

Q: You're known for being a practical joker, whats your best
A: Too many to mention, latest was covering Ian Deakin's clothes in deep heat, underwear the lot. Wrapped his new adidas sweater in cling film, put peoples clothes in showers, loadsa stuff. He was itching for a while afters, deffo got him!

Q: How would you sum up your time here so far.
A: Achieved a lot, hopefully more to come.

Part 2: Fan Questions

Q: Favourite, Kiddie or Luton late winner
A: Luton

Q: Best player played with & against
A: Greenie, Sturridge

Q: Dream Club
A: Barcelona

Q: Best goal for Stags
A: Alfreton

Q: Most famous you've played against
A: Suarez

Q: Who would you like to play for Stags
A: Anyone? erm, Sturridge

Q: Are we going to stay up
A: Yeah

Q: Which game would you most want to relive: Liverpool, Chesterfield or Wrexham
A: Chesterfield. Everyone expected us to lose and we didn't. Atmosphere was MAD!!

Q: Pre match build up
A: Bed early Friday night. Breakfast, drive to ground, closer I get louder the music gets. Get to dressing room put music on, start shouting & get everyone fired up.

Q: 3 most prized possessions
A: Yellow footy boots, car & phone.

Q: Can you kidnap Andre Gray for us
A: He rang me all time asking to come here during the summer

Q: Coops or Micky Moore
A: Coops gets you up for a game. Micky is more technical, speaks about individual players, your role. Good mix, we need both.

Q: Would you consider going out on loan
A: To get match fit, yes.

Q: Which past or present player would you most like to be like
A: Myself

Q: With the direct style played this season do you believe you have a future under Cox
A: Yes. Just got to work harder for my chance.

Q: Do you like the direct style
A: I'm used to it. It's effective and it got us promoted. We're building blocks this year we need time.

Q: What car do you drive
A: Mercedes

Q: What car would you prefer if it got smashed
A: I'm from Hyson Green, I'd found out who did it and get 'em.

Q: Which Premiership manager would you most like to play under
A: Brendan Rodgers

Q: If Suarez bit you how would you have reacted
A: I'd have made as much money from it as possible.

Q: Who did you support as a kid
A: County

Q: Best and worst of being a pro footy player
A: Do what you love everyday. Worst is it hinders your dating life

Q: Most tweets sent in one day
A: 10 to 15. Not too busy on twitter.

Q: Love your tweets during Christmas, especially the pec's pics but can you recommend a good translator to better understand you
A: Yeah, erm, what can I say, sorry 'bout dat. I'll erm, try change way I speak, or erm type, innit.

Q: If you could live anywhere in Nottinghamshire where & why?
A: West Bridgford. Nice big houses & the women

Q: Growing up in Hyson Green do you have many happy memories of the Goose Fair
A: Yeah. Every year with my mates was a good laugh

Q: Who is your most famous Facebook friend
A: Probably Greenie. Don't really use it much now. I've 500 requests on there. Its too much to deal with tbh.

Q: Who is the player you would most like to play alongside
A: Iniesta. Folk typically focus on Messi but without Iniesta providing him ... I focus on that.

transcribed by Expat Stag


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