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13th January 2014 23:14

An Evening With ... Micky Moore, in the Sandy Pate Sports Bar, Monday 23 December 2013

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Host Mark Stevenson.

Questions and answers about Micky’s playing career and coaching career.

Mark Stevenson: You’ve been here just 3 weeks. What was your brief initially by both the chairman and the manager?

Micky Moore: I spoke to the chairman and manager on the Thursday, agreed everything with the club on the Friday. And they said would you come to the game on the Saturday which was Morecambe. On the Saturday, Paul just said can you get involved today. I stood with Paul and we lost 2-1. My brief was, we’d lost 5 on the trot, to get us back winning games, get us organised, get us structured. My biggest attribute is on the coaching field. I went to watch Oldham on the Sunday, and started getting us prepared for the Oldham game.

Mark Stevenson: How did you find the dressing room?

Micky Moore: The dressing room was low on confidence. Players were getting anxious. It’s fine lines, if Sam Clucas scored the penalty, we might have won that game. Decision making is costing us.

Mark Stevenson: What specifically do you think you need to work at on the training ground?

Micky Moore: We’ve got to become hard to beat. Off the ball, we’re not as good as we should be. Shape-wise, we’re not as good as we should be. Then when we do win the ball, we’ve got to be able to keep it. Bravery comes in different formats. That includes players on the ball, passing it and playing. Kicking the ball up front can be an easy option.

Mark Stevenson: Are you setting out to change the style of play?

Micky Moore: I’m looking to tweak it. In my first stay here I had 6 full weeks to prepare players. Now I’m getting 3 days between games. It’s going to take time. Need time for my ideas to immerse before turning things around completely. Stopping the rot & becoming hard to beat 1st call of duty.

Mark Stevenson: Is this squad good enough to stay up ?

Micky Moore: At this moment in time, no. The squad needs help, better quality. Needs a couple of league experience proven players in the dressing room. There is some good players, Clucas is a fantastic player. If we don’t get help, it will be difficult.

Mark Stevenson: How many players do you think need offloading & how many needed to bring in ?

Micky Moore: I’ve only been here 3 weeks so unfair of me to make judgements on players I've not seen play yet. Our goals against Accrington and Oldham were from set-pieces. Our top goalscorer is Sam Clucas with 11 goals. After that the next top goalscorer has 3 goals. We need a goalscorer. We need some more creativity in the team. We need to improve wingers, we are not getting enough quality balls being delivered into the box for the forwards. They are the critical areas that need addressing in January.

Mark Stevenson: How close are you to getting a goalscorer?

Micky Moore: Every manager is out there looking for that goalscorer. This is the majority of the squad that won the league last year but you’ve lost 40 goals in Luke Jones & Matty Green and they are hard to replace. So we are working tirelessly to look at bringing in players from higher divisions.

Mark Stevenson: Has the squad been found out, and the style of play found out, and the tactics been found out?

Micky Moore: You’d have to say yes, because the results have not been good enough. One or two players might not be good enough for the level and might need to move on and better players come in. In terms of tactics, I hope, over the forthcoming games weeks and months that I will answer them problems. That is what I will see as my responsibility. For 2.5 of those 4 games so far, we were more organised and difficult to beat.

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Transcribed by Martin Shaw


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