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Archived News from March 2013

29th March 2013 23:19

29 Mar 2013

Mansfield 103.2 Friday Night Football Forum with Jason Harrison and Tim Morriss, and guests John Radford and Carolyn Radford. Listen live from 6pm on 103.2 on Friday, or listen to the podcast here.

Some notes from the show:
(transcribed by Martin, as best I can)

John Radford: part of my job is to raise our profile. We are starting to make us ourselves a professional outfit now.

Jason Harrison reads through SFU interpretation of MTFC account to year end June 2012 (from SFU website). A million pound loss is too much for a club at this level isn't?

John Radford: it's a shame you have to put so much money in to get a club out of this league. But money does talk in this league. I've been fortunate that I've been able to put that sort of money in over the last few years. I would like to get the club so that it is a little less expensive for me but touch wood everything is going ok, and quite a few of the businesses I run are, so it's not too much.

Carolyn Radford: There's no way we'll be pulling money from the club at any point, unlike previous incumbents.

John Radford: I'm happy at about that rate. I've rejigged the way we give the club money this next season. So I'm quite happy at about that rate at the moment. The ground is in a separate company. And I've sort of ringfenced the property of MTFC and its all in the stadium company. The Liverpool money will bring the loss for year end 2013 down a little bit, but if you get money in, you tend to spend it if you're in a promotion charge, which is what I am and I'm ambitious for the club.

Jason Harrison reads through ticketing announcement.

John Radford: It's all about keeping bills down for the club. We have to take into account policing and stewarding bill. If we know numbers, then we can be quite accurate with the number of stewards there and keep the costs down there. What we've tried to do is get people to purchase tickets before the game and keep the prices very similar to what they were last year as an overall thing, so we've tried to be as fair as we can, but . . . I'm paying a million pound a year for the privilege of being MTFC chairman . . . so every little bit helps. We're not trying to be greedy from the fans, we're trying to be fair. If 6-16 year olds purchase their ticket before the game, it's not too much difference to before. The ones who just turn up on the day will be the ones that might have to pay a little bit extra.
We should know season ticket prices in next ten days.

On the Training centre:
Carolyn Radford: We hope it will rival some premier league clubs. We're going to push state of the art facilities.

John Radford: Tenders are out for a lot of the work. We hope it will be ready for Dec/Jan at the end of this year.

John Radford: The Bishop Street Stand is the CEO's next project.

Carolyn Radford: I've got a couple of ideas, I'm creating a little team at the moment. It will have to wait until we are promoted. It will be fantastic, we need some boxes, we need to get the corporate side of things up and running.

John Radford: The ground's starting to have a bit of a facelift on a weekly basis.

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