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3rd December 2002 18:44

New boss Curle's first interview
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KEITH Curle has patiently waited all season for an opportunity to show his managerial capabilities after turning down a new playing contract with Sheffield United in the summer.

Curle had decided the time was right in his career to step up into management and brings with him a cauldron of bubbling enthusiasm. But he admits he has no magic wand.

"At my first meeting with the players I have told them I don't have a magic wand," he said.

"All I can do is give them guidance, belief, and show them physically by going out there with them and doing it myself.

"Obviously looking at the goals against column it is easy for me to see where the problems lie. It gives me a platform to work from, but it is all going to have to be from the players in the end.

"I can't tell the players or anyone yet what kind of manager I am going to be or how hard it is to play and manage as I have never done it before. I don't know whether the players will like working with me or not.

"I can say I will be honest with them and treat them with respect in a professional manner. All I ask of them is that they do the same with me and give me an opportunity.

"Everything has got to be positive. I want to score as many goals as we can, let in as few as we can, and entertain the crowd. That will be success for me, though first and foremost success would be staying up right now.

"In an ideal world with ideal players you know how you would love to play. But I have no opportunity to bring players in right now and I have to make do and work with who I have available and shuffle the pack."

Having taken that decision to become a manager, opportunity has remained elusive until now.

"When you are out of football the hardest thing to do is get back in it," he added.

"Not many managers will take on someone of my age, especially in the lower half of the division, as I have made it clear I want to get into management and they see me as a potential threat. They knew I wanted a crack at it myself.

"I have trained here and played at Barnsley. Then I have trained with my friend Carlton Palmer at Stockport and kept myself fit. But it has been a very frustrating time.

"I have been offered the chance to go to clubs and play but they have not really interested me.

"I have been patient and tried to speak to the right people. But there has been nothing underhand about me getting this job. I know some people have seen me watch games here this season. But I only live half-an-hour away and I have also been a regular at Stockport, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday."

Curle will be the most frustrated spectator in the stadium at Gresty Road on Saturday in his first game in charge.

"Ideally I would have loved to have gone out there and played in my first game on Saturday," he said.

"At least it will give me the opportunity to stand on the side and watch.

"Going to Crewe is a difficult task but one I relish because this is what I want.

"I have never been scared of defeat or failure and I have never been scared to make a mistake on the field as long as it is an honest mistake in the right way. The players know that.

"I am looking forward to the task ahead."


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