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3rd December 2002 11:56

Meanwhile Keith Curle and John Gannon have been taking training this morning.
Watkiss and Richo Still Officially in Charge
Stagsonline.com, 3/12/2002
Did they walk or were they pushed? That is the question of the moment surrounding the departure of the management duo from Field Mill. Both turned up for work as normal this morning but have since left without the requested letter confirming how they were relieved of their duties.
In a bizarre twist to the departure of the Stags management duo both Watkiss and Richardson turn up for work at Field Mill as normal this morning.
The manager and his assistant arrived at the ground wanting to speak to the Chairman as there has been some dispute over whether they were sacked or whether they left by mutual consent.
Watkiss and Richardson believe that they were sacked from their posts and were looking for a letter to confirm this. Such a situation would have a bearing on whether the club would have to pay up the remainder of their contracts whereas mutual consent would mean there was no payout to be made.
Both of them left Field Mill this morning (Tuesday 3rd December) without a letter technically still making them in charge of the team and in the employement of Mansfield Town Football Club.
The club have said today no other comment apart from the fact that Stuart Watkiss is still manager of Mansfield Town.
To add a further twist to the tale Wakiss' successor and his number two are at the ground putting the team through their paces on the astropitch.
Keith Curles appointment as manager has to be one of the worst kept secrets at Field Mill and is now not as imminent as previously thought with the situation in hand needing to be resolved before anyone else can be officially announced as manager.
Curle has been at a few games at Field Mill this season and has been the hot tip to take over should Watkiss not become manager for whatever reason and by whatever means.
The ex-England defender will, if still appointed, take John Gannon from the centre of Excellence as his number two but for now both are still without jobs with Watkiss and Richardson still officially in charge of team affairs at the club.


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