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30th May 2012 15:30

26 May 2012

Four members of the Mansfield Town board, directors Andy Saunders (pictured), Steve Hymas, Steve Middleton and Darren Bland have resigned from the Mansfield Town board on Saturday.

Saunders, Hymas, Middleton and Bland gave a prepared statement:

“It is with great sadness that it has come to the point where we find no other option than to resign as directors of Mansfield Town Football Club.

“In recent months our input has not been welcomed or has been ignored and, therefore, we wish to disassociate ourselves from recent activity at the football club.

“The role of directors is to ensure correct or best practice in the boardroom, management and accountability at the football club and, in our opinion, this has not been the case in recent months.

“The situation has been brewing throughout the play-off surge but we felt this was not the correct time to speak out and cause disruption at the football club.

“We would like to thank the fans for their fantastic support during our time at the club and we wish Mansfield Town Football Club all the best for the future.”

The announcement came in a week when there was anger from fans over 11-16 year old season ticket prices which Steve Hymas noted on the Stagsnet messageboard was not a decision made by the board.

The CHAD speculates it seems that "may have been the straw that broke the camel's back with disagreements brewing for some time behind the scenes".

In contradiction of Hymas's note, John Radford/Carolyn Still posted on facebook on Friday (25May2012): "I have asked our CEO to take a look at the season ticket prices that the board affirmed last week (bar Darren Shaw who unfortunately could not attend) ... COYS". During the play-off campaign, CEO Carolyn Still was arrested for threatening behaviour at the game at York.

Stagsnet places on record its sincere thanks to the directors for all that they have done for the football club, espcially in dark times when it was needed the most.


twitter.com/StephenThirkill (CHAD) 12.00pm 26 May 12

Four members of the @mansfieldtownnet board have resigned this afternoon. One is steve hymas. Interesting times at the club as always


Steve Barker on CHAD messageboard
Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 10:07 PM

post no. 53


Since this article was brought to my attention I can see there is still a lot of speculation as to why I am no longer at the club. I am not working for One Call and never intended too. The decision to leave MTFC wasn't taken lightly and I was sad to leave some of the people behind, however I was given a opportunity I couldn't turn down. My wife and I have now relocated to Germany and are very happy to live and work here. An official press release would have cleared all this up but I was given a matter of days to make the decision to leave and unfortunately other stories overshadowed my departure. Whilst at the club as CEO I put everything I could in to make sure everyone's best interest were covered. I don't wish to comment on what's happening now but wanted to make my side clear. I wish Stags and their fans all the best for the future and return to the football league ASAP where I believe and know they belong. Steve



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