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ADAM MURRAY BLOG: Believe, believe, believe
9th May 2012 11:53

ADAM MURRAY BLOG: Believe, believe, believe
mansfieldtown.net, Sat 05 May 2012

This is what it's all about. This is what we are in the game for. Players, fans, managers, chairmen - we all want these times.


The constant adrenaline rush, that feeling of 8,000 butterflies in your stomach everytime you think about the game and what's at stake. WOW, I'm buzzing just writing this.

As a football club we have made huge strides this season - huge! We have gone from an average conference side, playing on a ground that wasn't even our own, to a machine that is marching forward and getting stronger and stronger.

Credit must go to the players, management, chairman, fans and everyone involved with the football club, because we have all played and are playing a part in the growth of Mansfield Town.

Now back to this Play-off thing. We travelled to York last Wednesday knowing it was going to be a very tough football match. They are a good side and play really good football. We got what we expected - which was a very hard work out. We all put a massive shift in and had to dig deep. We finished the game being happy with the result but disappointed in our performance. We didn't put our mark on the game like we can do and we were frustrated with ourselves for that. But we have put us in a position where we have a chance to put that right and believe me we will be giving every ounce of everthing we have to do that.

You guys, as you have been, were absolutely awesome. The numbers you came in and the noise you made was ridiculous. I am very very proud and privileged to be leading your team. One big negative was the sending off of Greeny (a.k.a Goose). The lad is totally gutted - heart broken. He has tremendous pride and passion in playing for this club and knowing that he will miss Monday's game hit him hard. It is up to us as a whole group and I mean you lot too, to give it everything we have on Monday and make sure 'Goose' hasn't played his last game this season. He has played a massive part in where we are so let's lend him a hand.

I woke up on Thursday after a rubbish sleep and in a whole heap of pain. Everywhere ached as if I had been run over. As a footballer, to sleep after games, especially big games, is impossible. You're filled with adrenaline and your mind is running about all over the place. I'm not sure where my mind was running but at 3am Mrs Murray woke me up with "Adam, what are you doing, you sound like a cat!!" Hahahaha, what's that all about - a cat? Anyway I was up and about at 7am with no eyes. My little girl asked me "Why are you so angry on tele daddy?" 'It's called the zone baby, it's called the zone'.

We were in for training on Thursday for a good cool down, massage and ice bath. It's so important to recover and prepare right. Every little thing matters. I felt a lot better after this and as I write this on Friday Night, I'm feeling great. I'm not gonna lie though, I'm still trying to work out why I was sounding like a cat? Confused.

Put your hand up if you have run the game on Monday through your mind yet? Come on. Anyone that says they have not are lying. This will be the biggest game of my career for all different reasons and I imagine it will be for a lot of yours too. As players, you have to be strong enough to funnel Monday down to its bare bones and make sure in your mind all that it is is 11v11 just like the 46 league games we have gone to war in - and nothing else.

When Monday comes, OUR home will be full to the raffters - a sea of Stags everywhere. We have to make that count. I'm calling on you now, all of you, to raise the roof. From the first minute til the last, we want pure and utter noise. I want Monday 7th May to be remembered as the day the roof fell off! Do not underestimate your roll on Monday. You are huge and I know you're going to be unreal.

Right I'm off. I shall see you all on Monday ready and raring to go. Keep that belief. BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE. What ever happens on Monday, as a football family we can be very proud of what we have all achieved this season and we are moving forward - remember that. Catch you later



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